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  1. Bellus_Puella added a post in a topic Awakened Black Spirit Crystals and Kakao servers LOL   

    grind with expensive crystals, risk losing expensive crystals
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  2. Bellus_Puella added a post in a topic Optimal Gaming Rig: AMD vs Intel   

  3. Bellus_Puella added a post in a topic Nerf Witch and Wizard   

    agree, class isn't worth playing if I can't face roll
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  4. Bellus_Puella added a post in a topic Huge Nerf Or What   

    same but PvP damage in RBF doesn't seem any different to me
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  5. Bellus_Puella added a post in a topic Nerf Witch and Wizard   

    Wizard is such a broken class that if they only had Teleport and their 100% Rage Skill, Bolide of Destruction they'd still be a top 3 class in big PvP battles
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  6. Bellus_Puella added a post in a topic My opinion on how the gaming industry works   

    keep complaining
    the people that have the technical know how are in Korea and many degrees separation away from the people that are customer facing in NA/EU
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  7. Bellus_Puella added a post in a topic Items w/ gem CAN downgrade w/ neg karma   

    this isn't anything new
    negative karma + PvE death = potential enhancement downgrade and/or crystal loss
    negative karma + PvP death = 0% chance enhancement downgrade, crystal loss still possible
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  8. Bellus_Puella added a post in a topic Does Damage still matter in World BOSS?   

    we talking about field boss spawns (Bheg, Tree, Red Nose, Mudster) and/or world boss spawns (Kzarka, Nouver, Kutum, Karanda)?
    imo, damage definitely matters for field boss spawns in terms of seals, ingots, crystal drop quality
    imo, damage matters less for world boss spawns.  there's the 1-3 10G drops but that might be limited to top 3 damage dealers in the damage group and 3 random RNGs in the non-damage group.
    if enough people are on a boss, then damage definitely matters if you want some kind of loot because there is a definite chance of getting no loot if you don't do enough damage to get in the high damage group.
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  9. Bellus_Puella added a post in a topic My first attempt at getting a duo item and....   

    change viewpoint to you got a stack for TRI attempts whenever DUO occurs
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  10. Bellus_Puella added a post in a topic Awakened boss scrolls.   

    awakened tree boss will murder you
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  11. Bellus_Puella added a post in a topic Fixed economy, but I still got scammed.   

    there are opportunities where people can buy at depressed prices and resell later on
    Red Coral Earrings were at around 1.5M due to events handing them out like candy to the player base.  People that bought a lot of those for later reselling made bank.
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  12. Bellus_Puella added a post in a topic 2/15/2017 Accuracy tests   

    do test with Kzarka only, then Kzarka + Bhegs, then Kzarka + Bhegs + Off Hand, then Kzarka + Bhegs + Off Hand + all accessories
    do test against standard TRI boss armor, then Helm with Evasion crystals, and Helm with Evasion crystals + evasion dagger
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  13. Bellus_Puella added a post in a topic Best City To setup a cooking empire   

    Calpheon because you are more likely to find the Imperial NPC accepting turn ins
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  14. Bellus_Puella added a post in a topic Chicken meat   

    I NPC chicken meat
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  15. Bellus_Puella added a post in a topic 200% for 1 month and I spent time doing quests..   

    congratulations you leveled Contribution Points
    now leverage them into silver
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