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  1. Cattitudes added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Fix/Upgrade your god damn servers
    It seriously baffles my mind on how a company that has gotten as rich as your, and that has one of the most popular MMOs in NA/EU currently has not upgraded their server structure. You guys has your heads up your asses and it shows. I understand buying not the best servers at the start of this game since you didn't know how popular it might be, but at this point get your shit together. NA/EU are not tiny ass areas like Korea and we require centralized and large servers. Most people don't play competitive games unless the average PNG is around 20-40. Most people average 100. That's appalling. Upgrade your infrastructure to handle more people, cause clearly the problems start to really arise when more people are online. Secondly move the god damn main hub to Texas or Chicago. It's a really simple solution. I can almost 100% guarantee not one player will care if you have to go offline for a certain amount of time to upgrade/move the servers, if it meant they will actually be able to play the game. You're pigeon holing people into playing certain classes, because other are shit when the PNG is high. It also gives certain classes advantages. I think a lot of "balance" issues would be solved if people didn't desync or delay every 5 god damn seconds, and people would actually be able to have fun fights. Would also help NW and Sieges. Server stability is going to be the downfall of your company and game. Hopefully you listen to people and fix it. 
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  2. Cattitudes added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 29th 2017   

    Maybe instead of giving terrible voices, that don't match the game or combat on any level, which is crazy disappointing since everything else is so immersive. How about you take our hard earned real money and buy more stable servers, and finally give us Valencia 3, a huge optimization patch, not to mention gives us more grind spots then 2, since it makes the money out in Valencia more worth while. You know just a suggestion, that might help keep your player base. 
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  3. Cattitudes added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance January 25th   

    They said on their twitter Dark Knight is the next patch after this. Patience young padawan.
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  4. Cattitudes added a post in a topic <Xen of Onslaught> Will be riding the storm! Come join in today! We do just about everything.   

    Valencia is the shizzz!!! Come join the fun!
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