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  1. AkiaWalker added a post in a topic Dye as a permanent unlock   

    Still waiting for dye to be permanent or at least not random before buying any from the Pearl shop.
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  2. AkiaWalker added a post in a topic Marriage System / Quest (Players)   

    This would be a great addition to player interactions!
    It would be especially interesting if it unlocked Pearl costumes, emotions, quests, and if you could share warehouse space and even a house with your partner!
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  3. AkiaWalker added a post in a topic Comprehensive Hair Bug thread   

    I really hope this gets addressed soon. It is ruining the otherwise gorgeous graphics!
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  4. AkiaWalker added a post in a topic Armor in the Costume Slot   

    This would be great!
    As it is now the character customization feels very limited.
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  5. AkiaWalker added a post in a topic We need less skimpy female armor in the cash shop.   

    Yes please! Armor that actually offers protection should be available for both genders, not just men! The class system is sexist enough as it is.
    It is ridiculous that hardly any female costumes have pants.
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  6. AkiaWalker added a post in a topic Pearl Shop Inventory Shared With All Characters   

    If anyone would care to vote for this suggestion here:

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  7. AkiaWalker added a post in a topic Q&A with Daum Games!   

    [Question] Can the Pearl Shop Inventory become account wide?
    For a game that encourages the creation of alts, I was surprised this was not already the case. Especially if new classes will be released in the future.
    I understand some costumes are class bound, but other items like inventory expansion, horse whistles and dyes should be shared with all your characters (just like pets and horses are). It would make the Pearl Shop prices seem more reasonable and make more people inclined spend money on them.
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  8. AkiaWalker added a post in a topic Character Customisation & Classes.   

    And not just younger wizards but also older witches. 
    Age should not be class bound (and neither should gender!)
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  9. AkiaWalker added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 16   

    Thank you for these changes! Especially to horse breeding. The previous ratio was very encouraging.
    Now if only I could find a horse in the wild...
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  10. AkiaWalker added a post in a topic Comprehensive Hair Bug thread   

    This has been bothering me a lot, especially how hair glows in the dark. I didn't realize it was a bug and that is was fixed in the RU version.
    It is actually the only reason I have not bought a long haired cat from the pearl shop.
    Hopefully it will be resolved soon.
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  11. AkiaWalker added a post in a topic Pearl Shop Inventory Shared With All Characters   

    The description says 300m, now I don't know how they measure their meters in this game but it seems only half that.
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  12. AkiaWalker added a post in a topic Suggestion: Free Stamina/Health Recovery at Stable (Less "Parking")   

    Very true. It would definitely improve the overall look of cities.
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  13. AkiaWalker added a post in a topic Lets try to make this MMO Multiplayer   

    Nice topic! There are some great suggestions here. c:
    Perhaps a marriage/romance system would be nice addition, as mentioned in this topic: http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/33764-romance-system-plus-for-rp/&page=1
    I personally really like the idea of shared housing. Possibly also shared storage/workers. (It it I suppose a form of P2P trading, but I don't see a problem when it is limited to your one spouse.)
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  14. AkiaWalker added a post in a topic Characters' interactions with each other   

    Holding hands when following a player actually sounds really cute. <3
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  15. AkiaWalker added a post in a topic Pearl Shop Inventory Shared With All Characters   

    I actually bought one and regretted it as soon as I found out it is not shared. Especially since the range is so short.
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