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  1. Cadrael added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 8th 2017   

    The bonus exp was not part of the Seal event, it was part of the launch week DK event.
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  2. Cadrael added a post in a topic Can't press "Start" after a disconnect   

    As an australian player, I notice stupid amounts of difference in the quality of my connection when it is routed around new york and Chicago, if your path goes through either of these areas the local nodes are usually dead quite often.
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  3. Cadrael added a post in a topic Can't press "Start" after a disconnect   

    The button doesn't work because the launcher is what establishes your client connection now, not the client, also if you are having constant Dcies and crashes at boot up, you most likely have a dead node in the path to the BDO servers, if thats the case then RIP, thats an ISP issue.
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  4. Cadrael added a post in a topic Faster Boats Less Hassle   

    The epheria sailboat is noticably faster, Ghazan makes a point about the cooldown on the crystals though, an hour cooldown is insane for the tiny amount they return. If you need to go between the two quickly there is a ferry for that very reason, the sailboat is so you can do things in the ocean and defend against monsters like the pirates and such, if you want it to go faster simply upgrade the items for it. (Yes the green ones.)
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  5. Cadrael added a post in a topic Dedicated PVE Channel   

    Right well this thread made me log into the forums for the second time ever, there are lots of good points on here and lots of bad ones. For starters, you'd not be wanting pve channels, these would just end up like the current channels at prime time, contested with people stealing mobs to try and get each other to flag first so that they don't go neg karma and lose all their pretty TET gear. You'd want a PVE server, you'd be entirely cut off from the PVX community, you'd have your own auction house which quite frankly is only fair since your PVE silver would greatly outweigh PVX silver since you know, you can't kill each other, if you have a PVE channel anyone and everyone who wants to farm (This includes those filthy PVPers you like to mention so much.) would be there, why you ask, simple and this has been stated already there is no contest, no challenge and quite frankly if I can get a pirate spawn to myself where I won't be killed even if other players are present I'll go for it, why? Because if I kill it, I get the loot and with that 200AP I'm going to be getting all of the loot, if you want it so you need to tag a monster, I'm still going to get all the loot because I'd be on a AOE class, if I have to do a % damage to claim the mob I win again simply because I do more damage with my 200AP.
    There is so much more work that needs to go into all of this than simply adding a PVE channel or a PVE server all in all as the system would only force you to experience the thing you are having now, someone wants your mobs, someone takes your mobs, only this way you can't kill them or they you. PVP players can be toxic yes, PVE players are toxic too or does everyone need to be reminded of (Now everyone seems to love this as an example of a system that would work here, but quite frankly is an entirely different game.) WoW, I seem to recall how Toxic that games PVE community is concerning raids and dungeons.
    All in all your dream of PVE only won't happen because there is no way they can implement it so it works, you'll simply be getting griefed in the worst possible way, that being having what you want taken from you with no chance of getting fighting back, no matter how good your gear becomes, theres a good saying that fits here. You either die the hero or live long enough to become the villian, because lets face it when you get that 200AP and you need that silver to upgrade your gear further, well we know where you'll be going, to sausans and pirates so you can bully all the weak players out of 'their' farming area, it comes full circle only this time noone gets killed and noone can try to defend anything.
    (This post is more venting because some people fail to realise obvious issues and then keep parroting that they thing they are right and others are wrong. BDO was designed to have you kill others, thats why the devs didnt put in a thousand and one pirate or Sausan spawns.)
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  6. Cadrael added a post in a topic They ninja'd in some craftable costumes in korean version   

    The serendian blacksmith outfit currently has the option to buy the Kunoichi pattern so it looks like someone stuffed up when these were implimented in NA.
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  7. Cadrael added a post in a topic They ninja'd in some craftable costumes in korean version   

    Can confirm Ornella sells the blacksmith designs for 35k and 500 amity. Just need to find the traveller's outfit design and the Serendian soldier design now.
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