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  1. rcon added a topic in Art & Media   

  2. rcon added a post in a topic How is the game P2W   

  3. rcon added a post in a topic How is the game P2W   

    I gave a clear example where that's objectively, clearly, not true, maybe if you could actually read and not act like an autist you'd see it
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  4. rcon added a post in a topic How is the game P2W   

    funny how it's primarily forum shitposters with 1000s of posts saying the game isn't pay2win
    truly interesting :]
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  5. rcon added a post in a topic How is the game P2W   

    yet you fail to debunk my example, and tgcyrus' example, so it's pure ignorance from your side i'm afraid
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  6. rcon added a post in a topic How is the game P2W   


    I was right

    Man didn't even bother replying to two posts proving him wrong

    Man went straight for the uninformed poll to prove himself right, yet he's wrong

    you act a lot like your profile pic- a baby
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  7. rcon added a post in a topic How is the game P2W   

    now watch him reply to you instead of the two other people that just shot him and every other "bdo isn't p2w" person down
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  8. rcon added a post in a topic How is the game P2W   

    truly woke
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  9. rcon added a post in a topic How is the game P2W   

    >completely ignores my post
    >links the urban dictionary page for pay2win
    >knows im right so he essentially gave up
    >meme arrows on the bdo forum
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  10. rcon added a post in a topic Watchout for sudden severe lag/desync while solo grinding   

    god that video hurts to watch, insane how bad kuno is at pve, but ty for the heads up, although we can't really do anything about it once it happens lol
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  11. rcon added a post in a topic How is the game P2W   

    consider this example (it's unrealistic but it's the only way I could think of describing this to you dense -----s) situation:

    let's say there's a pvp tournament coming up soon-

    take two people and have them both start from nothing, they have one week to grind for silver. they both grind for 6 hours a day, at 10 million silver/hr, for 7 days.

    they both have the same skill, and will for this entire thing, so it's not up to who is more skilled- they're both complete noobs let's say

    at the end of the week, they both end up with 420 million silver.

    one of them has to work with the silver they have, while another can use the cash shop
    they're both forced to buy a +0 liverto, and +0 blue awakening weapon to enhance themselves
    they both have the exact same luck (be it bad or good) when enhancing

    the person who is working with what they have (non cash shop) manages to enhance both of their weapons to +15 for 125 million- they have some very bad luck, and end up failing a lot, and use 166 memory fragments for both weapons (black stone cost is irrelevant)

    the person who is also using the cash shop, has the exact same bad luck, except, they bought artisans memories from the cash shop. this changed their 166 memory fragments (2 durability per each repair by default) into 55 memory fragments (6 durability per each repair with artisans memory), thus saving them 83 million silver.

    they both buy the rest of their gear from the marketplace, but while the person not spending real money only has 295 million left to work with, the person who is spending real money has 378 million to work with- but wait, that's not all! they also decided they're going to spend some extra money, and sell some outfits in the marketplace, netting them an extra 100 million, bringing their total to 478 million. obviously, they're able to do a lot more with 478 million than someone with 295 million.

    who's going to have the distinct advantage, thus winning this theoretical pvp tournament?

    not pay2win? huh, that's weird.
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  12. rcon added a post in a topic How is the game P2W   

    I dunno bro, 100 million a week for doing absolutely nothing other than spending money, guaranteed, because it's not like you have a schedule to worry about when buying the max limit of pearl items/week, seems pretty good to me
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  13. rcon added a post in a topic How is the game P2W   

    The only one who looks stupid here is the hypocrite going back on their whole "pay2convenience vs p2w" bullshit lol
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  14. rcon added a post in a topic How is the game P2W   

    Oh great- you can actually do that. Sell outfits (or value packs, outfits give better silver/dollar though), takes longer, but you don't have to actually play the game. essentially gives you the option to buy said gear for only $$
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  15. rcon added a post in a topic How is the game P2W   

    AmagicalFishy explained what I was about to say perfectly;

    And good luck winning against a NEET with a disposable unemployment check who spends 80% of it on BDO while grinding for 18 hours a day

    Sure you can grind for 18 hours a day- but you won't ever be anywhere near someone also paying real money on shit like artisans memories, enhancing things to TRI, selling them on the market while spending 3x less than a regular player, guaranteed
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