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  1. Roidz added a post in a topic Manup + Gravity merger   

  2. Roidz added a post in a topic Lunar's First Region War   

    the new and improved vision that pulls 75-80 members seems very stronk.
    whys hiro got a mancrush on my boy cika tho? thats my man.
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  3. Roidz added a post in a topic Mediah Siege 02/04/17   

    nice vid cika have my babies jk im not gay jk i am
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  4. Roidz added a post in a topic Mediah Liberation   

    lol are 2 of those warriors in that party 59? pretty embarassing tbh
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  5. Roidz added a post in a topic Gravity at Nouver   

    damm dat wizard tanky doe
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  6. Roidz added a post in a topic Open Challenge: Valencia (1/7/2017)   

    yo im pretty sure the last gravity member to comment on this thread was greggy on page 2, noodle (if its philip) was in gravity like 7 months ago then quit? goatie is in vision (come back baby (  )(  )=======D) balin is in kyoukai? plain is anonymous or something? i dunno, i dont recognize any names tho
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  7. Roidz added a post in a topic Open Challenge: Valencia (1/7/2017)   

    why not call out barcode? arent they ranked higher on the official daum rankings?
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  8. Roidz added a post in a topic New World Pre-Season Guild Ranking List   

    I member
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  9. Roidz added a post in a topic New World Pre-Season Guild Ranking List   

    Yo its cool that ur doing this and trying to keep it impartial, even though its probably impossible to keep it 100% impartial.. but maybe instead of the S+/S/A+/A/B rankings you should try a numerical system where u just rank guilds like # 1-10 like a standard espn-esque power rankings(see below). maybe u can do like a GPA point system where the #1 is 9.9 and #2 is 9.4 etc. I just feel the the S+ to D system lumps up guilds which feels less precise and makes for awkward groupings sometimes. anyways just my 2 cents, thanks for trying to keep it legit.

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  10. Roidz added a post in a topic Gravity and FML loses to ManUp 2v1 while Iconic dodges   

    haha... well actually i cant smoke weed anymore =( the doctors said it was making me gay.
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  11. Roidz added a post in a topic Gravity and FML loses to ManUp 2v1 while Iconic dodges   

    Yo I only really see Greggy posting anything to that effect... and he was in ManUp so he probably has a personal axe to grind. Greggy and Huntler should toke up on some chronic its pretty much legal now.
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  12. Roidz added a post in a topic NA-World Node Wars Report   

    considering the strength of both manup and iconic there could have been 4 small guilds placed and i doubt the outcome would have been any different.
    yoo skuld thanks for doing this again. keep it goin, take all my +rep!
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  13. Roidz added a post in a topic Edan History from a Yata   

    mango was a tier above i'd say but waifu was a tier above pretty much everyone else. they played an integral role in a lot of stuff tho n youd be amiss to not include them in a 'history of edan' summary.
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  14. Roidz added a post in a topic Mediah Showdown Cancelled – Manup brings 8 guilds   

    fixed that for you
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