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  1. Manta Man added a post in a topic Best spot to farm 57+ as Berserker   

    How dare you not stand in awe of his high AP. Give that man a medal right now and tell him he did a good job!
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  2. Manta Man added a post in a topic To people who claim that nobody will be abusing the p2w mechanic   

    Except the terrible possibilities they've been speculating in the past have all been coming true. We currently stand on the precipice of p2w. People have been warning against this exact slippery p2w slope since the beginning of the game and skeptics like yourself and kakao's #1 white knight have allowed them to get away with countless slights to the community. Well here we are. Bask in it.
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  3. Manta Man added a post in a topic BDO - Analysis of the current game mechanics and how P2W would affect them   

    It must really suck when nobody takes you seriously anymore. Just one of the downsides to becoming a caricature of yourself. Exactly what's happening to you right now is what will happen to kakao/daum/whateverstupidnametheylike. Nobody trusts that you believe what you're saying, so nobody wants to deal with you.
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  4. Manta Man added a post in a topic SAY YES TO p2w!   

    Nice try kakao, you're not fooling anyone.
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  5. Manta Man added a post in a topic Lies, deception, false advertising, those people have no morals & are incapable to feel shame. (Articles regarding this change from game sites inside)   

    A shining example of blindly disregarding the issues made by our developers through stupidity compounded with frustration. These forums should fit you like a glove.
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  6. Manta Man added a post in a topic Lies, deception, false advertising, those people have no morals & are incapable to feel shame. (Articles regarding this change from game sites inside)   

    Yet in this very post's video you see Hakurai buying a kzarka longbow from the night vendor, as well as passing on a kzarka shortsword, and also buying a witches' earring. So uh... Not possible? Wanna rethink that?
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  7. Manta Man added a post in a topic Berserker Balancing   

  8. Manta Man added a post in a topic Ninja nerf to undertaker midair turning?   

    Thanks for testing, I guess the aoe's large enough to hit people consistently anyways even if I can only turn it 90 degrees from my starting angle.
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  9. Manta Man added a topic in Berserker   

    Ninja nerf to undertaker midair turning?
    Is anyone else noticing the awful turn rate on undertaker now? Is this a ninja nerf? FFS daum stop doing this to me. Taking my health regen wasn't bad enough?
    Can I get confirmation on this?
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  10. Manta Man added a post in a topic LOL you guys said you wouldn't add value pack ever...   

    At least they're giving us some bleach for free! Although I would prefer that they drank it themselves instead.
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  11. Manta Man added a post in a topic RIP ZERKER   

    Just a figure of speech, I kept on topic with the rest of it didn't I?
    So how do you figure 160 is the magical mark where opinions become relevant? Any math behind it, or just a gut feeling?
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  12. Manta Man added a post in a topic Introducing the Value Pack   

    And just why in the hell are you excited to introduce this into our version of the game? Are you stupid or something? This shit's pay 2 win simple as that. Thanks for adding p2w to our version! We really appreciate it!
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  13. Manta Man added a post in a topic RIP ZERKER   

    Not gonna lie, I'm a bit confused with your post. I'm saying that 170 ap on zerker is high here, Huntler is saying that I have no place to speak about class balance because I think that 160-170 ap is high for a zerker. Is this response intended for Huntler?
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  14. Manta Man added a post in a topic new elite monsters video/new necklace of serap   

    Keep in mind, he's fighting the mob in a body of water, who knows if the ground has some sort of effect to let you know the range is increasing like frenzied destroyer does? We can't clearly see the floor in the video since the water doesn't let us see it.
    To each his own, the challenge in PVE actually has me pretty excited. I'm looking forward to this content, it should be fun as hell.
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  15. Manta Man added a post in a topic RIP ZERKER   

    And why would I have no business talking class balance? I play zerker just the same as any other zerker. I grab chain rangers same as any other zerker? Because my stats aren't in the top 1% my opinions are irrelevant? Also, your tip isn't very helpful. I can get a corrupt ruby necklace for 1 mill on the marketplace instantly, good luck crafting and enhancing a ruby manos necklace, since I'm assuming that's what you're playing at. If you think 160-170 AP isn't high, something tells me you haven't seen the sun in a while.

    This isn't my gear, but I think this person's gone pretty far along in their progression on zerker, and it's nothing to laugh at. That's literally a TRI weapon and duo offhand and still less than 160 ap. This is gonna be around where most zerkers are gonna hover, so I'd say 160-170 can be considered high.

    This person's gone even further and has gear I can't even imagine getting, and yet just went past 173 AP. I'd say 160-170 AP is pretty damn high.
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