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  1. Chors added a post in a topic ●▅▇█▇▆▅▄▇ Warrior S&S to Greatsword swap has a delay now   

    Ground roar - armor break - ankle break - overwhelm (for 10% downattack)-grave dig -> next pack
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  2. Chors added a post in a topic Why play BDO when you can play WOW or GW2 ?   

    No, development started 2010 . 
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  3. Chors added a post in a topic Why play BDO when you can play WOW or GW2 ?   

    Bdo s 2012 too
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  4. Chors added a post in a topic Did the Buff to DP get reversed?   

    dont worry there is person like you on every forum
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  5. Chors added a post in a topic Did the Buff to DP get reversed?   

    i have 300DP, nothing extraordinary ofc, armor + kutum/vangertz/sicil and 205ap evasion wiz let me alive with 500hp with after casting ultimate. Why not.
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  6. Chors added a post in a topic Ranger need a buff   

    What are you smoking. Stop exagerrating.
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  7. Chors added a post in a topic Did the Buff to DP get reversed?   

    Its ridiculous.
    @CM_Aethon I`ll be tagging you until you reply .
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  8. Chors added a post in a topic Did the Buff to DP get reversed?   

    Def, i got much squishier and also, im dealing more damage. Something is broken. @CM_Aethon
    Can we get reply on this topic ? As you noticed, players wants some kind of transparency but we are calling you guys and no one is replying. Its totally unprofesisonal to ignore people that pay you for living.
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  9. Chors added a post in a topic How to Animation Cancel Ground Smash?   

    Or switch to preawak stance, hotbar it, and use any ultimate after. Im using shield charge or forward slash.
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  10. Chors added a post in a topic Can we get DP patch back   

    There is def something fishy going on. Im dealing much more damage to people im dueling every day with same gear. There was noticable defense boost after dp patch and it feels same as before mow.
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  11. Chors added a post in a topic Bugged? Why can't I put my cadry ring together   

    Wrong order
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  12. Chors added a post in a topic Major new bug with weapon swap on warriors. They patched the bugged KR version instead of KR hotfixed version...   

    Yea i feel like hipster who got new smoothie maker.
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  13. Chors added a post in a topic Swap key   

    because :
    people value 15% hitrate boost more than 5% raw damage boost
    people value 24evasion and 2dr more than 9evasion and 11dr
    1 more slot and 10% ignore is argument but im ok with getting 150hp less and only 20% ignore because CCing someone is still RNG and related to desync so i dont see another 10% as something big or game changing. +1 special attack even helps too. If its same as capping ats or cirt, it should be 5% boost.
    Not mentioning that Vang and Sayer knot are only acc offhands with evaison which means :
    Vangertz counters full ap build because 200ap with 100% hitrate is enough to take those guys down
    Vangertz cam be used in evasion builds while maintaining tons of acc and good ap.
    Vangertz counters evasion stackers while having evasion, because other classes with evasion offhands lacks accuracy , hitrate and ap because their evasion offhands gives 0 accuracy
    Now bit of math --------------
    Lets say sorc stacking evasion has :
    Rhik : 30eva
    Sicil : 9eva
    Helmet gems : 10
    Boss armor (TET ) : 132eva + 10% special attack gems
    Total : 181evasion + passive evasion from sorc`s skills
    Your acc :
    Kutum : 5
    Bhegs : 10
    Kzarka : lets say roughly 50 (kzarka was tested several times and has roughly 50acc more than yuria so lets say yuria is shit and has 0acc.)
    Gems : 8 (?)
    Total : 73acc
    Congratz on 30-40% hitrate. Considering 25% on grave dig you still have high chance of missing, even with 2x TRI Rce. But as you said, gearing meta is different here than in NA.
    Just look at this musa hitting evasion sorc (sorc in vid using same gear as i listed above). That poor musa thinks that Kutum, Bhegs, Liverto, 2x TRI Rce and Duo tree belt is enough and Musa is bugged (damn i hope its bug because he is missing so much). You can clearly see he is hitting 1-3 hits out of 8 which is +-40% hitrate at max.
    Or look on my guildmate. TET Armor, Tri Vangertz, 10 in helmet, TRI Sicil, Tri centaur.
    No ask me again why do we use full acc builds. Lacari would be dead in 1.5sec there with his 250ap.
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  14. Chors added a post in a topic Update : Eu mem market improvement   

    Oh, people can go and grind instead of selling free ogres and buying shitton of scrolls out of mp ? Damn, unplayable.
    Oh, people can go and grind instead of selling free ogres and buying shitton of scrolls out of mp ? Damn, unplayable.
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