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  1. Pep_Pur added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance April 19th - *Extended   

    Being rushed or yelled out, means give me a pill for my nerves for they are making me so nervous I can not considerate. I know with pills concentration  will be worse and mistakes higher....but with the pills I no longer CARE, screw the players! lmao.
    So Players relax and watch https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCS_PiQdRho_qyXtNZu8jRWg @BDOHEROOr take xlax the night before and use maintenance to make up all the s-h-its you have missed.
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  2. Pep_Pur added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance April 19th - *Extended   

    Stabby gets a Gold star.
    I would also like to ask for buffs be stackable in inventory, no buffs that auto go into use for no one wants to stop doing something because they will loose a good buff.
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  3. Pep_Pur added a post in a topic Goose Egg Questin   

    To see the Black spirit quest you must have your quest.set to 'ALL'.
    Set to 'ALL' at the bottom of your (Click o)quest screen. Once you get the Black Spirit quest you are sent to the woman  where for 10 eggs you get 1 black egg. Another person there, a guy I think on the other side of town has a basket quest you need 40 eggs for it, I think he gives you a basket of eggs for your house.
    The Black Spirit gives you a beautiful egg for your house or sends you to get it, and you get it without turning in eggs just setting quest to 'All' and accepting the quest.
    (I have not tested this but was told)
    Black Spirit Easter Egg for 20 min: +100 LT, +1 energy reg, +20% combat & skill exp, +2 luck, gathering, fishing OR -(20 Min) Casting/Attack/Gathering/Luck/Fishing/Move/Critical +2 (Which seems a bad deal 10 eggs for this when the 10 you trade you would add up to 100 mins 10x 10, and you can;t fish and gather at the same time, but may be worth it if you do not have 5 luck already.)
    Raindrop Easter Egg -(10 Min) +1 Fishing speed
    Easter Egg with Star Pattern -(10 Min) +1 Gathering Speed
    Rainbow Easter Egg -(10 Min) +1 Luck
    Life Easter Egg -(Instant, Hotkey able) Full Heal Hp/MP/WP/SP
    Go here to see egg locations: https://www.reddit.com/r/blackdesertonline/comments/63oa7c/event_strange_goose_egg_locations/#bottom-comments
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  4. Pep_Pur added a post in a topic Training Life Skill   

    A person can catch horses and sell once in the barn or turn them loose if barns are getting too full or you caught t1 and you just train t2 and t3 up. You level your training skill faster by catching horses than leveling them. Leveling each horse 3 to 5 levels before you sale will be a faster training skill level as well.  Thats why you see so many T1 selling and they are at least level 3. For low tiers level the first few levels fast enough to help your training skill levels.
    I do wish you get your wish and they let each horse level add to leveling your training skill. But it should be plus 1 for low tiers and an extra plus one for each higher tier as higher tiers do take longer to level.
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  5. Pep_Pur added a post in a topic Get servers that actually work   

    @Warius_Qc  This would take short time to run a find on the code and fix it. A few hours at the most to find all the code that works like the combat reward. An hour to a good programmer than knows his code.
    Game reloading is not lag. As a programmer I found one problem that caused game reloading which cause me to be tossed off wagon or horse AFK loop.
    It crashed when I got the daily [combat reward] Faster and stronger.
    Due to buggy programming it crashed every few mins with the message again as if to remind me to use it before I lost it. And what ever it tried to do when telling me to use it again caused the error ,'this action does not exist  (in the action chart)
    I found if I clicked it even when I did not intend to fight and get credit for it for I was still leveling the horses, I did not get the crash reload as it no longer reminded me to use it. I did not get the reload until the next regular combat reward. or something that worked the same way and always showed up as the combat reward with error codes.
    Force PVP mode has been deactivated........appears to be typed after all game reloads. They just need to look at the code that's causes a force PVP Mode to find and fix that.
    Hope this helps you. I can now AFK loop my horses. I do get lag when fighting things to the point I see things die way after I hit them. But I do not get the reload screen after a lag. Hopefully they will fix both problems. If we can see the answer by reading the errors after we get a reload screen, surely they can run a debug program and fix it. If not they may need better programmers and new servers.

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  6. Pep_Pur added a post in a topic Horse Auto-Loop Feature Broken   

    You may want to share this work around. As a programmer I know this can also help them debug the afk crashes. I know they just took out the Guild ping as it caused crashes but with this they will know how to search through the code and fix many of the crashes for they can see other things like this that causes the game to restart the page frame renew like the guild ping.
    @Jemanu , @Indigo Shade @DavidJericho @Zhulr  @Stormy  hope this helps.
    You will crash, or get ping crashed off wagon or horse when AFK looping, always happens when you are given the [combat reward]faster and stronger.
    You find this reward with the 5 cherries a day and the other extra combat experience rewards. You must use it even if you do not intend to fight.
    1. happens when you get the reward
    2. Continue to happen if you fail to use the reward, as if the game is set to REMIND you the reward is there and they want you to use it before you loose it.
    Use the reward and you will not crash as much. Do not use the reward and you can crash every few minutes.
    You can also crash if watching a movie or something on the same pc BUT not as much as long as you keep the black desert your main window by Alt/Tab to the BD window after doing what ever to set the movie up.
    This helps if you use two monitors, one, set up your movie/what ever then Alt tab to make sure on the other monitor black desert is seen as the main window.

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  7. Pep_Pur added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 29th 2017   

    ok now this is the guy I wanted to quote. This made my day...Blow up the Netherlands..hahahaha I love it.
    I got ta follow this dude...lol.
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  8. Pep_Pur added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 29th 2017   

    ok now that was sweet. He came back to explain as much as they let him. Now GM_Aethon can you cheat a little, look at the horses I get and help me get some great ones. After all I love you for you are the best GM.
    Wait your a CM not a GM...say what?
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  9. Pep_Pur added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 29th 2017   

    OK give this guy something for being so funny. This made my day.

    What the, I quoted the guy talking about the servers exploding and taking half the Netherlands with it.
    Sorry PandoraRose, I was not quoting you this time. You get serious but the guy i was quoting was funny.
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  10. Pep_Pur added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 29th 2017   

    I came back to try DK and level some horses after seeing they get better babies when leveled high. I just wished you fixed leveling horses better, as i get worse now rather than better and add a buff for each time we get kicked off them and killed.  I know do it in town but would be nice to see the country as you level,rofl.
    Also make it a lower % to get lower babies than parents. It takes so long to get them to 25 and 30 with all the kicks. Only to see a t7 25 28 gets a t6 male or female. I mean that's like trading a T7 high level for a T6 level one , rinse and repeat has cost me a couple keyboards as throwing them damages the cord.
    Just kidding I love you guys, kiss arse, kiss arse, please update me to at least a plus 8 in the 1 to 10 lucky roll field, in my data file. The lucky roll data thing where 10 is family and friends and 9 is founders and I think I am -1,rofl. I know there is a GMDave in charge of the lucky roll.
    data file field
    Name Pep_pur
    LuckRoll -1
    LikedByGMDave NOPE
    Roll for new baby Equation - luckyRollequation - LikedbyGMDave=spit out a low level cat.
    GMDave, 'ok we did it to her again, the drinks are on me.' rofl
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  11. Pep_Pur added a topic in Suggestions   

    Listed you deal breakers here, things they need to fix to make this a more player friendly game.
    Maybe because I have been very sick and using games to take my mind off it, but I seem to have little patience for the game any more, I am hoping my comments will be noticed and the game fixed so I can return for I invested way too much money in the game.
    1. Started out trainng horses and spent weeks leveling until I have several t7 horses 4 male and 2 female. Breeding them gave me another t7 or t6, never a t8 and when I got a t6 from two t7, one of which I paid to breed again,I gave up.
    2. Spent the next few weeks leveling and doing quests. Until I was level 60. I was very disappointed to see I had to kill several just to get + .001. And then when they combined severs it made it harder to get a good leveling spot and keep it. Its hard to keep ones cool when you change severs to get a good spot and after being there a while to make sure no one just left to repair, you use your once a day exp plus only to have someone pop in kill you, race to kill your mobs until you waste your exp token.
    3. Ok just fish, make enough money to better the tri armor you have only to realize you can not afk fish because the servers kick you off after a while. And worse sometime they kick back in so you think your still fishing but a few hours later you realized you caught no fish and ever esc does not bring up its menu. You find yourself ctrl/delete the game and start over which after a fe days of this you know it is time to quit.
    4. When I sent in a ticket about the days wasted catching no fish, I also admitted I had begun t hate the game. The GM that answered my cry for help very polite me said I played a lot for someone who hated the game and he could do nothing to help me...Well I did play 24/7 I am sick and at home spending time and money on games, movies what ever will take my mind off being sick...But his unsympathetic candor made me realize he was correct it was time to stop looking for things to do in game when upset with another aspect of the game... I guess I keep hoping things would be fixed to make it more player friendly and still had a few friends that played. I tried to join some that went back to SWTOR but realized I still hated the combat. You know, hit a skill ,..nothing unless you tabbed first etc. So I guess I will join the ones that are raising Dinos in ARK again. They have dragons as well now.
    5. I will check the forums to see if this game is player friendly, off and on. If the friends still playing last. But I do not see it happening. I am just glad I was not like the poor guy that spent a fortune trying to get a pet that had combat when the game started. Spending hundreds of real dollars to get the correct pet seemed too much like gambling to me and I can find more enjoyable games if I want to gamble. I did fall for the spend real money to get another breeding from a horse but when the T7 gave me a T6 I knew they had gone too far to kick us while we the players were down.
    6 If Afk ever works I may try fishing aging on an older pc while I invest in a player friendly game. Then if it looks like I can upgrade my armor that way I may try again. But who am I kidding, there will be new games and if a game starts out player unfriendly it is hard to recoup and after that GM was so mean I kind of wish they wait too late to fix things. The cool thing there was enough cool things to try in this game to keep you hanging in there, which gave them plenty of time to listen to unhappy players.
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  12. Pep_Pur added a post in a topic Patch Notes - November 23rd   

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  13. Pep_Pur added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance November 23rd   

    I keep asking for this, lol.
    Would be awesome if ALL Patch notes were listed before maintenance ended so we could read it while WAITING for the servers to go up.
    Then After servers are up we could go into the game without waiting to read . This really helps people who have an awaking or when you add events as people do not take time to read if its up only after servers are back up.
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  14. Pep_Pur added a topic in Technical Issues   

    experience count incorrect
    Experience 84.644% Regardless what I eat and I used food, loyalty coupons, in a party, out of a party, exp weekend, not exp week end I get this
    One thing dies I get .001 to .005% for the kill. Weekend, coupon plus food and I still get mostly .002 or .003 the same thing I get no weekend and no coupons. This is Pirate island, Sausans any higher level mob. Leveling for several hours for 5.000 experience must be a mistake if I get it weekend, non exp weekend etc.
    Please fix this
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  15. Pep_Pur added a post in a topic Horse Skill Change RNG Modification *Please Read*   

    I suggest stop spending ANY money like people did trying to get the perfect pet until they stop the wild gambling effect of the game. Other games make plenty of money letting people buy what they want. There is enough things to buy without the RNG process. They would make more money for everyone would spend knowing they get what they are buying without the gamble aspect.
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  16. Pep_Pur added a topic in Suggestions   

    Suggestions to make game More User Friendly & Fun
    I. Suggestions to make game More User Friendly & Fun
    Never call something a reward that you would not want yourself for it does not sell or just takes up Inv space,(Stack ALL item drops).
    'Reason for need' example: A game should make you feel good not one letdown after the other. I have bought in real cash all the weight things but still find myself changing to weight adding armor in the middle of doing quest as well as running back and forth to town and/or wagon. THIS CAN BE DEPRESING when trying to see how fast one can level or win tokens for an event. Too much time juggling weight and space wasting items. Do not get me wrong I love the money for selling drops but then I spent hours running around to the correct NPCs to sell them all only to discover I have to figure out a way to handle the weight gain for them to trade it. Changing EVERYTHING to sell to any general store would be an AWESOME help.
    Add and/or remove code so RNG is more player friendly. Tip the scales to the player. Shorten the window for cool drops. Exp: A Witch earring is cool and the value would still be there with more drops as we would just combined them more; trying to upgrade rather than adding so many to the Auction House.
    Please add the choice to ride a horse off your wagon so one does not have to cross country to change from wagon to horse, for even after buying stable room, few have more than one stable with enough room to put the wagon in and heaven forbid if you can not but the wagon in for a colt was born and named before putting away the wagon.. This can be programmed by copying then changing the code from your stable. It would be so cool to ride wagon for the inv/weight space, then ride a horse back and forth to the wagon.
    Please move all NPCs that are next to major NPCs so one does not keep clicking the wrong NPC so easily. It is so bad around some NPCs I had to get more coffee to try to wake up and wear my glasses, lol. Not a biggie but helps if like me you have bad eyes, clumsy, or just a bad typist, to be honest I hate moving my character so much just to talk, I like running in and running out.
    Add EVENT things to (ALL peoples favorite thing to do) next time, like cooking;; just a little program change adding chance to get a reward instead of one of the odd dish rewards. And every so many miles a chance for a bag if all you do is level and breed horses. Horse breeders are already left out of so many things like a loosing gambler rolling that dice one more time we have trouble stopping to do something else; for we want to level and see what we get next expecting a winning colt this time.
    Stop the wall that kicks one off wagon and or horse or give us a reward each time to replace time lost and at times horse lost. I sent you photos of where it happens already but can resend if you need.
    REDUCE lag by moving all horse levelers to a separate sever the way GW2 does parts of their game then : Add an inside mini game where your horses just race around a track and each mini game starts at certain times like the GW2 bird races and we can level and watch our horses race each other. That would be more fun than the other race you have for we do it as we level the horses and watch our own horses race each other not other people. Horse and wagons on the same track as we level our wagons and horse shoes to go faster that means money for you.
    Add experience and other important stats in the chat so we see how much experience and what not we get for each monster kill as we test out different equipment. When games give players some programming control there is a reason behind it being the first thing we get/ask for . When I program I add it as a UI window option.
    Give us a separate equipment inventory so we have room to change equipment for what we are doing. FFXI had that to protection and you changed equipment even during a battle using macros for some equipment needed to be changed out as you switched staffs etc. Fun things like that had me playing that game for years until I caught a FFXI employee stealing characters to rob their bank and inventory.
    II. Explanation of reasoning behind suggestions.
    Job Change: Program Monti Carlo slot machines To Programming Games
    Black Desert Ringer Gremlin
    I had had a few depressing weeks when the Black Desert Ringer Gremlin, (GM Dave come to mind? http://bannable-offenses.blogspot.com/2006_04_01_archive.html) seemed to play games with me but today I was protected for I had a special day planned.
    It was not going to be a reg day for today when I jumped from bed to desk, I knew when I started Black desert Online I would rush to the barn and see a new colt! A colt that would be special for I had spent months catching and training horses. I still had some T4s level 25 to 30 to decide how to combine but I at last I had a barn of T5s level 25 – 30 another barn of T6.
    I had gone to bed the night before almost ready to turn into the German boy slamming his key board around as his game went nuclear, http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/angry-german-kid-keyboard-crasher. I will not go into all that had gone wrong that day ..........
    .....I clicked the receive colt button and …...How the hell-o did I get that from.....
    Ok I knew T5 J (http://imgur.com/a/DaeiQ) did not look special but she was a purebred black and bred to muscle man T5N both at level 25 I was hoping for T6 A...... at the least T6 G-U minus the T6 L&M. ….. I got the T6 L?
    Does T6L have duplicates in the random spin? I now have 3 of these guys! Ok, one of them I think my mare was deleveled in points after that hog took off one of her legs and this T5 Solid Black mare does not look as good as the T5L solid black mare but ….. Perhaps two of them combined will give me the cute white cat.
    After some leveling of my Tamer I jumped on my wagon to top all my horses to level 30. I use the
    Offspring Table (http://www.blackd.de/horse/) but so many hidden factors maybe topping these babies up will ….. Man what I would pay for the real breeding equation...(Caught rambling I AM NOT a second voice in the head of Rand al'Thor 'of The Wheel Of Time but if I keep leveling horses I may end up with my own second voice as my head already hurts and spins.)
    I am beginning to think I need a bigger barn to put more quarters in this Casino Slot machine programming. (By the way did you know you have better chances to win with a Las Vegas slot machine than a slot machine in Monti Carlo? I kid you not I tested them myself. I am beginning to think the guys that programmed in Monti Carlo now program games.)
    Ok, on the wagon, AFK, I came back after a few hours and no leveling for the loop I had watched before I left now had changed at one end and my wagon was on a fence. No experience from the horses running but I did notice the life on the wagon was spinning faster than ever.
    I was not going to let this get me down …....I restarted the loop....came back had not leveled much for my wagon hit the Black Desert Ringer Gremlin Wall. I was no longer on the wagon but nothing had attacked the wagon like killing my poor horse last week so I leaped onto the wagon and rushed back to the barn.
    I decided I should change from wagon to horse before bed for it has less chance of hanging up at the end of the loop. Plenty of carrots, auto eat carrots checked, what could go wrong..............
    A few hours latter I woke up, looked at the PC screen, Little Zip, (from Texas King Ranch!!) did not level much she hit the wall and I was no longer on her. I reset everything too sleepy to remember that wall resets auto eat carrots.... SEVERAL hours latter I awoke; Little Zip still moving BUT not much leveling for she is walking slower than a foundered horse in 2 foot of mud. OMG I need to level how many horses!!??##@@##
    How to make sure your contribution will be taken into account:
    Be precise and constructive. Check
    Take the time to explain your reasoning behind a feeling or a suggestion. Check
    Check if the suggestion you have in mind has already been shared. If it's the case, you can reply to it. Check
    Ask other players or friends you know what they think of your post before you click the "Submit" button. Check , well I asked the little guy who was trying to kill me as I killed quest mobs
    Be realistic. To add content requires a long time, but don't feel discouraged if it takes time to see changes. Check
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  17. Pep_Pur added a topic in Suggestions   

    Shabby Saddle reward level 50 quest
    Level 50 quest kill skeletons. You get a treasure chest and randomly it spins. You get the lowest level saddle in the game or some other reward that is just as sad. Keep the chest and give high level potions or something else not worth much but we can use.
    Why call something a reward when it depresses the gamer. I get excited watching the spin game until I get crap. Potions and other usable things are are cheap and can be a disappointment but a cheap saddle at level 50? Some of your rewards should not be called rewards. Call them unlucky grab bags .
    Please give better rewards. Play a few other games and you will see how to give away a real reward. I will not mention them but we all know what they are.
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  18. Pep_Pur added a post in a topic Event: Warfare Trailer event ... Winners !   

    Gratz all. I must say they are all great but I found the first two the best as well for the way they used and selected  the music kept me glued.
    When the music started for Nataniell's the music made me expect to see Danny in the fight and her Dragons sailing in to join the fight so for fun I guess a blond and the dragon the game has would have to do. I loved the skill jump where the green color sailed with her. You added so much in so short a time including people sneaking up to catch horses and elephants. I would have added several people riding toward a spot and all the riders being thrown like we are thrown learning new skills, dust and a Tamer riding her Heilang as the dust cleared. Some wars are with our personal ponies, lol..
    Guts starting music score had me longing to see Lawrence of Arabia again., That first dual with him throwing her around needed some Tango music and a kiss at the end, lol
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  19. Pep_Pur added a post in a topic Weird enemy and limbo lag   

    Probably the server problem and now can not connect. My entire screen began shaking as if a bomb dropped then was disconnected. weird.
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  20. Pep_Pur added a post in a topic THE SERVER R BROKEN   

    Would be nice for them to make a statement what is happening and when we can expect it to com back on line.
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  21. Pep_Pur added a topic in Suggestions   

    Add swap when stable is full, 1 in 1 out
    Please add swap for when stable is full one can still swap horses.
    This would also be great to put horse in and take wagon out as one could drop off 2 to 4 horses(depending on number of horses attached) at another stable.
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  22. Pep_Pur added a topic in Suggestions   

    Rent a cable box.rent dye & pay for tv commercial band width
    We no longer rent cable boxes we bought our own so cable now charges for band uses   which includes watching shows like HBO SUBSCRIPTION, (notice subscription have paid for it), but now one pays again for the band usage including paying for commercials for they use band width as well, run you pc 24/7 with a series on and OMG.
    You are turning this game into that. I mean rent any color for  month, paint for a month?##@@?? Not to mention other things you need like inv,storage space. Weight so you can carry money to repair????
    Why be so greedy? Charge $15 a month and lets us have this other crap after a little work. We have all left games after we no longer thought buying the stuff was worth it and some new game has came out.
    But there are those that do not get out in time like a friend who had his own company so spent $300 a week in game for better and better gear. 'Why not, he could afford it?'  Well, he got cancer, lost his company and moved to live with his son as he no longer could afford a home.
    He did not have to worry long about wasted money in games for he died but we are not all as lucky as he.
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  23. Pep_Pur added a post in a topic Post you'r ingame character here!   

    I keep changing my Tamer. And yes there is a wagon with two horses in my house.

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