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  1. d3krepit added a post in a topic 10 FPS on karanda/kzarka - lowest settings on gtx 1080?   

    I was talking about the X Family 2011-v3 Niepokalanek suggested.
    I'm probably going to end up getting a 6800k, my 4670k is not cutting it.
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  2. d3krepit added a post in a topic Would you rather have a Dungeon or a Raid?   

    Dungeon, only raid they know how to make is a zerg/lag/oneshot mob.
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  3. d3krepit added a post in a topic 10 FPS on karanda/kzarka - lowest settings on gtx 1080?   

    Lol @ buy an +$1000 CPU so you can get 10 more FPS on bosses for 10-20 minutes once, maybe twice a day.
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  4. d3krepit added a post in a topic How's the awakening?   

    If you use the addon's for it yeah you probably can, for most people they'd prefer to do more damage and chug pots though.
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  5. d3krepit added a post in a topic How's the awakening?   

    Because he can chunk them before they even get to him and once they do he can do his combo and go back to kiting them until you repeat your awakening combo.

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  6. d3krepit added a post in a topic How's the awakening?   

    Think you mean charging kick.  I have 20monster ap on ees so it works for me, this is mostly in PVE i'm talking about.
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  7. d3krepit added a post in a topic How's the awakening?   

    It filled our class out IMO.  Finally some much needed CC's and mobility.  100% Black spirit rage is also very good now too.
    It's hard to get used to switching back to bow when in awakening, so I usually just use EES to get back as I'm not great at using that flow yet.  On bosses I usually use all my awakening CD's switch to bow and shotgun til they're back and repeat.
    I always forget to use these though: Vine Knot, Waltz of Wind, or Regeneration as I forget about them and Regeneration I'm not sure exactly where I should combo it in.
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  8. d3krepit added a post in a topic 12-Oct Patch: Known issues *Fixed*   

    I had 3 before the patch in my storage, now I have two and the storage says 85/80, of course this was during the 50minutes the game was up.
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  9. d3krepit added a post in a topic 12-Oct Patch: Known issues *Fixed*   

    I lost a crescent ring from the warehouse storage loss.  Here's to hoping you guys have a great SQL guy.
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  10. d3krepit added a post in a topic Can we please adjust Karanda window?   

    One of the issues with maintenance is that they bring the servers up prior to allowing logins, the moment the servers are up the boss timers start.
    Not sure on the window for Karanda after maintenance but it looks to be 8-12hrs like the field bosses(spot checking previous maintenance days, Sept 14th, August 31st).
    Karanda spawned at 1:08PM EST, Tree was the last field boss that spawned at 5:01PM.  So the servers were probably online somewhere between 5:00-6:00AM this past maintenance.
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  11. d3krepit added a post in a topic Is Sorc Skill Point Gain Slower Than Other Classes?   

    It really doesn't help to answer your question when you don't say how many skill points each of your classes has.
    The EXP weekends actually hurt you in terms of skill points as you have to kill less mobs to level.
    I started with Sorc as my main, lvled to 52 and felt like sorc was just too slow to grind mobs with and switched main to a ranger.
    My sorc is still only lvl 53 but has 650 skill points.  I know lvl 55/56's with less than 500-600.
    Also once you hit 500 or 600, i don't remember which, they start coming slower.
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  12. d3krepit added a post in a topic Nouver   

    That post said Nouver en Kutum in September.
    The en was probably a typo for OR, TROLOLOL.
    Really odd since Kutum was only released on August 18th 2016 for KR, yet we got it on September 14th 2016.
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  13. d3krepit added a post in a topic Kutum OIffhand for Rangers   

    Sheet AP takes the average of your item's AP.
    TRI Oros:  20-33 , (20+33)/2 = 26.5 AP
    TRI Kutum:  24-26 , (24+26)/2 = 25 AP
    Most things round up so I would think it would be 27AP for the Oros, but it may round down in this case.
    IE: Armor From PRI->DUO = 5DP Armor from DUO->TRI = 8DP, 1.5 X 5= 7.5DP, rounded up to 8DP.
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  14. d3krepit added a post in a topic Crescent Shrine : something is wrong with the ring drop at higher lvl node   

    Hexe is a bad place to farm when the mobs are grey to you as half of them won't aggro you and don't come out of the ground.
    I've heard of guildies stacking kamasilve for opening a months worth of bundles and gotten positive results but whenever I've tried it I still get nothing. 
    I'm leaning towards Kamasilve only helping you with gathering drop chance.  IMO rare drops are like playing whack a mole, you need to have a huge rotation as any of the mobs can have the item, but only one can have it in their loot table at a time, and if you're killing the same two packs over and over again you're never going to get anything.
    I try to find an area that has good results (blackstones/relics/whatever drop) and stay in that area.  I've predicted multiple witches/marks drop locations this way.
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  15. d3krepit added a post in a topic Ranger Builds   

    They're not old enough to be irrelevant.   Bow skills haven't drastically changed and are still pretty much this priority.
    1. WOTW, Ult: Evasive Shot
    2. Charging Wind to SP
    3. Blasting gust 3(maybe ult now)
    Tie: Ult: Descending Current, Tearing Arrow 3
    I got rid of Penetrating Wind and Razor Wind because I never used them.  May get rid of Descending current too for the same reason.
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