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Lau Lau

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  1. Lau Lau added a post in a topic Improved optimizing   

    but then at least on my pc, the game would loook soooo bad  i just wanted to be able to remove shadows.. then i could keep a +/- apearence and remove unnecessary details ::$
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  2. Lau Lau added a post in a topic Horse Taming Process   

    I haven't been able to get a horse eather. Its so complicated x_x or maybe i'm just doing he wrong things.
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  3. Lau Lau added a topic in Suggestions   

    More PvP
    In my opinion there are too many repercussions from killing other players. It is part of the thrill to never know if u are safe. There should be repercussions that give an advantage to non pk players.. . But I don't like that there are so manny repercussions. Who would wan't to pk? it is part of the fun too... To never know if they will atack you while transporting cargo and stuff..
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  4. Lau Lau added a post in a topic Improved optimizing   

    I agree with this 100%.  By just removing the shadows the game would run way smother on my pc
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  5. Lau Lau added a post in a topic Choice to remove Shadows   

    My country is not even close to rich and I surtenly am not... I don't have money laying arround to just buy new parts... I wish this game was for all and now for just rich people.
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  6. Lau Lau added a post in a topic Breast physics, why... (tone it down!)   

    I didn't notice the over bouncingness of the breasts. All games have it, and big boobs do bounce. BUT yeah if the boobs are moving under/with the leather or metal clothes then that is a bit bad :\ Though we are looking at our characters backs so i don't really mind it.
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  7. Lau Lau added a post in a topic Remove grass   

    I love the grass! But for optimization purposes i propose removing some or all shadows! This would help me alot
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  8. Lau Lau added a post in a topic Black spirit is creepy   

    I like its voice ^^ and its co cute at the start, and then it just gets more weird and creepy ^^ 
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  9. Lau Lau added a post in a topic Sugestion, more graphical options   

    I would also want to remove shadows sinse my pc can't handle very well the game
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  10. Lau Lau added a topic in Suggestions   

    Young Wizards
    Hhi, personaly i like the wizards being old, but one of my friends sugested what if we could make young wizards. Think about it I guess
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  11. Lau Lau added a post in a topic Family and Character Name Formatting   

    i agree with u, that would be awesome
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  12. Lau Lau added a post in a topic More options in GameOption.txt   

    i hope there are more optimisations. I cant buy this game as it is (it doesn't work very well with my pc)
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  13. Lau Lau added a post in a topic Why are names (avatar) unique when we have family names?   

    Never thought about this. Yeah this makes sense and it would be so much fun  Unless there is an actual reason, if there is then its ok i dont mind. But yeah im curious now ^-^
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  14. Lau Lau added a post in a topic Berserker Resize   

    wow havent seen that o-o i saw the korean version and it was awesome. if they are resizing the berserker then i wish they didn't do that.
    But like i said i didn't see it yet o-o
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  15. Lau Lau added a post in a topic Shadows   

    I have too low of a fps. and i really want to play the game  so maybe removing shadows i can play it better. As it is now i really cant play it :\
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  16. Lau Lau added a post in a topic Shadow Quality Options   

    Agree totally with this! Just made a post about this. If I could remove some shadows i could play the game way smoother!  Please do this.
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  17. Lau Lau added a topic in Suggestions   

    Choice to remove Shadows
    Anybody else wants to be able to remove the shadows???
    I really want this game but my graphics card doesn't seem to work very well. I was thinking that maybe if we could remove shadows or at least some of them people like me could play better.
    Anybody else is with me?  ty
    • 21 replies
  18. Lau Lau added a topic in General   

    Any idea if we are going to be able to remove shadows from the game?
    • 6 replies