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  1. Kronoxus added a topic in Wizard/Witch   

    Is This A Bad Gear Build?
    Hey guys im a fresh 56 wizard and here is my current gear build, im not sure if its good or bad so i thought i would run it by the ol forum for some feedback
    Full DUO Grunil Set (Helmet is ultimate)
    PRI Tati Godr Sphera = 71-80 AP
    +12 Liverto (still enhancing) = 63-67 AP
    +15 Steel Dagger = 21 AP
    2 PRI Marks of Shadows = 14 AP
    2 PRI Witches Earrings = 14 AP
    1 PRI Schultz Belt = 5 AP
    1 PRI Schultz Necklace = 10 AP
    No Alchemy Stone
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  2. Kronoxus added a post in a topic BIS necklace for PVP?   

    so are they like are natural counter/enemy? I mean all classes are our enemies, but are they like our natural counters? Cause i always have a hard time fighting them compared to other classes
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  3. Kronoxus added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance March 8th   

    Crap...you caught me  
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  4. Kronoxus added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance March 8th   

    How the replys work in patch notes/news:
    [ insert whatever isnt here yet ] when?
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  5. Kronoxus added a post in a topic Do you think Wizard/Witch will get nerfed?   

    I feel like its supposed to be an easy class to pickup, thats a common trend in mmos is that there are classes designed for newer players to catch on to quick without falling behind all the super skilled players
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  6. Kronoxus added a post in a topic [Guide] semi-Afk leveling as a Witch. it works! 0,007% exp per~ 2 minutes   

    im with him on this, afk stuff is fine. But this is a bit excessive. Just grind like a normal person.
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  7. Kronoxus added a topic in Wizard/Witch   

    Looking for Wizard Awakening Guide for PVP
    Hey guys im a fresh 56 wizard, and after fooling around in PVP with my friend, i realized i dont really know what im supposed to do.
    (I know it sounds kind of weird but thats the best way if stating it)
    im not sure how to go about fighting. Am i supposed to try to out DPS them? Am i to wait till they come to me and spam cc's and aoe's.
    also, any combo guides or suggestions would be awesome, 
    thanks guys
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  8. Kronoxus added a post in a topic Change in spell effects   

    I have the same problem someone please tell us if this is intentional or by mistake.
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  9. Kronoxus added a post in a topic Suggestions on a PvE / Slight Pvp build from here   

    Dont worry my child, pappy is here ;P
    First things first, armor
    i assume your doing heve because 2 piece heve gives more health than the armor and shoes that grunil has. So your fine with that. I would say try some gathering to get hard and sharp shards to enhance those pieces.
    Your Offhand is fine, and so is your mainhand and awakening (jus keep enhancing them)
    Now onto those accesories 
    1. Get rid of Jarettes (its garbage) go on the market and get some witches earrings and try to enhance them.
    (The Red/Blue coral work well i hear as well)
    2. keep the mark and replace the blue with another mark (try enhancing them to)
    3. Dont use then ancient guardian seal unless you have the belt (ancient weapon core). Replace the necklace with a Schultz Gladiator necklace and enhance it. (It scales well)  
    4. Your belt is fine keep enhancing
    your doing great, jus try to switch a few things out and you should do just fine  hope this helped you out  
    These are also 2 good builds that you can use for reference

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  10. Kronoxus added a topic in Berserker   

    Hard Days For Zerkers...
    I just rolled Zerker a few days ago (i"m returning since ive tried basically every class and i liked it the most, and the world could always use more tanks) 
    I guess i picked the worst time to roll though, seeing how everyone is losing their minds over DK (which is fine) and now finding a knot on that you need is a tough as buying a Kzarka (this is a joke if you couldnt tell). But hopefully by the end of the month (meaning march) the market will settle down a bit, because by then the dk's will have their gear up and the others will have gone back to their old classes. 
    Pray for me 
    ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
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  11. Kronoxus added a post in a topic [Request] Ninja Build   

    okay here is my build
    ARMOR: Full Grunil (HP + 7 Hidden AP)
    Weapon: Rosar (affordable, better than yuria, 2 gem slots, ignore resistance)
    Offhand: Estique (AP offhand)
    Reasoning: I run accuracy gems and accuracy accesories, so there isnt any need for me to run an acc offhand but i would reccomend it for lower levels if you need it and you feel like your attacks arent hitting as hard.
    Accesories: Ancient Weapon Core (Belt) (Good AP and DP scale)
    Ancient Guardians Seal: (Necklace) (Great AP DP scaling) *These 2 are a set that grant +5 acc which is good for me
    Earrings: Witches (good ap scaling)
    Rings: Blue Coral (i like the ap and mp boost it gives me) (you can experiment with others to see which one you like best) 
    When it comes to Skills: Select the skills that you KNOW you can work with, if there is a skill that you dont feel meets your play style. Dont waste your skill points. Some skills are good but there isnt a need to max them out. And look at the description to.
    knockdowns, knockbacks are the way to go. It makes it easier to pull of combos.
    And the main tip to being a ninja is: STAY MOVING, always be somewhere but dont STAY somewhere, if you dont move enough your asking for trouble.
    I commend you for playing ninja, have fun :=P
    p.s: save your silver, always have a few million silver in your storage, i know this sounds hard but once you work at the game. You will find it easy to make money. 
    Lastly, this game requires time, you will have to be patient with it. It may seem pointless but when you are destroying enemies left and right, there is no greater feeling.
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  12. Kronoxus added a post in a topic Class fantasy of the ninja, Why do we have 6 swords?   

    As cool as using 6 swords all in unison would be great, i dont think kakao or PA are gonna do a awakening rework. Even if the whole community banded together. They wouldnt do it, thats just the kind of devs were working with here. It would take Korea and US/EU for them to even raise an eyebrow at this. But all power to you dude. I hope they listen to us for once.
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  13. Kronoxus added a post in a topic Rumors regarding 2nd awakening   

    I like to use Q when i double jump to start my combos, it takes my opponents by suprise and it feels satisfying for me :P
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  14. Kronoxus added a post in a topic Rumors regarding 2nd awakening   

    So are all the classes getting a rework or something? Cause a 2nd awakening sounds a little out there. Im reading that you guys are saying that the primary weapons are apparently not even being used compared to awakening (which i thought was the idea if the whole concept) but would they actually change the skills or just the stats so that they are on par with the awakenings.
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  15. Kronoxus added a post in a topic Patch Notes - January 25th   

    Took a month break from BDO only to find the same complaints  im starting to regret downloading 9GB worth of updates...
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  16. Kronoxus added a post in a topic 100% rage pre-awakening   

    No, if you have 100% and use that skill it will automatically use the ultimate version. Sorry, if i were you just press x or z, whichever absorbs the energy and gives you +30 AP for a minute
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  17. Kronoxus added a topic in Berserker   

    Berserker Build (Pre-Boss Gear)
    Hey guys,
    im new to the zerker world, and i just switched from my ninja. (Cause im tired of being squishy af) and i wanted to know what are some good builds or guides for berserkers to start with before i start focusing on boss gear.
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  18. Kronoxus added a topic in Ninja   

    Is Ninja/Kuno awakening on Dec. 7?
    So I'm assuming we will finally get our awakenings on Dec. 7?
    Unless the devs wanna tear us a new one and say nope, sorry wait like 4 more months...
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  19. Kronoxus added a post in a topic Dark Elf December 15th KR   

    *learns its actually not what they thought*
    Community: Oh...
    *Waits about 3 seconds*
    (Lol thats basically what i got from one page)
    (roast me or whatever if you want, im bored)
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  20. Kronoxus added a post in a topic Dark Elf December 15th KR   

    Hopefully the next class will be a male
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  21. Kronoxus added a post in a topic Patch Notes - December 1st   

    Im not even touching this game till they fix these damn issues, like do you even know to run a game? 
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  22. Kronoxus added a post in a topic Ninja Awakening - A request to Kakao   

    Thanks I didnt know that
    Its a world of magic and shit so a guy who can drop shuriken out the sky can find a way to use 3 swords, that shouldnt sound very hard to do
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  23. Kronoxus added a post in a topic The awakening charged attack looks so satisfying.   

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  24. Kronoxus added a post in a topic Alright I caved   

    Yeah, most of us play it for fun. I play to troll my friends in PvP cause im a little bastard. I think some people think ninja is just a class Daum and Kakao just made and dont give a shit about (and thats true to a degree) but if you know how to master them. They are high tier, easy play but hard to master. 
    Coming from a guy who has rolled every class in the game, the 4 classes i had the most fun with were:
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  25. Kronoxus added a topic in Ninja   

    Series of Combo/Skill Guides For Ninja on YouTube?
    If any ninja are interested, i have a YouTube channel and i can upload ninja guides and skill builds if anyone wants. I noticed that there dont seem to be any or many helpful ones. 
    I feel like the only way we are gonna get the word out there is by doing it ourselves. 
    I will make a video with some basic combos, and i will find a way to link it here so you guys can check it out and give some feedback, so look out for it in the next couple of days. 
    I really wanna see our class flourish so this is my way of helping out by making more Ninja content. 
    Your support is needed and appreciated.
    this will be the channel that i will upload on 
    CHANNEL: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCnmWmt5UfeR-M3nX3WjC9ng
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