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  1. Aquiris added a post in a topic Share your DK creations!   

    Ok so i have to post one more, or i might go insane ehh not literally but still I attempted to make something cute who knows maybe it is, maybe it isnt but I like it 

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  2. Aquiris added a post in a topic What song are you currently listening to?   

    One of my favorite songs, and cant wait for ghost in the shell to come out
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  3. Aquiris added a post in a topic Share your DK creations!   

    I made quite a few customizations but im just gonna show my favorite two ^^ their in Beauty album if anyone would like to use them
    (my family name is Iridence to help with finding them)
    "Love Bites"

    "Evil Lurking"

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  4. Aquiris added a post in a topic Rate the character above you   

    10/10! love how our Dark knight seems very different from the rest i've seen so far really like it  
    Since everyone seems to be posting their Dark knights, i might as well post one of my favorites that I created today.

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  5. Aquiris added a post in a topic Rate the character above you   

    I like how your character's very unique and slightly looks like a ghost/demon, I wish though that the eyes were a bit smaller cause it looks a bit off to me, but really good character!
    So I got bored and attempted to make Laura Prepon on Ranger, its not exact but i did my best  

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  6. Aquiris added a post in a topic Do girls and guys like this character face?   

    I'd say fix the nose a little bit and the lips seem a little to small for the face in my perspective but other than that it looks good  
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  7. Aquiris added a post in a topic Post you'r ingame character here!   

    My witch <3 my main for now till DK comes out

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  8. Aquiris added a post in a topic Rate the character above you   

    Like your demonic look, but not a fan of the lips personally, other than that awesome looking character! 9/10
    Heres a Ranger I made today, just cause I wanted to try it 

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  9. Aquiris added a post in a topic Constant dcing starting today 12/26/2016   

    I have the same problem, i would recomend switching channels with not as many people, to even clearing cache, or restarting router, etc.  You can find support in of course the support area for connection issues, i personally have tried almost all that i can probably do and i still have connection issues sometimes i cant even get into a character stuck in certain towns like calpheon, so your best bet would be to try all that you can do 1st and then submit a ticket if neccasary which i will be doing if it continues to get worse. 
    You can also delete the version.data file in the file locationn by right clicking allowing you to basically restart patcher and download again and it might be able to help, though personally it didn't fix my connection issues but it helped things run a lot smoother.
    Hope this helps, also several other people have this problem, some even showed their tickets from GM's/ the game and you may be able to find instuctions or ideas on how to fix your conection problems if some of the ones i mentioned or the help i suggested doesnt work.
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  10. Aquiris added a post in a topic Santa Came Early!   

    sorry this is super late lol but yea i think so i havent been able to find a santa hat other than the present box
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  11. Aquiris added a post in a topic Looking to Join a Guild   

    Sure, im mainly on my witch named Aquiris or my kuno RavenArbor
    My family name is Iridence, hope that helps  
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  12. Aquiris added a post in a topic Looking to Join a Guild   

    Thanks for the suggestions guys! I'll be sure to look at them
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  13. Aquiris added a topic in US Guild   

    Looking to Join a Guild
    So I've been playing for a while, and it's kind of getting boring playing alone, so I decided why not try looking for guilds. I would prefer if the guild didn't have too many requirements, cause I do go to college, I have a job, and I'm not necessarily the best thing out there on BDO.
    I'm just really looking for a guild that's ok with me still being noobish, even if I have played for a really long time and one that's ok with me being gone for certain periods of time. I would also prefer if their active, and talk, I've been in a few guilds which are dead, and that's just boring.
    So any suggestions on guilds out there would be much appreciated! 
    Also, I'm open to PVP, node wars, etc. Though I really have no experience in that area.
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  14. Aquiris added a post in a topic Share your Horse!   

    My T7, lullaby one of my 1st  

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  15. Aquiris added a post in a topic Santa Came Early!   

    Thanks, normally i wouldnt do stuff like chase santa all day lol cause people get salty over it.

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