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  1. Chaosmasta added a post in a topic PvP Flag On/Off   

    i agree people shouldn't just be clap on and clap off. If you flag it should stay on for a certain period of time especially if you hit a player. I have run into that as well.
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  2. Chaosmasta added a post in a topic Let officers Renew contracts   

    That's why i suggested gm's can drop a pay rate they want their officers to collect and then they can renew their own contracts themselves instead of letting them go crazy with it.  Like i said before you will "trust" your "core group" but not all guild's have a happy ending. Everyone has their own situation my guild sit's is different from any other guild and so forth there's good and bad ppl. I'm just saying it works for my guild (My guild officers are on when i'm on or i can catch them when they are on) so i think it's fine. However there's the case like you where you cannot so you find it a hassle. That's just my point that's why i made a possible suggestion solution for ppl who might be concerned about officers that can abuse the idea of updating their own contracts doesn't have a hole in their guild funds. 
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  3. Chaosmasta added a post in a topic Making Pub/Bars more interactive   

    i like this idea make it a thing
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  4. Chaosmasta added a post in a topic Overcrowded Horses & Wagons in Towns & Cities   

    make this a thing
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  5. Chaosmasta added a post in a topic Let officers Renew contracts   

    Well if you think about it I think it's fine the way it is. Of course you can trust your core group in guild but there a possibility officers can just spike their own pay. Think it's fine for the gm to make the call to drop the pay with the upper group. But if it's that much of an issue they could add a function where the gm can just choose the pay for officers that they want to keep without worrying about someone sneaking money and the officers can freely renew themselves. Just a suggestion. But i think more guild titles are more of a issue for me such as a recruiter title that allows certain members to recruit and stuff.
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  6. Chaosmasta added a post in a topic [PVX PVP Oriented] JackOFAllTrades Recruiting Active N Social Players!   

    still looking far and wide for a good group of ppl.
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  7. Chaosmasta added a post in a topic Looking For Guild Guide   

    Glad it helped.
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  8. Chaosmasta added a topic in US Guild   

    Looking For Guild Guide
    So this is for people who are looking for a guild. Most guilds already know what they want from their members, but i see a lot of Looking for a guild, and then that's it. Or a not so descriptive sentence that gave little to no information. When guild recruiters see that the response their thinking is what are you looking for?!  If you are looking for a lesser headache for both parties you need to tell these guilds what you want.
    1. What Kind of guild do you want? (Anything i missed let me know, I know their a bunch of guilds)
    Pve- Player vs environment
    Pvp- Player vs Player
    Pvx- Both pvp and pve
    Fishing- Fishing guilds
    Hunting- Hunting guilds
    Rp- Role Playing
    2. Size does it matter?
    Small guild- small compact everyone knows your name
    Medium guild- Not too small not too large it's just right
    Large guild- We are the army I may not know this guy under the same banner, but i got his back
    3. Life Goals
    Hardcore- You play this everyday
    Casual- You play it, you enjoy it you might or might not try to break an arm, and a leg for it, and can juggle your life too
    Family friendly- Life happens, you need to change a diaper without someone flipping out.
    4. Basic Requirements
    Level- Level is a requirement for most guilds, if your new there are plenty of guilds that will accept, and help you.
    Gear- Gear is a requirement for most guilds going into pvp and node wars.
    Voip- Discord, Teamspeak, whatever you prefer if you like to chat or be a lone wolf.
    Activity- Most guilds are looking for active and social players. Whether your doing a guild quest, hacking down someone, or having an aggressive conversation. This is the major thing guilds are looking for. It takes people to run a village, not ghost.
    If i missed anything i can edit. So remember next time you yell out I'm looking for a guild just mention what YOU are looking for and you can filter most of the guilds out that will spam you to death in chat. Trust me i know the recruiter struggles for the fellow recruiters out there so hopefully this small guide will help if anyone bothers to read.
    Happy Guild Hunting.
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  9. Chaosmasta added a topic in Suggestions   

    Epheria Port BlackSmith
    Hi so i noticed there is no black smith in epheria port. Instead he is the general goods person...which makes no sense cause if your running about your looking for a black smith not a general goods person to fix your weapon. So i don't know if your going to have a npc that is mainly doing one thing do another npc's job you should name them something else like General Goods also a black smith name so people know where to go. Not a big issue but it'll stop the confusion a bit i notice the game has some npc's that say the title there suppose to be doing yet they do other jobs as well such as currency, trading, blacksmiths. Don't know if that's a issue for some people but thought i would just bring it up.
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  10. Chaosmasta added a post in a topic Overlapping of sailboats   

    This is a problem i agree when you take out your boat you can't even grab your steering wheel cause someone else giant oversized behind boat is overlapping yours. I vote for boat parking spaces or just fix it or have a actual working boat dock where you drive your boat into a spot and it only focuses on you.
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  11. Chaosmasta added a topic in Suggestions   

    Struck by lightning but no title?
    Hey there i was boating with some peeps and randomly during a storm i was hit by lightning and it did damage. However there was no title. I've been stuck several times to my annoyance now so i would say add a hit by lightning title if this is to keep happening.
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  12. Chaosmasta added a post in a topic Making Pub/Bars more interactive   

    i agree
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  13. Chaosmasta added a post in a topic Suggestion - Play other MMO's   

    Hello random new player that has joined our world of bdo and was apparently disappointed. Like all ways of life you have things you like and things you dislike. From what i see here you have not found a companion cube or tried to establish yourself in my pov you don't even look like you'll attempt to go further so i'll sum it down. One you made 2 characters that are considered low lvl in my eyes you didn't seem to even want to try to climb the small ranks of noob to understand anything remotely close in this game.
    Google is your friend? Yes i agree with you when you first step into the game there is a lot to learn and you were probably overwhelmed and confused like many of the people who played the game soon as we hit the ground running. The story? i agree with you what story line i stopped following it? The game? I feel like you missed a giant target somewhere and that's ok some people just don't get it so i'll break it down for you.
    What is your purpose/point in this game?  Well my friend that is entirely up to YOU to decided there is endless amounts of things for you to do it is up to you to find that thing that tickles your fancy. Join a guild? Go on an ocean adventure? Fish? Breed horses? Fight the good fight? You make the calls.
    Solo? Yes you can solo you don't really need to rely on anyone which is nice but also kinda lonely thus you may want to try out our many unique and interesting guilds each with their own spice and flavor to them. Don't like playing with people well i can't help you from that point on.
    No dungeons? Yep no dungeons no dance function we work around it. It's not the end of the world and no you actually don't have to grind for your gear you can simply make money and buy it.
    Telling a developer to take notes? Why? They have their own vision let them do them every game isn't perfect and every game doesn't have to be in the shadow of another game. The game has a lot of potential if your not seeing it then like i said i can't help you. 
    So thanks for trying our lovely world of bdo.
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