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  1. `Onzlaught added a post in a topic Bad design Tier 3 Guilds taking Node 1 over Title!   

    Someone here said that there are 15 man guilds that are not supposed to be in t1s and should move to t2s.. I've seen zergs on t1s. If a zerg can't handle a 15 man guild, that's their problem.
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  2. `Onzlaught added a post in a topic Bad design Tier 3 Guilds taking Node 1 over Title!   

    If what he's saying is true that they don't field more than 17 people per t1 node war, then I see no harm. There are alot of t1 guilds that fields more than 30+ people at a time, while having the same gear req or even higher. If they can't beat a 430 gs 17 man guild w/ 30+ people, that's their problem. I've done alot of t1-t3 node wars. A 17 man guild w/ the average 430 gs will get trampled in t2 nodes...
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  3. `Onzlaught added a post in a topic Help with accesories   

    I got full AP accessories and Nouver and my hit rate is just fine. If I know I'm fighting someone that's dp/evasion stacked, i just put on my tri vangertz and its all good.
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  4. `Onzlaught added a post in a topic Allow Battlefield Pots In Arena   

    Yes. No pot duel is the dumbest thing in this game....
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  5. `Onzlaught added a post in a topic x2 KD Resist +25% VS. x2 Movespeed +2 (Boots)   

    Best resist in the game is getting good at blocking/dodging..
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  6. `Onzlaught added a post in a topic Rangers so Overpopulated! Are you dev surprised? #NERF RANGERS   

    So Warrior is broke? But Rangers and Zerkers are not? Hmm...
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  7. `Onzlaught added a post in a topic They can't nerf warrior.   

    You still haven't answered me if you are willing to trade your Sorc iframe for a Warrior block. Because most of the Warriors, if not all are willing to have your iframe instead of block. I don't think Sorcs would want that. I wonder why....
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  8. `Onzlaught added a post in a topic Rangers so Overpopulated! Are you dev surprised? #NERF RANGERS   

    Zerker has poor mobility? Wait wut? Warrior Broken? Huh?
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  9. `Onzlaught added a post in a topic Rangers so Overpopulated! Are you dev surprised? #NERF RANGERS   

    So a ranger complaining about Warrior? You for real bruh?
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  10. `Onzlaught added a post in a topic They can't nerf warrior.   

    Give me Sorcs iframe and ill give up my block in a heartbeat. Fair deal?
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  11. `Onzlaught added a post in a topic Looking to Join a Guild   

    ManUp, Gravity and Barcode are in need of a player like you. Hit em up.
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  12. `Onzlaught added a post in a topic From 1 to 60 in 15 Days challenge   

    I felt like a loser for grinding 10 hrs/ day for a week. Thank you. I feel alot better now.
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  13. `Onzlaught added a post in a topic KR patch note for 15th December   

    in b4 people complaining for free stuff...
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  14. `Onzlaught added a post in a topic High end siege guild kicks all TAMERS. The purge has begun.   

    Are y'all still complaining about balance in this game? How long have you been playing BDO? This game is not meant to have "balance." You should've known that already. Ranger has been disgustingly broken for months now and they still haven't nerfed that sht. Zerks keeps getting buffed for some fcking reason. Warriors have been nerfed 3 times the past 2 months while other classes stayed the same or gets buffed. Certain classes (maehwa, ninja and tamer) are still useless in sieges. Just accept the fact that this game will never be balanced and it will save you alot of salt. Just work with what you have.
    Btw if you think balance means that all  classes should be able to one combo each other, please do this world a favor and don't reproduce.
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