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  1. CurlyB added a post in a topic Lauren Family Coins Event   

    with an occasional red coral ring now and again. lolz.
    and yeah, i might be late with this post.
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  2. CurlyB added a post in a topic Lauren Family Coins Event   

    at the begining of the game it was wonderful....but now i think they are slacking. big time.
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  3. CurlyB added a post in a topic Lauren Family Coins Event   

    dude, for no coins right away we better be getting valk's cry if we get a patch.
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  4. CurlyB added a post in a topic Lauren Family Coins Event   

    yo!!! i dont see my coins either!!! and neither did my friend!!! hes online in teamspeak as we speak!!! where are the coins daum?!?
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  5. CurlyB added a post in a topic Lauren Family Coins Event   

    yeah, im gonna miss valk's cry.....
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  6. CurlyB added a post in a topic Lauren Family Coins Event   

    omg just by getting online? im online 24/7!!! AWESOME!!!!
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  7. CurlyB added a post in a topic A goofy question...   

    I would like to know what specific skills have hidden hp and mp regain effects also. Other than the basic LMB/RMB and awakenings as i have a lvl 50 tamer that I haven't played in forever. I have heard that fearful trembling regains hp depending on the number of mobs it hits as a hidden effect. Maybe if we were more informed it would help us who have tamer classes out more? I am certainly blind to hidden effects here, any tips? 
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  8. CurlyB added a post in a topic "Farewell to you all"   

    have a good one!!! hope they hire someone as awesome as you were!!!
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  9. CurlyB added a post in a topic Attendance Reward Box   

    yay!!! 2 boss armors!!! lucky me!!!! only if i open my first by november 2nd tho!!!
    lets hope they dont even include red nose as a chance for the second box since they screwed up and made it 100% chance for red nose. that would be mean of them to the market and us.
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  10. CurlyB added a post in a topic Black Desert State of the Game Poll   

    too many days with the rum....ugggg
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  11. CurlyB added a post in a topic The Changes Are Okay.   

    ok. descovered it. lolz. and about that i know we are all a lil mad about karma loss or have opinions, but it might be nice to treat everyone with respect.  not saying any of you weren't. because obviously we all have our own issues.
    and that was completely general.
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  12. CurlyB added a post in a topic The Changes Are Okay.   

    Now, I still feel as if you should LOSE something from dying. Personally, a system in which both parties lose karma - but the party that flagged delivers the killing blow should lose more karma. 

    i totally agree with this.
    Or something like this.. 
    Like our max is 300,000 karma? Lower it to 100k 
    Flagged kills (against unflagged players.) = 20k karma loss.
    unflagged killing a flagged player = 5k karma loss. 
    If you're below 30k karma - you'll gain a white name but not beable to be attacked in public (as a warning to others that you've killed people.) 
    At 0 karma you're in permanent pvp mode. (Should be OBVIOUS WAYS TO LET YOU KNOW THAT YOU'RE IN THIS STATE.) 
    If you die you lose 20% of the silver you are carrying, 5% exp, crystals have a higher shatter rate and Karma recovery rate is decreased by 5%.
    If you reach -100k karma, when you die all your armor/weapons durability hits 0. You lose 50% of money you are carrying, All crystals shatter. With a chance to drop items you are carrying.  
    however, i think this system needs to change to be less harsh. like:
    when your killed by a pc without being flagged, 5% silver loss and chance to loose crystals, as well as 5% karma loss.
    when you flag first, 20% silver loss, 20% karma loss, and chance to loose crystals and items in theiry inventory.. just my persoanal opinion. especially if someone flags thats carrying marks of shadow in their inventory to sell, gonna make them check twice before flagging but at the same time still have a system to help people get stronger in pvp.
    also, keep the karma at 300k. its simpler for us pvpers who want to sell stuff in heidel to not travel to the desert to sell all the time and end up passing through dangerous "safe" zones when we are out of karma.

    also, personally im new to the forums but have played the game since launch. lolz so i have no clue how to link stuff other than copy paste. look for it please!!!
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  13. CurlyB added a post in a topic Black Desert State of the Game Poll   

    i love this game, someone i know that had rolled 5 1's in dnd on roll20's website when we were playing got 5 marks of shadow in this game. he still has crap luck with RNG when getting cedar logs for our guild quest tho bless him!!! love how you can invest in a node to up your RNG and make workers get items and make stuff for you. you need to pick the item up but there are so many ways to be productive in this game. and the only qualm i have is the hackers for open pvp. and the way that lvl 1 people can wear +15 armor like a lvl 50. but its nice because he still cant use his skills to his potental which ballances it out. love this game daum!!!
    keep up the good work baning the hackers who like ruining the community btw!!!

    and also, get some more staff for customer service tickets for faster service!!! there are way too many people on black desert online to have a team of 20 people for tickets!!!
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