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  1. Graviera added a post in a topic That moment When   

    Change channel/character/relog same character to refill stamina. Have some traveler's maps available to teleport directly to port ratt(even from Ross sea). Buy a new boat there if needed. Also some PvP events clear mobs in each  channel1.
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  2. Graviera added a post in a topic Abysmal Sailing EXP rate.   

    You can avoid all monster attacks with just ram and instant accel. You don't really need anything more. Monster attacks are predictable and easy to avoid.
    The 100m loot is RNG and unrelated to how long it takes to level up sailing.
    I 've done the going in a circle thing at Ross sea near Shakatu but a ghost ship will stop you sooner or later. For me the soonest was 10 minutes and the latest was an hour. So again, not afk possible. And as I said you gain nothing while doing it, unlike other professions where you actually gain some kind of loot/wealth/more expensive horse while leveling them up (even if afk).
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  3. Graviera added a post in a topic Abysmal Sailing EXP rate.   

    Agreed. Sailing is not worth the time to level up, it just takes too long and can not be done afk. Initially I thought I would go for Skilled1. But after getting Apprentice1 I changed my mind. I will wait till blue accessories are available and see how that improves the situation. Sailing is one of the rare cases where I believe the artificially prolonged progression is of very bad design because you gain nothing while leveling up and it is plain boring to do. So, I guess leveling up naturally while fishing or trading or monster hunting is the only option I would consider atm, and that will take literally years to level up sailing. Although it is very likely, as with most content in this game, that the devs will make it far easier down the line. 
    Sailboat is nice though, I don't regret building it.
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  4. Graviera added a post in a topic Bye Bye Witch it was a great time - Welcome Ranger - Bye bye Ranger -> -.-   

    Why not keep the witch as a boss alt?
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  5. Graviera added a post in a topic How much CP and active workers do you have   

    328 / 50(57)
    Plain number of workers indicates variety of tasks but not necessarily the potential wealth produced. There are artisan workers worth 10+ skilled workers. CP can also be misleading, as players that bought a lot of storage space/lodging with pearls, have much more available CP to use than someone who didn't. 
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  6. Graviera added a post in a topic Why don't some set effects work?   

    What FS did you try with?
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  7. Graviera added a post in a topic Black Stone Event, is it even turned on?   

    In about 2000 gathers so far, I haven't noticed any difference from the normal rates I get. I don't consider this to be any serious data, but it is a small indication. Also unlike the previous event I haven't noticed any increased sharp shards ratio. Sharp/Hard ratio appears to be normal (not buffed) as well for me. I am not gonna bother with shards in this event to be honest. I 'd rather go grind for backstones that do appear to be buffed.
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  8. Graviera added a post in a topic Using a hoe for farming   

    Nothing decreases the time to tend your garden afaik. And you can't really use a hoe either. But you can have a hoe equipped for any psychological support this may provide.
    If you want fruit of X for alchemy then gathering with a magic hoe at a world farm (like tomato farm at Caplheon or cotton farm at Mediah or corn farm at Velia etc) is your best option. The fruits you get is RNG though(you get any of them). But you will get a lot more than what you would with gardening.
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  9. Graviera added a post in a topic So ... my elephant is a pleb   

    No, you don't need the villa. Just talk to this NPC  to get the quest. The objective of the quest changes on a daily basis and you can choose from 4 different ones (Get Mediah trade seals, Get Calpheon trade seals, Get Gahaz loot or Get Coquest seals). Good Luck!
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  10. Graviera added a post in a topic Fishing Bugged on the Way to New Area   

    It happened to me when I was fishing while standing on the front part of the ship that is elevated. When I went to the normal deck though it stopped happening. Maybe this is the case for you too?
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  11. Graviera added a post in a topic So ... my elephant is a pleb   

    I got lucky at level 15. Literally the last moment. So there is still a chance for you.
    Fast Turn + Swift Start is another combination that makes an elephant fast but it is awkward to use and watch and eats stamina like there's no tomorrow. You basically Hold down Q(Swift Start) and tap A+S or S+D while correcting with the mouse. So even if you just get Swift start the next 2 levels your mini elephant should be pretty viable for leveling up trading.
    I don't know if anything changed in the meantime since I got my elephant pretty early but if it hasn't then it is better to do the same quest with an Alt rather than going for the cheaper(20mil) quest(available only if you already have an elephant from the main quest). The 20mil quest used to have pretty ridiculous requests. The objective changes daily and you could get it with the easiest one but still its not worth the time imo. It is given by the royal guy up high in the mountain at Shakatu. Upon completion you get a Haystack for elephant that you "plant" in a fence and take care while your elephant grows. (check "quest rewards" to see the related quests)
    Have never used skill change coupons so I can't help you with that.
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  12. Graviera added a post in a topic Faster Auto Sailing   

    Yeah, it is not elegant but my G11 keyboard has withstood wedging material for a decade with zero problems so far.  I don't even use a programmable toggle key cause wedging is the manly way to do it! 
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  13. Graviera added a post in a topic Faster Auto Sailing   

    Or get a toothpick or folded piece of paper and wedge the W down. Works for most desktop keyboards.
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  14. Graviera added a post in a topic Change marketplace bid winning system   

    If you want to confirm your suspicions, do the following.
    Go to the marketplace and open the Materials->Blood category. Check to see if there is any wolf blood being sold. If there is any that is not on bid, buy it (it will be a small quantity). The next wolf blood that someone lists will go on bid (items listed while sold out, go on bid) . If there was a bid available, skip the buying part and bid directly. Wait for the button to change to "confirm" and start counting seconds(don't press the button). If the item disappears (someone else bought it), try again with the next listing that comes up. If the item goes to "buy" status then stop counting and check the time passed. If this time interval is waaaaay less than 20 seconds and practically more like 1 second, then your suspicions are correct.
    PS: You can of course try this with any other suitable item.
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  15. Graviera added a post in a topic Why do people say BDO is P2W?   

    This is my life skills char at the time I am posting this.

    I 've bought my first 2 pets after 4 months of starting playing. Bought another two on Black Friday Sales.
    I 've bought Value Pack for every month I played (while it was available) and got 2 from the MP too.
    I 've bought $30 horse resets when T6 was max Tier (waste of money)
    I 've bought Artisan Memories.
    I 've bought costumes from Pear Shop and some from MP
    I bought Shark Costume.
    I have probably bought some other cosmetic (or plain stupid) stuff I don't recall right now.

    In the picture I am chopping wood for crates. I don't have the costume for it. I only have +LT with loyalties (and in game items ofc)
    In the picture I am No1 Cooking. I don't have the canapé costume.
    In the picture I am No5 wealth. Artisan Memories did make me some hundreds millions but keep in mind I easily make ~100m daily if I care to anyway. So, it certainly is not the reason for my silver. It could be for a select few others. But they don't play the game at all. They just enchant all the time, nothing else.
    Shark costume is just for fun since underwater gathering is quite limited.
    Of course this is just indicative and may change as I  type this. There are many players much richer and higher than I am. But Channel-wise I rarely get less than 4 badges and I am always in the rankings (except for fishing and RBF).
    This game has p2w aspects in the sense that paying a lot of money will put you ahead of the competition for a couple months. The further ahead you get the more difficult it is to advance and eventually the field will even out. P2W is less important and less effective the higher you get/the more you play. P2W is more effective when you are new player. Time > P2W in all cases. A player with infinite time will be ahead of the player with infinite money. The game allows to make a lot of silver while afk 90% of the time (with certain methods) if you wish to, or make even more while active.
    Pets are the most p2w item, especially for new players.
    Artisan Memories are the most p2w item for medium players.
    Time is the most important factor for older players (and all players tbh).
    Spending $500 will get you ahead of those who don't for a couple months. But they will catch up to you.
    Luck can also propel you several months ahead of the competition, but it is not something you can control.
    P2W will never get you God-tier status (roll a wizard for this, free and ez).
    Game is as p2w as is "a PvP game". Neither is true in the absolute sense. But it is true in the sense that both PvP and p2w are available but not obligatory or even necessary  
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  16. Graviera added a post in a topic Life skill fame needs some changes   

    I understand what you are saying. What i fail to understand is how say 500,000 silver more,per day would be motivation enough for me (or anyone really) to level up life skills on alts. It is insignificant. I am asking you because you sound like you 've given some thought on this system.
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  17. Graviera added a post in a topic Life skill fame needs some changes   

    I got master x5, artisan x2 and get 217 points. From energy/cp I get 635. Surely the life skills required much more effort than the energy/cp. As a matter of fact my cp is mainly product of the cooking life skill (master9) which is ironic
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  18. Graviera added a post in a topic How P2W / OP / WTF / [fav acronym] are Artisans Memories   

    As I said AM do not spontaneously turn into silver. But it is the key item that can render certain types of enchanting a profitable procedure. A procedure that would otherwise initially require triple the time to get resources for and implement, as well as many times more time after reinvesting the profits of this procedure to repeat it without even the need to spend any time to get resources other than placing preorders. Without this item it would not be possible. I don't understand the value in "earning" vs "saving" in this situation. AM allow for profitable enchanting. You can make profit(silver) using AM during enchanting. I don't know how else to phrase it. And the OP example is not even part of the procedures I am talking about. 
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  19. Graviera added a post in a topic How P2W / OP / WTF / [fav acronym] are Artisans Memories   

    If you are referring to me(grav), you must be mistaken. The post above is the only I post I made in this topic. A topic discussing Artisan Memories after all. If you are not referring to me please disregard.
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  20. Graviera added a post in a topic How P2W / OP / WTF / [fav acronym] are Artisans Memories   

    Imagine a player in the same situation as you but without the benefit of AM. You got there faster. That's what the complaining is all about. The other similarly unlucky player will have to grind 1000 fragments more. For you (as a I can tell from the figures you state) 1000 fragments sucks but it's not something you can't overcome. But for 99% of players is a good reason to quit . It's not about AM working miracles or not, it is about comparing similar situations with and without them. Accessories is a sad story for most, including me. Your Ogre story sounds outrageous but mathematically speaking you got TRI ogre on average cost believe it or not.

    Using max FS (and a bit rounded probabilities for simplicity) and The Holy Chart

    PRI Ogre: ~50% (2 Ogres needed, 2 attempts on average = 4 Ogres on average)
    DUO Ogre: ~33 % (1 Ogre and 1 PRI Ogre needed = 5 Ogres, 3 Attempts on average = 15 Ogres on average)
    TRI Ogre: ~25% (1 Ogre and 1 DUO Ogre needed = 16 Ogres, 4 attempts on average = 64 Ogres on average) 
    You spent 49 Ogres and if we translate the FS cost to Ogres, you got it for the cost of ~69-70 Ogres. Believe it or not this is average. This is what the initial expectation should be. 64 Ogre rings for a TRI Ogre on average. Now, why does the market algorithm undervalues it so drastically (as with all accessories), is a very good question that I have not found an answer for.
    @Plunge, your persistence is admirable . Semantically speaking AM do not directly (or magically) translate to silver. There are certain conditions that need to be met in order to use AM to make profit(silver).
    First, one needs be experienced with enchanting procedures.
    Second, an initial capital is needed both in game and irl (the kind of capital that for you or me for that matter, is no issue).
    Third, a lot of time invested in doing one of the most boring things in game, enchanting and failstacking.
    Last but certainly not least, one needs to know what to enchant and up to what grade to enchant it into. I am not gonna be more specific on this for good reason.
    When all conditions are met, one is able of making profit on it. Do I recommend it? No. Even for me that have tried it for the sake of trying, it is stupid spending all this time enchanting instead of playing. To be honest I don't really like the trend BDO is following where everything that matters is silver. I believe it forces(or drives if you prefer) players to enjoy the game a lot less. Nevertheless, AM is a feature of the game that some may take advantage of. Judging from the average response on the issue and the average understanding of probabilities, I have come to believe that we are indeed very safe regarding the p2w flavor of AM, since as it seems, 99.999% of players are far from meeting the initial conditions anyway. P2Winners are certainly aiming to bypass effort and will find the third condition difficult to satisfy. Still, I believe it is valuable to know the potential loopholes in the game.
    Random Number Generator is a very misunderstood term. It is not Chaos generator. It is an algorithm that generates numbers as output, but does this based on the initial settings the coder has put in place (expected probability) and simulates a non-predictable (or non-reversible if you prefer) distribution of these numbers. Hence the term Pseudo Random. If you experience only a small part of this distribution you are luckier or unluckier. The greater the part of the distribution you experience the more expected your luck becomes as it conforms to the initial expected probability.
    With that description of RNG in mind, AM as a simple item and without intention to make profit upon, do soften the bad luck some will ineviitablly experience. This is a fact, this is their function. To lessen the cost of gear upgrading. Thus, making gear progression less costly. If someone considers gear progression the winning condition of the game, then AM is logical to be considered a p2w feature. And p2w does not need to be absolute. It's not about black and white as many choose to describe it. Winning is not necessarily a state frozen in time, absolute and irreversible. Winning may very well describe a current but volatile situation. I was playing pool the other day with a friend  and I was winning 3-2 only to lose 3-7 in the end (and at some point we were tied too). People refer to P2W as it can only be the absolute conquest of all. When it reality it can very well be translated to an advantage or advantages resulting in temporarily being ahead of other competitors. In that sense BDO does have p2w features. I myself consider these features to be non game breaking. At least up to now.  
    And now it's time for my 3rd attempt to come back from Port Ratt...
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  21. Graviera added a post in a topic Please remove pearl shop gifts   

    This is exactly what I like. Real alive content beyond the structured one available. It makes the game far more interesting imo. Cheers m8
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  22. Graviera added a post in a topic Please remove pearl shop gifts   

    While item gifting for gear is really open to scam, it is a choice some people are willingly risking. Most of them probably get scammed. I can't fathom this influencing the market in any significant way in the long term. It is just too unsafe to develop into a norm and people will soon realize it and it will die off imo. Sure, chat is full of requests like this, but I believe most are scams with no further damage other than someone paying the risk for getting involved. This is a sandbox-y game and real interactions between players as well as player emerging content is one of the best features of this genre. In this case players themselves adjust the prices of pearl items in their own black market with all the risks this carries. There is no way to guarantee that the buyer will indeed get the gear he pays (gifts) for. At least afaik.

    Personally I don't like trading items like this and will never get involved.
    But there are some things that I really like: LVL 61 outlaw offering a lvl service (No account details needed)
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  23. Graviera added a post in a topic Underwater gathering?   

    Materials to make new Cooking/Alchemy recipes.
    Materials to craft new sailboat blue accessories (not yet in game, maybe after maint, who knows).
    Materials to craft new belt accessories (the coral series).
    Trade items as rare drop (pretty insignificant in terms of silver imo).
    Sea plants you consume every 30min to raise your Health/Breath/Strength stats (pretty good).
    Logs by turning in the event items during the upcoming event.
    Treasure chests maybe? I don't even know if they are in game yet. Haven't found any.

    If the above are worth to you then underwater gathering is worth it. The best locations are imo at the new sea areas (the safe ones, no need to go to Ross sea for gathering). That is because there, most objects are gatherable. Which is not the case at areas like, for example, Epheria seas, where a big portion of objects are just cosmetic or bugged inside rocks. When I say objects, I mean corals, seaweeds, shellfish etc. These are the 2 areas I explored a bit, plus the ones involving the shakatu quest line near abandoned ferry and the sea to the NW iirc. It is the first time my cat pets special ability is actually useful.
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  24. Graviera added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance February 1st   

    - Description: 
    Serbianca’s warranty card obtainable from underwater gathering.
    It certainly warrants an assumption, right? Also, assumptions are meant to be initially unconfirmed by definition, right?
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  25. Graviera added a post in a topic Question about crafting beer   

    Certainly. As I said , Essence of liquor is meant for fast CP. You need way less materials for CP this way. So one restriction (time cooking being the other) is off the table. I choose to see it as an investment, not a profit making activity (although via honey wine there is profit to be made, probably more than beer, haven't calculated really cause I don't care). So you get both more CP and potentially more silver should you wish to take the extra step (which in itself is even more CP).    
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