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  1. Graviera added a post in a topic Question about crafting beer   

    You mean what, 1 Flour/ 1 Fruit / 1 Leavening agent, gives?
    Essence of Liquor.
    You can further use it to make Honey Wine for imperial Cooking crates if you like (for example). Personally I find the time spent to make Honey Wine crates and changing channels to deliver them, a waste. I prefer to use the time making more profitable crates. But you will certainly make some profit if you wish to invest the time and the profit suits your needs.
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  2. Graviera added a post in a topic Question about crafting beer   

    But I told you the fastest way to get CP. It's 12 times more efficient than beer. Essence of Liquor -> 1 Flour/1 G-----/ 1 Leavening agent. But it's not for profit. The point is that you do other things for profit that are meant to profit. In any case, you should do what you like most, I was just saying that going overboard with beer like most do, is unnecessary at best.
    Edit: Well, Gr@pe is a censored word it seems. Good to know 
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  3. Graviera added a post in a topic Question about crafting beer   

    Buy white grain and cook some beer for your workers, they won't be needing a lot. Buy flour and put a worker at Olvia g-----s for CP.
    Imo it's not worth the cooking utensils to make beer for profit. There are much more profitable uses for them that will easily pay for your worker's beer cost and your CP cost and leave you a good profit on top of that. And when you reach 100 active workers, then don't even bother cooking it, just buy it for a very insignificant portion of your income. Cooking beer is like Kzarka. Overrated.
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  4. Graviera added a post in a topic To da dum or not to da dum   

    It's very good if you want to gather underwater/swim fast.
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  5. Graviera added a post in a topic More Underwater breath time?   

    I think base should be even more and Shark unlimited. I got the shark today and it is like riding a torpedo, super fast to surface for air. What's the point of wasting 2 seconds to go to the surface every X minutes? Just annoying, nothing more. 
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  6. Graviera added a post in a topic Are there any fast ways to gather logs?   

    I agree.
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  7. Graviera added a post in a topic Underwater breathing   

    lol indeed
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  8. Graviera added a post in a topic Are there any fast ways to gather logs?   

    Just tested it and I don't get any x4 squares (like I thought), but I do get a lot of x3 so average is 2 squares per 10 scantling  not 1.5 as you say.

    So 800 squares = 4000 scantling  = 16,000 logs
    I was wrong (3200 logs off) but less wrong than you (4000+ logs off). And that's without the rare procs .. A pitiful victory I 'll admit, but a victory nonetheless.
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  9. Graviera added a post in a topic Are there any fast ways to gather logs?   

    The best ratio is 1:16 so 800x16=12800 logs=~8500 trees assuming 1.5 log/tree (requires artisan proc I think, I am master something, cant remember when 2.5 ratio starts). And there are also the rare procs but they are very rare anyway to make a big difference. I have not noticed any difference with or without magic tools when it comes to logs. But I am somewhat high level gather and use sharp stone+sweet fig pie.
    EDIT: Posted the same time as @seanas, who is correct.
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  10. Graviera added a post in a topic Underwater breathing   

    Well I pay for a sub cause I buy value pack each month (among other things). I will also buy the shark costume tomorrow because I like the underwater world in this game a lot. But I do find the time you are able to swim underwater very limited. As it is now it's not even about convenience, it is about enabling you to enjoy diving or not. Even with the extra 30 seconds of the shark costume, you still have a max of 85 seconds before you need to surface. It's a shame and imo very bad marketing that literally makes the activity of exploring the awesome underwater world unbearable and nerve wrecking. There should be another mechanic in place to make it inconvenient, like very slow speed when underwater (which you overcome with the costume) and the quests adjusted accordingly of course. Having to surface so often breaks any kind of immersion. It is bad design.
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  11. Graviera added a post in a topic Cash shop required to do guest?   

    Excellent trick, well done!
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  12. Graviera added a post in a topic Cash shop required to do guest?   

    I did all diving quests yesterday with no cash shop items. Used 2 diving gems on shoes and Party elixir of seal. Also used event item (you could use a potion of swiftness alternatively) for added speed and 3 pieces of Talis armor for +5 movement speed in total (movement speed increases swimming speed). Try to get a rough idea where your target is the first time you dive and then go ontop of it on the water surface and dive again as vertically as you can to minimize distance. If you are out of stamina change channels or chars(back and forth) or relog char to replenish it
    EDIT: I probably had the effects of Balenos Meal too. I always forget that because I constantly eat Balenos or Serendia to raise my health stat. 
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  13. Graviera added a post in a topic How to make armor/weapon to PRI   

    Buy a piece of reblath armor from the Velia blacksmith. Use armor blackstones and enhance it until you get about 9 fails in a row. When out of durability buy 8 pieces of the same reblath and use them to repair the enhanced one. If you get to +15, the easy option is to extract the blackstones at the blacksmith and try again. Harder option is to make an alt lower than level 10, kill 2 horses to lower karma, give him the +15, equip it and send him to die (and insta resurrect) to guards until the +15 turns to +14. You then use the +14 to get about 9 failstacks or repeat.
    With about 9 FS attempt armor first to PRI for 2 times and then weapon. If you get to 20-22 FS stop, change char and start over(keep this FS for DUO). If you succeed, build another small failstack like before and try again on another piece.
    If you try to enchant boss pieces or blue items start at 12-14 FS instead of 9 and expect to fail a lot more. Numbers are subjective and based on personal experience and methods. There is no guarantee that you will not fail 20 times in a row, but it is very unlikely.
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  14. Graviera added a post in a topic Issues with Magoria (Love it, but needs help)   

    I 'd be content with even just a house where my char would cook/alch/sleep etc. Imperial fish trader would be the dream. And I would also like something to kill for a little combat exp. Nothing big to attract people. Something small should suffice.
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  15. Graviera added a post in a topic Keep Trade Rolling or unfair   

    I did wagon up to skiled5(long ago) and skilled5->Artisan2 with a fast elephant and the rest with crates up to Master2. It was the same week that I gathered the logs(I hate logs) for the new boat. So, most boring week in BDO ever.
    I tried rolling in Velia once and I hated it so much that it was just a one way roll to the farm nearby and I said fck this and that was that.
    What I find funny is that rolling is actually the most difficult and active way to trade. Fast elephant second most active because there is no point in autopathing a fast elephant. Wagon, the "traditional" way, is actually the most lazy one of all three... Probably even lazier than mass crates crafting. I mean just keeping 22 goblins in Caplheon fed and storage full, I am pretty sure requires at least as much attention and clicks as afking a wagon. They should really make an option to go faster when manually driving a wagon imo.
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  16. Graviera added a post in a topic Is RNG making people despair and leave?   

    Although this subject has been discussed to death, some people fail to realize the meaning of a probability or percentage of success.
    When an outcome(success) of an event(enhancing) has a probability of 0.25 or 25% it means that over a large enough sample of events, the outcomes will be normally distributed at a ratio 3:1 (3 failures : 1 success). In this game, events (enhancing attempts) cost silver or play time(to get resources to enhance with and also repair with). A player that heavily invests in Artisan's Memories multiplies the sample of events to the extent of his/her real money available capital. He/she does this because he/she needs less resources, which equals to more silver and/or time gained.
    This fact allows said player to enjoy a real 0.25 probability of success a lot faster a lot more consistently than a f2p player who in the meantime is prone to lighter or heavier deviations from a normal distribution of outcomes due to smaller number of events. In other words a f2p player can be luckier or unluckier in the short term and will need a lot more time to reach any kind of consistent results (as he/she is limited by available play time to get resources on a practical level), whereas the Artsan Memories user will get there faster and enable him/herself to practically, and each time, take a well calculated risk with a calculated cost and a calculated profit by selling the successful outcomes and becoming richer faster in game. The richer you get the less limited by actual play time you are because you can buy/preorder everything off the market and actually use money you earned by using this procedure to do so. It's like a positive feedback loop which in this case is limited by real money, enchanting time and market demand/prices.
    A player that buys 10 Artisan Memories may enjoy a minor benefit (if at all) compared to a player that buys none. But a player that buys 1,000 or 10,000 Artisan Memories will enjoy the benefits I describe above and actually convert real money to silver at the rate he/she wishes to spend real money for (and the time to enchant of course). The value of the conversion ratio silver/money is subjective and some may find it reasonable while others will not. Some will use it, others won't bother. But it is there if one is willing to take advantage of it.
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  17. Graviera added a post in a topic Exploit or not?   

    I don't really understand your syntax but let's say there are more critical and less critical exploits. For example, an exploit that allows a player to gain say 50k silver per hour should be considered non critical and not game breaking in any way. Unintended but yet unimportant too. Especially when an exploit benefits players less than legit methods of afk-ing, it is more like the exploiter is exploiting him/her own self more than anything else...
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  18. Graviera added a post in a topic Exploit or not?   

    It got patched in KR so it will get patched in our version too(if it's not already). The exp you get at higher levels is laughable. And the loot you get is a small portion of the loot/silver you would be getting if afk fishing/processing/training or even cooking/alchemy on a 2500 utensil instead. It is certainly unintended and that's why it will get fixed. Other than that, no big deal really.
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  19. Graviera added a post in a topic As usual nothing for life skillers   

    There is no focus in this game imo. Focus is a matter of personal preference. One can literally lifeskill 24/7 and be completely not involved in any kind of PvP ever. And the game will only reward him/her for that. Others like to PvE for PvE's sake alone. Some will try to PvP any chance they get and enter an active Guild with intention to control territorries. The only difference is that you can not just PvP in this game. You will need to get gear. And to get gear you need to PvE and/or lifeskill.
    So PvE/lifeskills are 100% doable 24/7 with no requirement to PvP. The other way around is not possible. If we had to pick a focus in this game (which I think is not necessay at all), then the vast majority of play time certainly seems to be designed and focused on PvE/life skills. while PvP is an option ontop of that. An option that a lot of players do prioritize and consider their end progression, but this is just personal preference on their behalf and not at all encouraged by the game design overall. 
    And the hundreds of millions as reward in top Guilds is indeed teur. But this is such a small percentage of the playerbase that it would be illogical for it to be the main focus of the game. It may very well be the focus of the most competitive PvP players though. I doubt Fishers, for example, will ever care for it though. There does not need to be a global one-size-fits-all main focus in the game. On the contrary, lack of specific focus is what makes this game so good imo. Do what you enjoy the most -> win.
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  20. Graviera added a post in a topic Gathering Event? Nope...   

    The human brain will also try to recognize patterns where there are none because it needs to make sense of the world. It's a double edged sword. Random sequences may very well include clusters anyway.
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  21. Graviera added a post in a topic Contribution soft cap   

    At 325 I need ~2500 dishes to get 1 CP. IIRC it was half that up to 315 (~1250 dishes). I am not sure at which point it doubles up again. I think 345 but I could be wrong.
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  22. Graviera added a post in a topic Desync at Red Nose   

    Red nose is easy to dodge. The spinning attack that hit you is the most desynch-y one and covers more distance than it appears too. The second one is when he starts running around (and sometimes even teleports). He telegraphs both, so when you see it just keep some extra distance from him (or whatever is suitable for your class).
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  23. Graviera added a post in a topic As usual nothing for life skillers   

    You are not thinking it at all.
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  24. Graviera added a post in a topic Overloading Horse vs Deleveling Gear vs Shoveling   

    No we didn't. Furthermore, KR patches (the exact ones we 'll be getting) continue to leave overloading as is, while trying to make changes that discourage using overloading/rolling for leveling up trading specifically. No bans, no exploit categorization of any kind on the developers part (the part that matters). Enjoy.
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  25. Graviera added a post in a topic Is RNG making people despair and leave?   

    The logic is that the more competitive PvP oriented players are under more pressure to gear up and help their guilds win war/nodes/territories. Many of these players can't wait for someone else to sell them top gear. The point is to make the gear first. The non-pvp-competitive players have the luxury to wait and buy the backups of the competitive ones on the market. The fast, aggressive way, is more risky, requires enhancements and rewards the player by being stronger faster. The slow way is safe, requires either luck on bidding or more capital for preorders(usually at the the same price as enhancing with bad but not terrible luck would cost), and punishes the player by being weaker for longer. 
    Of course there is not only black or white. Aggressive players will often preorder special items and safe players will enhance lower tier items.
    Through the process of enhancing there are various items produced that are ultimately placed on the market for newer or less competitive players. Armor +15  or even TET and every accessories TRI and below are common examples. Myself I sell Green TRI awaken weapons that are accidentally made through the process of failstacking. I am pretty sure there are players that use real money for lots of Artisan Memories  and are using +14 Livertos instead of Reblath to get FS a lot more reliably and higher. And there is lot more but I try to avoid being specific and spoiling stuff.
    The system is more complex than you give it credit for and ends up rewarding risk with faster progression towards end game gear while offering a more safe option for the less aggressive players as well as a plethora of ways to raise huge capital through safe life skills and more time. 
    If one does not like enhancing he/she can simply raise money and wait to buy gear. It is that simple. If one wants top gear fast with no risk, then this game is not a suitable one. This is not chess. There will be luckier players that progress faster at times as well as players with frustrating luck at times(my first Bheg gloves took 4 months of continuous attempts to get past +12). But you need to understand that over a large enough sample of attempts RNG will even out and the winner will be the one who is able to withstand and attempt the most. The guy that got TRI Ogre first with only 4 rings will get his turn of bad luck later on. People get too much absorbed into the right here right now moment and refuse to see the bigger picture. And then there is the tinfoil hat theorists with their conspiracy theories. Pure entertainment. I really like them, both in game and real life.  
    I could say a lot more on the subject but got to go to work. Have a nice day! 
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