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  1. ransom2004 added a post in a topic [Event] Book of Combat Exp and How i miss it   

    Just don't log in for 30days then you get Olivia access and 2x combat books 
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  2. ransom2004 added a post in a topic Anyone else kinda bored of the game right now?   

    I'm feeling exactly like this so sick of not having anyone to talk too, no chance of enchanting without so much heartache 
    i miss wow/rift groups an chattering abandon aim
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  3. ransom2004 added a post in a topic Thanks Olivia Server its been Fun! Soloed the last 45% today alone   

    I did the thread because I had grinded for 17straight hours on Sunday an finally achived my game goal an was happy  
    it took me all Sunday to finish the last 45% exp but it's possible to do I'll never do those kinda grind hours again tho
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  4. ransom2004 added a topic in General   

    Thanks Olivia Server its been Fun! Soloed the last 45% today alone
    So ive just hit 58.99 on the olivia server an had great fun leveling, my olivia access was about too run out tomorrow in the morning so started today at 58.55% an well just hit 59 so 45% in one day took some doing it was all solo at fogans, roughly 3.2 % per hour doing the inner/ outter cave rotation,
    Standard buffs, 2 x10% Head Crystals, Milk Tea, Elixirs, Combat Book, Olivia Server,
    Wizard ended with 957 Spec Points so more than enough for the skills needed
    just a heads up if any one needs there last 50% on olivia it is a long slog but its possible! good luck all

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  5. ransom2004 added a post in a topic Game Desperately Needs to Allow Offline   

    Errr guys were gamers, like we really care about the costs if it's on it's benefitting our characters an that's all that counts
    winner winner chicken dinner
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  6. ransom2004 added a post in a topic absurd grind   

    I'm currently 58 and on Olivia servers ap 191 aw 184 wizard
    I'm grinding the inner an outer fogans  cave in one fast rotation, I am NOT looting just killing as fast as I can
    villa 10%
    milk tea 8%
    costume 10%
    elixir 10%
    pets 12%
    combat book 50%
    olivia 100%
    with this the max exp per hour I can get is 2.4 - 2.5%  with an average of 2.3% I've been recording my hourly exp for a while an managed 15% yesterday so sat at 58.31 an my Olivia access runs out on Monday 
    hope these figures help someone 
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  7. ransom2004 added a post in a topic [Cooking] Cinnamon?   

    It's on the farm east of tariff gates right next door 
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  8. ransom2004 added a post in a topic Dim armour hand in quest- where's the item to hand in?   

    Thank you so much that is very good of you I'll try it once I get home 
    thanks all very much appreciated 
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  9. ransom2004 added a post in a topic Dim armour hand in quest- where's the item to hand in?   

    I tried deleting the quest 
    man the reward is a green chest item which I believe is further upgradable 
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  10. ransom2004 added a post in a topic Dim armour hand in quest- where's the item to hand in?   

    Currently 56  on the Olivia channel and I have got my awakening weapon
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  11. ransom2004 added a topic in General   

    Dim armour hand in quest- where's the item to hand in?
    hi all I have the quest in altinova to get a chest piece of armour but I can not figure out where to get the hand in item from
    csn anyone shed any light on it
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  12. ransom2004 added a post in a topic Wizard... Wizard everywhere   

    If they swapped the Wizard Shift and Right click AW spell to be the same on the Witches 9999999% would swap over too play witches
    its the Shift an RMB spell that does all the dmg an its spammable
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  13. ransom2004 added a topic in General   

    Olivia Server Could I get 58.9 playing 4-6hr a day?
    As title an also would I get any free pet or anything free
    This would be a completely new account rolling a wizard class
    Only asking cos I'm sick of spending hours doing imperial hand ins an still low levels an no cash
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  14. ransom2004 added a post in a topic Dried fish values after drying   

    If I'm cooking with fish I find
    2 fish required if it's 1300 or under of value
    Above this I use 1 fish an it works for me
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  15. ransom2004 added a post in a topic Patch Notes - January 25th   

    No 5 pets
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