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  1. yasfan added a post in a topic Pre Order Marketplace - Working as intended?   

    I'm comparing them to each other, not combining them. But other than that, I agree with you completely. 
    Botting is against the rules. I am not so naive as to imagine that there aren't people who try to break the rules, nor am I so naive as to imagine that none of those people willing to break the rules is a talented enough hacker to bypass the existing in-game efforts to stop botting from even being possible.
    Hopefully Kakao has some good bot-detection algorithms and can weed them out through post-hoc detection, but Kakao certainly won't--and shouldn't--publicize how they do that.
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  2. yasfan added a post in a topic Pre Order Marketplace - Working as intended?   

    The system is designed to make it difficult for you to use the marketplace to transfer items from yourself to a specific target--that's a measure to make life hard on people who try to buy and sell gear for cash. The fact that you are finding it hard to circumvent that system is reassuring to me.
    But if the numbers stated earlier in this thread are correct and 80% of listings bypass preordering, then your experience was pretty much what you should expect--if 4 out of 5 items bypass preorders, you wouldn't expect to reliably get one into the preorder system with only two attempts.
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  3. yasfan added a post in a topic Pre Order Marketplace - Working as intended?   

    What I mean is that as a player, you can try to get an item by either placing a preorder, or trying to grab it off the marketplace.
    If that item only gets listed very rarely, like once or twice a month, your odds of grabbing it off the marketplace when it happens are 80% times the odds that it will be listed at a time when you happen to be online and able to even enter a bid on the marketplace, times the odds that you will win the bid among competing RNG bidders.
    For anyone who isn't camping the marketplace with a bot to do their bids for them, those odds are probably going to be a lot lower than 20%--and it may well be a lot lower than 20% even for the camper with the bot, if the item is highly sought after and generates a lot of bids.
    If you preorder, your odds are 20% times the odds that you are the highest preorder. If you aren't the highest preorder, you know to increase your bid next time and your odds improve.
    The preordering is more reliable, but a lot more expensive.
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  4. yasfan added a post in a topic Pre Order Marketplace - Working as intended?   

    I'm talking about actual odds of you getting one, not odds that the one item that shows up will bypass preorders. Unless you happen to be at the keyboard playing the game with notifications on and can win the RNG bid when it appears, it will skip preorder and you still won't get it.
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  5. yasfan added a post in a topic PC Gamer finally giving Black Desert some well deserved attention!   

    I'm pretty sure the only one identified as a futa enthusiast in that article was you.
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  6. yasfan added a post in a topic Pre Order Marketplace - Working as intended?   

    "A fraction of orders will skip" is not the same thing as "all the time will skip", and if an item "never shows up" then nobody is getting one, whether they preorder or not.
    But if an item rarely gets listed, a preorder will catch it more reliably than random checks of the marketplace when you happen to be near one.
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  7. yasfan added a post in a topic Pre Order Marketplace - Working as intended?   

    A fraction of orders will skip preorder--at random, if I understand it correctly--and go directly to market.
    This is to prevent people from being able to completely shut down marketplace supplies of a given item by preordering, although of course the fraction of the total supply that gets to market will be much lower on items that are being continuously preordered.
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  8. yasfan added a post in a topic Pre Order Marketplace - Working as intended?   

    It's working. If someone else gets it, they got it by outbidding you. Increase your bid for next time or hope they were only ordering one.
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  9. yasfan added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 22nd 2017   

    It would be equally nice to see people make requests rather than demands, since they don't actually have the power to force others to meet their demands.
    I'm not the one demanding more transparency in how their allocate their costume design resources, bro. That's a mighty big glass house you're throwing those rocks from.
    Neither Pearl Abyss nor Kakao is perfect and I'm perfectly willing to let my views be known when I think that they're making a mistake. 
    I just understand that constructive criticism and requests are more likely to be well-received than insults and demands, I don't assume that every decision they make is driven by shameless greed and an insatiable desire to unfairly gouge their customers, and I don't expect them to drop everything and come running when I snap my fingers.
    You might want to try it some time.
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  10. yasfan added a post in a topic Idea to Make Pets & Value packs more accessible to buy in game.   

    I love how all these wannabe third-party RMTers are upset about having Kakao undercut them. It's my favorite part of this thread.
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  11. yasfan added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 22nd 2017   

    Do you ever go to the grocery store and scream at them for having the same old holiday candies every year?
    Just wondering.
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  12. yasfan added a post in a topic Idea to Make Pets & Value packs more accessible to buy in game.   

    Part 1 of your idea makes sense to me as a general concept, but I wouldn't suggest attaching a particular pearl/silver exchange rate to it. They showed that they can be reasonable about this when they rolled out in-game RMT in the first place, and they have a much better idea than we do about how many people are buying at the existing rate, how much sales and discounts change their sales numbers, and what expectations they need to meet.
    I also suspect that they want to make the pearl/silver ratio increase supralinearly with pearl cost to give big spenders a better deal for going big than small spenders.  
    Part 2 of your idea is a very clever way to let cash shop players who want to cap out their purchases buy a range of things to resell instead of the Single Most Cost-Efffective Thing-- it's a nice idea. 
    I approve!
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  13. yasfan added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 22nd 2017   

    Thanks very much, I appreciate the consideration! 
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  14. yasfan added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 22nd 2017   

    Glad to see the Cherry Blossoms make a return, that was a really beautiful and cool change to the environment. Looking forward to seeing it again!
    On the new changes, I want to commend you for including the Equipment Tailoring Coupon in the list of things that can be resold on the marketplace--that's a good change, and it removes one of the arguments people have made about benefits that can only be obtained from the pearl shop.
    I will admit that like Jeynar, I am concerned about how the exchange rate between pearls and silver for the coupon is considerably lower than it is for other items like the costumes. This seems like a real disincentive for people who want to buy items to resell them to pick this item instead of others.
    It seems like it would be easier to simply set all pearl shop items as resellable on the marketplace and create a single, standard exchange rate between pearls and silver for resale of cash shop items, but you appear to have explicitly chosen to not do that and I really can't understand why.
    Is there a reason why two items that cost the same amount in pearls should have different price limits in silver for resale?
    I just don't understand the thinking underlying that decision at all.
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  15. yasfan added a post in a topic You need to stop pearl trading.   

    Do you really need me to post those questions about whether pearl trading makes it more likely or less likely that players will leave the game, or are you arguing that player retention doesn't matter?
    If you need me to repost what I wrote in my very last post about why we know that pearl trading is happening at least frequently, I can do that too.
    And your indisputable fact is simply irrelevant, because you don't know any more than I do whether or not any given item is being listed in response to pearls being traded, or the degree to which the buyer and seller colluded in posting the items to minimize their exposure to the rest of the playerbase.
    Similarly, "The sun produces heat and light" is also a basic truth, but stating it does not refute or support anything relevant to this discussion. It is true, but it is irrelevant.
    You're right that you don't have to answer that one--but only because I already know the answer. You have no evidence about when those items are being listed, or whether or not they're being listed because someone paid pearls. You don't know any more than I do. 
    In this area, you are treating it like an all-or-none issue. Try again, Kellyanne.
    If you demonstrate being unbiased by acknowledging when your opposition has a legitimate point, and by correcting and amending your position when you've overreached, then you don't need to tell us all "believe it or not, I'm unbiased" because it's obvious.
    I've never been under the delusion that I was going to change your mind, and you're certainly not going to convince me that something isn't happening without even addressing the several independent lines of evidence that indicate that it is, so we can certainly agree to disagree.
    At this point, I'm just here to blow away the smoke when you or someone else tries to dismiss the problem with an intellectually dishonest rebuttal.
    Oh, speaking of intellectually dishonest rebuttals: kudos for backing up that claim that you bullet-pointed in your previous post about how there's been no decrease in supply since pearl gifting started. Oh, wait--you didn't do that. Were you just making crap up to make your argument look stronger, or did you forget to do it while you were busy looking for a good meme to post?
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