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  1. Pizzarolls added a post in a topic I want to be a key game for free please help me   

    You're a naughty naughty girl! Willing to take some snowballs for a free game key eh? Silly Bikini Panda spammers. 
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  2. Pizzarolls added a post in a topic Need a PvP quality of Life change thats fair   

    This AGAIN?!?!?

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  3. Pizzarolls added a post in a topic PvP ideas for Karma   

  4. Pizzarolls added a post in a topic New Karama Punishment Suggestion   

    Great suggestion! But .01% is way too low for a meaningful effect. I would stagger the % loss on all drops be it silver or rare item drops depending on how low their karma is. At- 1 million they basically get next to nothing. Also stagger the karma gain where the red player gets less and less karma gain per mob killed the deeper into red they go. Bravo! But be prepared for the butt hurt bandits to dismiss this.
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  5. Pizzarolls added a post in a topic PVP punishment [Karma bombing and Griefing]   

    So I wasn't gentle enough in stating raw facts? Or is it the raw facts and an opposing viewpoint that you can't handle? I guess special snowflakes just wish to remain in an echo chamber. So funny when you are presenting yourself as this tough PVPer who can take out everybody >.<  :Shrugs:
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  6. Pizzarolls added a post in a topic PVP punishment [Karma bombing and Griefing]   

    Uhhhh.... Welp... SO did you even read what I posted? I just ask because your reply had absolutely nothing to do with what I said. The publisher simply is NOT going to reinstall the exp on loss or punish the PK victim as it goes completely against the karma system. Once again, doing so would drive players away in drives and would freeze purchases of the game. You say this isn't to stop lower leveled and geared players from advancing but what you suggest would do exactly that and AGAIN would drive players away in droves and freeze sales.
    I myself play Valk and have zero problems grinding, leveling and gearing up. I also have full karma, billions of silver in gold bars stashed away, level 60 and nearly a complete set of boss armor with a few pens there. If someone comes along and is out farming me too much I change spots or channels. You can PK instead but don't complain when you take that karma loss up your bunghole. Learn to play smarter and profit. Because no matter how you or any other PKer articulate your positions or compllain the publisher simply is not going to make it even harder for the 99.5% of the game population to progress, level or gear up just to satisfy the 0.05%
    That's the path to ghost servers and a closed F2P game. So suck it up and play smarter or lube up that bunghole for the karma loss. Just accept it because it's never changing. I for one went red on my alt ranger and died due to disconnect, I paid a heavy price and said no way am I going back to being red.
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  7. Pizzarolls added a post in a topic PVP punishment [Karma bombing and Griefing]   

    Yes the publisher should change the way the game is played so that only the top 0.05% can grind and experience all the content and make them and only them happy. That's a surefire to attract and keep new players into purchasing the game, staying and making lots of cash shop purchases..... Oh wait, no. No it's not. That would drive away new players in droves and turn the game into a barren wasteland dumpster fire. 
    Pro tip: Keep in mind that the publisher needs new players to come on board buying the game and being happy enough to continue playing it and making cash shop purchases for the game to stay online. Driving away 99.5% of players to make the other 0.05% happy is always a losing strategy. 
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  8. Pizzarolls added a post in a topic Are you hyped for Revelation? :D   

    Oh dear God burn it! Burn it with fire!! What is this crap, PWI version 2.0? Looks like something from 2008.
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  9. Pizzarolls added a post in a topic Make PvP-oriented servers and PvE-oriented servers   

    You obviously are.
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  10. Pizzarolls added a post in a topic I feel as though I was lied to   

    They would make so much money doing this. It's mind blowing how much money they are giving up by not doing it.
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  11. Pizzarolls added a post in a topic Make PvP-oriented servers and PvE-oriented servers   

    Uhhhhh what? Dividing the PVE and PVP players would do a lot to ease said hatred and the PVPers could stop worrying about what the Devs are going to do next to harsh their PVP buzz and the publisher will be making a fortune while doing it from new and returning players.
    It's literally a win win for everyone. There is no legit downside to it.
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  12. Pizzarolls added a post in a topic BDO P2W ?   

    Answer in Italian? As you wish. Ravioli ravioli you are obviously trollioli.
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  13. Pizzarolls added a post in a topic BDO community gets noticed by MMORPG.com!   

    You don't frighten me, English pig dog. Go and boil your bottom, you son of a silly person. I blow my nose at you, so-called "Ikcen troll," you and all your silly English Lahhhurrr-yooors. I don't want to talk to you no more, you empty-headed animal food trough wiper! I fart in your general direction! Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries! Now go away or I shall taunt you a second time!
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  14. Pizzarolls added a post in a topic How do you recommend a P2W game to a friend?   

    With Bewbs right? The correct answer's gotta be, with bewbs. Never underestimate the power of bewbs to put over an MMO

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