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  1. Toutatrix added a post in a topic New classes   

    That's straight logic...
    Why should I bother to wait for an exotic thea to be actually exotic when all I want is a coffee ..?
    I'm personally awaiting a male range/melee class like the current ranger, I'd prefer a gun slinger or something like an inbetween the ranger and the musa considering range to avoid copy pasting but more importantly I couldn't care less about the female elf ranger.
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  2. Toutatrix added a post in a topic New classes   

    Totally, this is the first game I see featuring more female chars than male chars to that absurd proportion.
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  3. Toutatrix added a post in a topic New classes   

    So many female characters in this game : 8 upon 6 males now when counting the striker... This is too much for me, as too many eastern combat styled characters, the style orientation has quite changed since release (7 western styled classes for 3 eastern styled, now 8 western for 6 eastern) I was surely not expecting such changes.
    Where the hell did they get their assumptions on western players loving to play especially eastern combat styled female character ?!
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  4. Toutatrix added a post in a topic new westernish class using guns ?   

    Fine, hopefully they will not add an actual cowboy focused merely on shooting, I'd prefer a swordmen/duellist able to fence and shooting but more dedicated to shooting than the musa, something inbetween the ranger and the musa would be fine I think.
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  5. Toutatrix added a post in a topic new westernish class using guns ?   

    As already stated in my first post I'd prefer to play a swordman focused on parrying and counter attacks of course, than on dodging (like the musa) and slicing everywhere. hence my western request for not only the outfit but also the style of sword fighting.
    I'm actually surprised so many classes quite eastern styled as been added since the musa, whereas the western styled classes was quite predominant at release.
    I don't quite get the distaste towards guns, especially when there are already in game, nor the ridiculousness of mere shooting with pistols when shooting with a bow raining arrows by hundreds is possible...
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  6. Toutatrix added a post in a topic new westernish class using guns ?   

    Doesn't look like really western inspired to me...
    @ zaghsten : you already hunt with a rifle, there are canons in the game and the awakening berserker use dual wielding canons, so I think you can stop trolling : guns & canons are already in the game.
    Maybe such a class could use a falchion or a saber instead of a rapier, but I think a rapier would be best.
    Another outfit example :

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  7. Toutatrix added a topic in General   

    new westernish class using guns ?
    Since there's no male ranger like class and the game has provided many classes easternish oriented lately since the musa, which begins to be a little overwhelming if you ask me, can we expect some western players love in the future as also some guns ?
    I'd like to play a swordman using a rapier and a pistol or a rapier and a dagger with a musket for some skills, in contrary to the musa it could be dedicated to parrying rather than dodging attacks, best attacks could be some kind of artful thrust, awakening weapons could be 2 pistols in dual wielding. It would be great to play as a pirate, a bandit or a jack-of-all-trades mercenary, not to mention it could be the natural male proposition of the ranger, but using guns.
    What do you guys think about it ?
    Example of outfits :

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  8. Toutatrix added a post in a topic actual open pvp suggestions   

    Don't be : you're transparent.
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  9. Toutatrix added a post in a topic actual open pvp suggestions   

    PvE lovers keep complaining about pvp in any MMORPG released in the past 10 years, for making games even more pve, always. You always whine about pvp when it's in, when it's announced, when it's announced to be enhanced or that more content is incoming, always.
    Personally I've never come in threads about raids, or about new content adding dungeons, bosses or raids, nor I have never created threads in pve games to whine about the lack of pvp or to whine about the too much pve content. You know why, because that's just as selfish as moronic of a behavior. I never did that cause I'm just not interested in pve HL, thus I just don't play pve games nor I comment in pve games how it sucks there's no pvp.
    Funny how you pve maniacs always think you're kind of creative bosses and as such have to make the world know your very rightful demands since all online rpg should be pve focused, according to your very point of view, and the pvp of such games should be anecdotic at worst, absent at best... Of course if some disturbing pvp features, like open pvp, annoy you in a game you've decided to label as pve, even if those very pvp features are in the game since the very beginning, then those pvp features should just be pulled out : that's the very definition of being toxic, plain and simple since you always try to annoy pvp players anywhere, you always insult them (toxic, lame, psychopaths, blood drunk, etc...) and always demand for them to be kick out from games they bought, since they're made for pvpers too, with their very money.
    Coming on any game to demand pvp features to be dumbed down or merely pulled out is nothing but a toxic behavior, blatantly selfish, nice spot on captain obvious. Bytheway all I've read so far are pvp players pointing out how bad the new karma system is (which is true since it leads to abuses and exploits which were absent from the game before the change) and how bad open pvp is at the moment, which is neither toxic nor whining but mere absolutely relevant customers comments.
    Open pvp is announced since the very beginning of this game deal with it (I remember how potions use made quite a big deal during the beta, one of the reason I've taken some distance from this game years ago)
    See how you can't help yourself but to come to whine on a thread about open pvp... You're helpless as toxic as selfish little pve maniacs who just can't stand a devs team can work on anything else but to please you, nothing else.
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  10. Toutatrix added a post in a topic [Poll] nature of PVP in this game.   

    Wow, you do know what you're talking about : Kr version isn't fine at all, they succeed rather good in Europe with this game, not at all in Korea wherein it's roughly a fail, bytheway this is the major reason why I, as certainly lots of people, was passing my turn until I heard about a quite recent more pvp focuse.
    Also stop playing the expert when it takes shit loads of data as a devs team to barely understand what's "fine" about balance of gear/level/time of playing over skill to make a decent pvp game. Obviously the pvp is not good at all in this game compared to the level of satisfaction pve allows, hence any wannabe expert loudly yelling everywhere this is a P-V-E game, whereas PA is selling it as mix (though I've seen way more pvp in vids than pve to be honest, hence the feeling of having been crooked)
    Any pvp player can say the game is absolutely not satisficing, pretending the opposite shows only that you're certainly not really interested in pvp and even less an expert about it.
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  11. Toutatrix added a post in a topic About the PvP "balance"   

    Totally my point, and frankly reading a guy (op) being that concerned about keeping his quite noticeable advantage over new players is very disturbing for me.
    How the ----- can this kind of guy can even think the barely hidden "threat" of leaving the game with his "big wallet" is any close to match the massive loss of casuals leaving the game out of boredom for dying again and again before guilds of vets holding all the most interesting territories... really I can't figure, probably this kind of guy sucks hard in maths.
    Those guys are terrible but the funniest thing is how they take themselves for whales in the vip corner of a Las Vegas palace, as if devs should roll out the red carpet before them and make other players die as soon as they're just stared at : hilarious X'D
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  12. Toutatrix added a post in a topic New player question bout PvP   

    The system is going to change with the upcoming bounty hunter mechanic though, so don't take all that for certain but the thing you have to wait for being 45 to begin with open pvp, which is way too long imo.
    Also potions being able to be spammed do not make open duel that fun : easy to get in, easy to get out, not that funny and not rewarding at all...
    Me too I came in for pvp a few weeks ago after having noticed ads for node wars and siege, so far I'm quite disappointed about pvp, hopefully they will focuse on it to make it decent at least.
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  13. Toutatrix added a post in a topic [Poll] nature of PVP in this game.   

    No, but you seem to be, since all vids I've seen shows groups of players fighting each other, and this game has been advertised as a sand box mmorpg with open world pvp and GvG elements more lately, which is simply not compatible with a gear based game.
    Think a second about new players coming in 6 months and reaching 45 roughly naked : they'll be utterly destroyed since it's roughly already the case currently, and what about new players reaching 45 with decent gear ? They'll be destroyed the same cause in a gear based game, devs always have to up the gear max power cap to please gear pve whores of your kind...
    Obviously sooner or later devs will have to choose this game's path, since always upping the gear level cap will expose new players to a severe shit storm very few, if not none of them, will dare to endure as soon as they reach open pvp level cap, or as soon as they'll try out GvG and see how far they are from being competitive before guilds of vets.
    There's no future for vertical pvp games you moron, the sooner a gear based game becomes horizontal the better or mere time will just suck it dry.
    PS : stop pretending you're just hard crafting lovers whereas you're just lame bastards loving to easily destroy poorly stuffed noobs without even breaking a sweat.
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  14. Toutatrix added a post in a topic [Poll] nature of PVP in this game.   

    At the moment gear as level look to be way too important to win a fight in the open, this is not really related to the prg kind of game, since most online rpg have balanced pvp thanks to instances clustering pve from pvp.
    The issue in this game is that there's open pvp, thus gear being so important it makes hardcore players at quite an advantage over casual players, which is not a worthy idea for a MMORPG since casual players are the ones paying the bills.
    At the moment, as a casual player, I'm pretty disppointed with the pvp : not enough features, too high lvl (45) and too gear based, thus I don't think I'll stay long in this game. Yet it's a shame since I could have support a game with more smart pvp features helping to make the universe more solid.
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