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  1. Apane added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Can't revive at closet node
    Please fix, Im dead at Kuit Islands, and I can't revive at the closest node. It says "There is no appropriate place to resurrect." Please save me.

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  2. Apane added a post in a topic Alternative: In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    Hopefully kakao can turn this around. I love this game, I would hate to see it crumble..
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  3. Apane added a topic in General   

    Alternative: In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items
    This post may get a lot of hate, but I have a suggestion that may satisfy both sides of the party. This suggestion is already implemented in the game TERA, and it works. The idea behind it is as follows:

    The company behind TERA at that time also wanted ALL players to enjoy all the content that was given. So after 2 yrs of allowing players to put cash items onto the marketplace, almost half of the players left the game. So what did they to get players back is by making a new in-game currency. This type of in-game currency is different from let's say pearls or silver, it only allows players to use it on cash items, so kinda like Loyalties in a sense. The only way you can obtain this type of currency is through killing mobs, gathering, or through events. The drop rate of this in-game currency is comparable to the drop rate of sharp shards except less rarer. The added in-game currency defeats the so called P2W that almost everyone hates. PM_Jouska said "Adding a mechanic that grants access to Pearl Shop items with in game currency will allow more players to enjoy such content. " I will give Kakao games the benefit of doubt and assume that they do in fact want all players to enjoy all the content Black Desert Online has to offer and only that, no revenue making scheme. 

    I feel that this idea/compromise is much better than the "Players will be limited to selling five items from the Pearl Shop on the Market Place per week." The purpose of this idea is steer Black Desert Online away from the P2W business model; in addition, adding more grinding to this game. This is a hardcore grinding mmorpg afterall, not a p2w mmorpg. 

    @CM_Aethon @CM_Praballo @CM_Tytyes @PM_Jouska
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  4. Apane added a topic in Suggestions   

    Costume and Hairstyle Suggestion for Musa
    I feel like musa is the perfect class for the cosplay or representation of LuBu. And a costume with a halberd with a long hairstyle that matches LuBu will be a tremendous gift to fans alike. 

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  5. Apane added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Attack speed bonuses not stacking as well not being the same as stated
    Here I have some screen shots, where the attack speed bonuses are not stacking. In addition, the awaken skill add ons in text are not matching to the added buff. E.g: Skill add on says +10% attack speed for 5 sec, but I only get 7%. Please fix.

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  6. Apane added a topic in General   

    Account Play Time Accumulated - 3000 Hours, missing maehwa glasses
    Sorry for long title, but that basically sums it up. Any reason why?
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  7. Apane added a topic in General   

    Family Name Change(Queue)
    So after purchasing and using the family name change coupon. I got a message saying "Family Name Queued", something along the lines of that. When will my family name be changed?
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  8. Apane added a post in a topic Most Expensive Horse to Date   

    Hehe,  I actually use this site instead blackd.de/horse. Really useful imo
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  9. Apane added a post in a topic Most Expensive Horse to Date   

    Been breeding for a long time, but what does pure breed mean? Is it getting fouls without exchanging? 
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  10. Apane added a topic in General   

    Most Expensive Horse to Date
    Hi I was wondering what's the most expensive horse in bdo na right now. Here's mine

    The key skills it has are Instant acceleration, sprint and drift
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  11. Apane added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    I don't to freak out, my horse equipment just disappeared
    So, I just checked that you can't sell/exchange horses if there are equipment on them. But for some reason my horse equipment such as light saddle and a +5 light horseshoe is gone from my horses and my inventory. Could they have been stolen? 


    Edit: I also checked my warehouses, cargo, horse inventory, and boat inventory 
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