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  1. Graviera added a post in a topic Easy class? "Op" classes?   

    The Ranger, Musa, Sorc that you tried out are highly mobile classes that move around a lot. You on the other hand need a class that you can play "lazy", without paying too much attention and use just a couple of combos to PvE fast. I think Witch would be pretty appropriate. Witch is the least mobile class, your mouse movement will be minimal and the character stationary for the most part, and you can literally 2-skill PvE, then ultimate teleport between mob groups and the occasional HPMP replenish. It is also spectacular and satisfying to watch fighting. And the new outfit is the best looking outfit I ever had. I never thought I would ever say such a thing but, 'Fashion is important'. 'Nuff said.
    PS: You can also level up a witch pretty fast on a horse up to 52-53 (like a Ranger, but perhaps a little more involved). 
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  2. Graviera added a post in a topic For me the answer is finally...yes   

    Any kind of attempt involves risk. Weather in the East or West. Risk is associated with reward. There should be no safe alternative to acquire top gear. Top rewards should involve top risk. You either yolo without backups risking a major setback for less cost/time, or try with backups at a greater cost/time, but with a contained risk.
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  3. Graviera added a post in a topic What´s the point of Costumes?   

    Extra titles for crafting them.
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  4. Graviera added a post in a topic GM refuses to help me   

    As long as the developers silently and consistently allow mount overloading in our regions and not fix it as a bug, this is not an exploit/bug from the developers point of view. Furthermore it was a mechanic that was removed and reestablished in KR due to popular demand. 
    Of course the publishers in our regions have every benefit to keep a more politically correct stance on the issue. Still though, the devs opinion should surpass the publishers one, since it is their job to design the game after all.
    And in the end, if the devs concur and fix it as a bug and not an intended mechanic, then all master2+ traders actions should be investigated and the possible "exploiters" penalized accordingly (a simple reset of the life skill should suffice imo) to restore some balance.
    I personally do not care to view it as a bug, I consider it a very useful mechanic that helps perform mandane tasks such as grinding or simply moving things around easier and less boring  (especially for newer players with no extra LT).
    Prohibiting its use for leveling up trading should be as easy as rendering the crates non-stackable when placed in a mount (like the transport system does). Until such a fix is issued, I really think that this being an exploit is just an opinion, even if the person that expresses it happens to be a GM. GMs do not design games. And in this case they contradict the developer.  
    Merry Xmas btw
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  5. Graviera added a post in a topic Pay2Win = NO!   

    How original
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  6. Graviera added a post in a topic Am i stupid to lvl and gear alts?   

    I have 3 full TRI alts (not boss armor, boss is on main). Personally I like it a lot. Not so much about bosses (these can be done with much lower gear), but more about changing grinding style and alleviate part of the total boredom that mob grinding is. But most important thing of all is that u can make the most money in the game with properly equipped alts, if you know what to do. In the end, it is both more fun and more profitable. The drawback is that you devote part of your time and resources to chars other than your main, so your main char gets somewhat less progression. For me, it is totally worth it, for others, it could be a waste of time. Whatever floats one's boat I guess.
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  7. Graviera added a post in a topic Survival of the Fittest - A suggestion to reduce karma bombing.   

    So what, u are gonna punch them? Put them down? Really? I bet you will share or leave.... or get arrested.
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  8. Graviera added a post in a topic Where to get ancient pearls?   

    Sry, I don't believe you. Maybe you confuse pearls with skill points?  
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  9. Graviera added a post in a topic Possible to organize a strike? (✿◡‿◡)   

    There is no need to raise prices. There is a great need to buff the training skill though, which at its current state is useless. They should correlate high levels in training skill with a lot better chances to get good horse skills. This will allow both the breeders to sell more good horses at higher prices as well as the buyers to buy said horses. Imo this is the right way to do things. Unfortunately and due to the cash shop items that change horse skills, I don't see it happening any time soon (or ever), but still, you never know. I am not a trainer but I support any chaos inducing non life threatening movement, so you will do well to stop selling. if the devs don't listen to the breeders maybe they will listen to everyone else. Viva la revolucion!
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  10. Graviera added a post in a topic 2x worker speed but 1/2 luck = 1/2 speed but 2x luck?   

    Yes, the goblin will extract the same rare resources over time. Furthermore, it the node is some distance from town it will be faster too. And more basic materials (cause more cycles). The downside is low stamina. You can't leave a goblin afk for long periods of time. And this is quite important depending on your playstyle. Assuming one can be at his PC 24/7 goblins are the best. Since this is not the case for almost all people, humans and giants come into play and can surpass the overall production of a goblin.
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  11. Graviera added a post in a topic Help me choose a class?   

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  12. Graviera added a post in a topic Noob question about bidding   

    By bidding, all bidders get a number. After the bidding phase is over, the counting phase begins and the server rolls a number from the pool of bidders to decide the winner. bidders need to check their bid status within 20 seconds to confirm weather they won or lost. Many times the item will be gone even before you get to confirm your bid. That's because the winner insta-checked his bid because excitement/stress/no time to lose etc (or tinfoil hat theorist). In this case an "item already sold" message will be displayed. When u bid for a pearl item and especially when said item is popular and during rush hours, you are bidding against thousands of players. It's ok to lose 150 times.
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  13. Graviera added a post in a topic Hackers are back?   

    As others said, it is still client side. They did add server side checks though where there were none before. Client reports the start of an action (for example pruning/gathering) and the end of it.  If interval is within allowed limits it gets a confirmation from server, else "invalid time" error message. This interval check used to be client side. And thus the hacks of the past. Hacking is still possible though, for example pretending a faster action to get confirmation for a longer one. There is nothing that can't be hacked. It's just a matter of time and effort. But you seem to have a pretty strong opinion on the matter so, don't take this as an attempt to convince you otherwise. Everyone is free to have their opinions.

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  14. Graviera added a post in a topic How to get buffed to grind?.   

    I scream in a mirror for 3 minutes to get the bloods going.
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  15. Graviera added a post in a topic Best Quest   

    Best quests:
    And now some honorable mentions...
    Congratulations to the winners.
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  16. Graviera added a post in a topic Possible New Player Question : Is this game for me ?   

    There is a trial.
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  17. Graviera added a post in a topic Trade Bandits.... are you F'ING serious????   

    Ofc... Lag/Desync is also an intended feature to provide more challenge during PvP.
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  18. Graviera added a post in a topic Tips for leveling up trading?   

    Reach Master2 from what level though?
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  19. Graviera added a post in a topic Upgrading your awakening weapon   

    For repairing it most use: artisan memory+ 1 same base item = +30 max dura. Artisan memory can be bought with loyalties too iirc.
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  20. Graviera added a post in a topic What cant be purchased ingame?   

    pets, mount outfits, char outfits, value packs can be purchased with silver in game. 
    EDIT: Provided someone lists them in the market place and you are lucky enough (very lucky that is) to win the bid on them against other interested buyers.
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  21. Graviera added a post in a topic giant worker irrelevant now   

    Clearly a "size does matter" individual. 
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  22. Graviera added a post in a topic For the Server Merge to matter to MP - Remove floor prices   

    Max price limit should not get removed because this will allow gold sellers to get involved.
    Min price limit should not get removed for the same reason, plus the fact that this would crash the market in various sectors. Sectors that currently allow a large portion of the game to exist (some life skills for exaple or crafting shops etc).
    There are no real "free markets". This is one of the most notorious myths about modern economy, All markets are regulated (or even manipulated), not only by official institutions but furthermore by professional entities playing the role of market makers as well as enormous fund managers and last but not least big capital speculators. When you enter a market as an individual investor, 99% of the time it is their rules you go by, weather you like it or not. You just try to profit within the set limits those entities describe.
    A market without price fluctuation and liquidity is a dead market. These aspects are simulated in game with a pseudo bid-ask range that moves along the current price within the min max default price limits to keep out gold sellers. While this may present an inconvenience at times for some people, it is necessary to exist. Unless of course a totally different market place algorithm is in place, a complete overhaul.
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  23. Graviera added a post in a topic #nomorepenguinsprettyplease?   

    1 hawk, 3 penguins, +penguins from alt servers = one T1 and one T2+ pet, at least. Many "veterans" also get 1 cat and 1 dog, so 4 pets in total. Stop looking a gift horse in the mouth. Not to mention various discounts on pets in pearl shop. There is no way one can not spare 7 euros or whatever over the span of several months to buy an extra pet he/she needs.
    My only complain regarding rewards would be the 10,000 hours reward. And that is not because I personally care, it's just that it makes little sense.
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