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  1. Django03 added a post in a topic new guild leadership change policy open loophole for digger cheaters   

    Wow, I haven't played in a while, but this sounds hella scummy.Apparently if you have enough money you can dig yourself out of anything!
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  2. Django03 added a post in a topic New to game (class choice help)   

    Hey welcome to black desert!
    I encourage you to watch some videos and even ask a few streamers on twitch. I don't play anymore but i will say that all of the melee classes feel fun to play. Currently warriors awakening damage hits really hard without having to have extremely high gear score, and the class has great mobility. But play what you like! Don't just go for the most op class right away you can always change later!
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  3. Django03 added a post in a topic Kakao/Pearl Abyss Needs to Revisit Thorn Exploit Decision   

    In spirit I like the idea, much like when doing boss scrolls you go into an instance and cannot harm other players while downing your boss. However if implemented incorrectly it could allow a third party to gain a knowledge advantage of the opponent if they are working with the other side. My opinion? if you don't have a fort placed and are in a node war area on a node war server, you lose a large amount of health every second and eventually die, basically the drowning mechanic in game. If you want to see a cool stream of a battle, ask one of the competitive guilds to post a video showing the battle. Luciform used to post videos regularly of our different battles, mostly the battles that were close of course. ROFL stomps are not interesting to watch nor participate in. 
    And for those that think that 3rd parties thorn balling or using sub level 45 characters to manipulate the battlefield is acceptable, you are missing the point of competitive pvp. It's supposed to be about a fair challenge and tactics, not an abuse of game mechanics. At no time should it become "ok" to accept mechanical oversights and manipulation of mechanics as normal function.
    I haven't agreed with everything @realistic1 has posted here on the forums, but this isn't a grey area topic. People are abusing mechanics in game to get a competitive edge. Report it, post forum threads on the topic, and pressure the developer to take action, this should not be "creative use of game mechanics" it is exploitation and should be treated as such. 
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  4. Django03 added a post in a topic Kakao/Pearl Abyss Needs to Revisit Thorn Exploit Decision   

    I would put in a support ticket. Forum moderators yes they will try and help the game move forward in a positive direction but in honesty if these tactics get the attention of the cheating and exploiting section of the support team it is far more likely to be acted on sooner and get to the attention of the people that matter. If you feel passionately about sub level 45 players using gate levers in sieges, put in a ticket. Tired of seeing thorns being used by players without a fort? Report it. If action continues to not be taken on issues that the community brings forward then its time for players to find a developer that listens. 
    I've been on break from Black desert for over a month now, and i have to say i am worried when I have the time again to play if it will be worth my time. Shame, it was a ton of fun.
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  5. Django03 added a post in a topic Harassed by guild, put ticket in, I get suspended   

    In seriousness, you need to get onto your social media and start setting your pictures, posts, email, ect to "friends only" or "private". If they have your name they could do far worse damage than photo shopping. Why people take such a game so seriously is beyond me, games are supposed to be fun and challenging.
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  6. Django03 added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    Looking forward to some kind of statement from the localization team regarding this issue going forward. Heres to hoping that they listen to community feedback and make some changes to the system they are implementing. 
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  7. Django03 added a post in a topic [WIP] Compilation of community responses against p2w for Daum/Kakao to send to PA   

    We will likely have our answer with maintenance. If no statement is given by the localization team I think the community can assume that our feedback was not considered. I hope that they at least give a statement.
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  8. Django03 added a post in a topic To those who's against new exchange system   

    I played guild wars 2 for about 4 months, I never spent any money on the title except the initial purchase cost and was never competitive endgame. I couldn't speak as to how many P2W mechanics exist.
    I played Final Fantasy 14 for 30 days on a free trial, and loved it. didn't stay due to Black Desert's release. again, I didn't invest any money into the game, so i could not say much as to the game being P2W.
    I played Archage for about 7 months, and over that time i spent around 1700 US dollars, which makes me a minor whale. I had a character that was competitively geared when I left the game due to work, and I would have continued playing if not for becoming irrelevant due to the time i was away. Thankfully this time away showed me just how much a game that is lined with micro-transactions can cause you to spend, and I vowed to never play a game with P2W again. 
    Pay 2 Win in Archage was done by buying items such as worker's compensation potions or apex (subscription) to sell to other players on the market. Then using the same market in game I would buy the components to craft high tier armor for my class, selling what I didn't use to make even more silver. I never had to gather any of the materials myself, only buy them from other players and have the energy to craft.  This allowed me to craft a competitive set for open world pvp and I was highly competitive up into Serpentis dungeon, which was out only a short time before I left the game. Did I spend some of my time earning my gear? Of course, I grinded dungeons, and did Halcyonia war for the necklace, but by using the power of plastic I was able to consistently be either even or ahead of the majority of players playing far less then players who had not paid like i had. The big thing that I was purchasing was time. Not having to grind for money, not having to grind the materials, I instead was able to choose my content and play what i wanted instead of focusing constantly on my gear progression allowing me to accelerate past other players who did have to spend time. This is dangerous, as it allows a player to use their own income as a resource to buy the play experience that they want instead of focusing on a balanced approach and getting geared over long periods of time. You literally get nickled and dimed to death without ever seeing the true cost until it is to late. 
    Black desert is poised to make a similar change. By allowing the value pack (subscription) and items such as weapon and armor skins to be on the action house they are allowing players to directly convert their money into silver to use the night vendor or the market place to gear themselves. Want a pair of Bheg's gloves but don't want to night vendor it? Pre-order it. Black Desert is built around accumulating wealth in gear score and in raw silver just like almost every MMO. Currently the games top geared players are in that state because they have earned it through time invested and of course a little luck. 
    I guess the question you have to ask yourself is if you are comfortable buying time from another player. By selling cash shop items on the auction house you are in a sense buying that players game time accumulating that money. Personally, I feel the developer always meant to implement a P2W mechanic, but like many others i took the game at face value which up into the last few weeks did not include such transactions. I feel the implementation of this change is terribly timed at the very least with WOW Legion around the corner. Will it kill the game? I'm not sure. But I know players like myself who have seen this movie before will not be willing to see this sequel to the end.
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  9. Django03 added a post in a topic TheLazyPeon Drops the truth !   

    I don't think you know what copyright infringement means. Also not all videos need to be positive in nature, otherwise no reviews or critiques of a game or any other media would be honest. 
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  10. Django03 added a post in a topic Collective attempt at preventing p2w in BDO   

    I cannot be silent on this issue. I feel for the localization team as a lot of this is thrown at them and since they are not the publisher they lack much control of what content is and is not introduced. @PM_Jouska I truly hope that your team can take some kind of action to prevent this. This game has had many items offered in its pearl shop that range from purely convenience to items that had significant advantages. But this does not add convenience to the player, it allows the player to turn their real life income into BDO silver with only a minor time gate associated with it due to the 5 item limit. This is not a convenience feature that makes the game easier for the player, it allows the player to simply not play the game and reap the rewards of another player grinding for hours, if not days. Gear is by far the thing that separates players who are dedicated and work hard at an mmo from casual players, and over my time playing I learned to truly respect players who have worked hard through the rng to be at the top of their game. When/if this is implemented, that will entirely change. Gear will not be a factor of hard work in game compared to your peers, but also a factor on how much money you are willing to dump into it.
    I understand the localization team can only do so much, but as a purchaser of this game I have watched this cash shop transform and be more and more aggressive for players wallets. Someday when i have more time or when I want to catch up with friends I intend to return to BDO, but with changes like this, I worry what if anything I will be returning to. 
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  11. Django03 added a post in a topic P.S.A Silver cap on costume   

    @Plunge we both have valid grievances here, and I will grant you the metrics on players coming and going are unknown to me. But I played Archeage, and I have seen this movie before. I hope your right and the game stabilizes, but as a consumer I don't approve of this behavior and I have to boycott it. 
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  12. Django03 added a post in a topic P.S.A Silver cap on costume   

    @Plunge I can see your points as we really wont know how much items sell for on the market until it is implemented. But I personally think implementing it in any way shape and form is bad for the game. Look at the number of people who have left already with just the threat of it passing, imagine the number of people who will leave when it gets implemented. PVP based games require a player base to play them to make them fun. 
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  13. Django03 added a post in a topic Open Letter to Daum Games / Pearl Abyss. SIGN THE CHANGE.ORG PETITION   

    Sign the petition for the good of the game DON'T let this go through!
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  14. Django03 added a post in a topic What games are you guys heading back to now the BDO is going to be P2W   

    actually been trying to play starcraft2 lately. Its challenging but fun when things go right
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  15. Django03 added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    Thank you for gathering this information for the community, I second EVERYTHING this user has stated. 
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