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  1. I'd sell it quick!


    I love the know-it-alls in this thread. Confirmed completely new Offhand! 

    lol i sold it, i realized im not gonna play the class anyway, at least not seriously

  2. Any class can be seen as underpowered or overpowered from the losers perspective. Im still a grab chain one trick pony zerker. So i dont have any real weight in this arguement. But i can say that Node wars are a nightmare for me. Cause i dont even know what to really do, besides wait till my 100% ult stun is up or just run around and be an eyesore. I dont think zerker needs any buffs cause i have been butt -----ed by a zerker who used 0 grabs. So just get your gear up and everything will be okay.


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  3. Already sniped a trinket, cause i know when time gets close to its release its gonna be near impossible to get one.

  4. You can have all your heels! I have nothing against every frilly inch that girls want to wear in game. 

    I just wish I had one option that I liked to play :c 

    I'm not a man. I also don't fight in heels IRL. 

    All this character customization and I don't see a single option to play something like Brienne of Tarth or Zarya from Overwatch or even Tracer

    its made by asian people, so your not gonna get all that shit lmao, they love the female body and enjoy testing its limits as to how much they can reveal. The chances of an outfit being "tasteful" range from very well to non existent, so jus deal with it i guess. :P

    Thats pretty nice.
    Probably an Evasion Tank Type, im still banking on Tonfas for the Awakened weapon since tamers have the Staff already

    nice one dude, the hype is real now 0_o

  5. Always remeber that your mainhand's accuracy goes into your Awakening weapon. Dont always think about raw power, i know you dont see the numbers saying your doing more damage. But get your mainhand to duo or tri first before focusing on awakening weapons (might be cheaper to get a +15 liverto compared to buying straight to DUO) 

    my friend has a TET Liverto and and a pri awakening, but he has alot of accuracy so more of his hits land resulting in more damage.

  6. Personally its a good mid combo attack, i mainly use it during pvp for the buff since it gives me +5 on pvp and +5 accuracy for like 10 secs. Also when its maxed out it does a decent amount of damage. It also chains wells with the other grabs. i also find that FD takes too long for me, its less convenient in my eyes.

    So overall its a pretty handy skill.

    (it can also knockdown if you can hit it right)

  7. I notice our community is kinda, sheepish. Hoping to to get good advice, i visited the zerker discord. Only to be ignored, im not sure if its just me but i dont see a lot of discussion go on in our forum. Some people ive seen have their threads have no replys for days. If we all band together and help each other out, making we could change the views people have on our class. Were not just grab chain bastards, WERE MOTHER-----ING TANKS!!!

  8. Hey guys,

    First let me clear up that i dont think any class in this game is "OP". But after fighting alot of Warriors as a Zerker i find myself at their mercy more times than not. I dont know if its the buffs they put on their skills (like slows and stuff like that) or the block that grants a hefty buff. But I noticed they have fair amount of knockdowns and bounds, is their anyway to get around these? Cause at this point i dont know what to do.

  9. This is why I main zerker.



  10. Idk about most people but i came from Wiz to Zerker. Simply because I suck at 1v1 on Wiz, Most of the time im getting out dps or something similar and im also a squishy old man. I just like the playstyle of Zerker, i like the whole body slamming gig ( papa bless them grab chains ) and everything about the class makes me happy. Every class trys to shit on us because they arent capable of giving someone zero chance of doing anything if the Zerker is playing the class right. im in my eyes classes that get mad about grab chains are just butthurt because they cant do anything about it. 




  11. Liverto is actually relatively cheap and easy to level up.  Use another liverto and artisans memory and it repairs 30 durability.  I'd be surprised if it costs you more than 75 mil to make one. 

    Highly doubt your gonna get any traction asking for people to post up an item in the forums here. 

    i thought it was worth a try ( ;-; )

  12. Hey guys Im a new Zerker and I sold all my stuff to reroll and I placed a pre-order on a liverto axe at +15 for 75,000,000 silver. If anyone has one or would be willing to enhance one you would be doing me a great service ;-; 


  13. Its roughly an old man and a smaller woman, how else are they supposed to protect themselves? I mean lets be honest. They arernt a fortified tank by any means (unless your a DP god) i feel like they need the high damage to even stay viable, because God knows they would be salty if they couldnt keep up with the other classes, and i mean cmon its not THAT hard to fight them,


    In case you didnt know or forgot. The Big 3 Burst heals has a 20 second cool down and they are stationary and in staff mode. Thats when you strike, unless they cancel it (because they can, and will)

    The cooldown on teleport is kinda small (6-8 secods i think) 

    but remember above all else. When you have them bent over and on the ground....



  14. Doesnt Grabs have 100% Accuracy?

    I thought so to because it says it in the description, but no. Ive landed the 1st grab and 2nd but Ive missed the 3rd grab before. Its a high chance of landing them but you can miss the grabs. But after testing Theos ans Saiyer and PvP i dont really notice any difference. The 4th grab normally never lands because the more you grab in a short time the more resistance your opponent gives. 

  15. Comparing the 2 at DUO and Ult. Here are your stats.


    Ult Saiyer: AP: 11-13 DP: 23

    w/ Accuracy +7 / Evasion +2 / D. Reduction +2


    Ult Theos: AP: 10 DP: 27

    w/ Evasion +3 / D. Reduction +5 / Max HP +100



    Theos: Pure Tank Offhand

    Saiyer: Less Tank / More Chance of landing grabs

    so which sounds better suited for your playstyle? 

    Personally i went with Theos, because I prefer the tankier approach and i like the extra HP it gives me:

  16. I play on a laptop only because i have to. Just get a desktop if you can. Laptops for most part aren't going to give you the performance you need for this game. 

    i see, what settings can you get a steady fps on?

  17. Hey guys im thinking of upgrading my laptop because i dont have enough money for a desktop. I currently have a laptop that can only run the game at Low Texture and Very Low Graphic quality, I also have it cropped for smoother performance. 

    So what laptops do you guys run the game on? And what settings do you normally run it at? 

    Personally I would like it to run at 30fps minimum at high graphics settings.

    got any suggestions? Plz let me know 0_0

    *Plz dont tell me to wait and get a desktop, i dont have the space for it in my dorm (im a college freshman)*