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  1. Gobarnachta added a post in a topic J O I N B A K A   

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  2. Gobarnachta added a post in a topic ManUp lubes and annihilates Cuckcode - CUCKCODE DEAD GUILD   

    I wonder if Lacari has come to a conclusion in his study of Blondie's gender o_O
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  3. Gobarnachta added a post in a topic Weak.   

    Can we get some juicy backstory to this? :3
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  4. Gobarnachta added a post in a topic Node war rankings??   

    Erm.. why did Cho pay Final War money to other merc then? If it isnt clear for you both sides had 1 merc but those were kept off of main fight mostly so quite nice 1 v 1 with Cho, thanks for that. Iconic still needs some more numbers with less than 70 fielded and first outing for us too so give this mix some time to settle and we shall see :3
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  5. Gobarnachta added a post in a topic <Vertex> Hardcore | Node wars 4 nights a week | Experienced PvPers   

    I have been posting on and off when ever I see the reason to do so. I have had quite a few posts while people claim Iconic was dead too. 
    What I say is my own personal view and opinion, not a view of any guild so don't misunderstand anything I say as a stance of any particular guild. 
    Seems many of you misunderstood what I said.. I never said you could not have your niche of only doing Node Wars. What I wanted to do is to point out hypocrisy that exists within some of these guilds and from the hurt comments I guess I hit a soft spot. I won't reply here anymore as I said all I wanted and what I've said is not out of spite, that I reserve for BAKA, but simply wanting to point out difference in opinion even if I do it in my ol'salty way. I am not bitter about how things stand, as a witch ingame-life is good no matter where it takes me.  
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  6. Gobarnachta added a post in a topic <Vertex> Hardcore | Node wars 4 nights a week | Experienced PvPers   

    Not sure whom you are saying No Offense to.. what you say is not in contradiction with what I have said or negate it.
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  7. Gobarnachta added a post in a topic Nerf Witch and Wizard   

    That's pretty low DP for someone with TET kutum. Not to mention DP doesn't tell how much Evasion you have elsewhere and in that Rosar > Kutum (even tho Kutum comes close/is superior in every other way). Also if the person who hit you is lv60, not to mention 61 then you were under leveled too. Also one time incident that could have been even desync or some such laggy shit doesn't tell you squat. 

    But by all means go call nerfs as soon as someone bests you, it must be because they have it so easy that they started at lv60 with free TETs and they didn't take any time at all to learn the PvP ropes of what their class is able to do. I repeat: STOP WHINING HERE AND GET BACK INGAME... AND GIT GUD!
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  8. Gobarnachta added a post in a topic <Vertex> Hardcore | Node wars 4 nights a week | Experienced PvPers   

    Iconic has been low in numbers recently due mishap with Gravity, that has changed though and the goal never changed.. Iconic is looking to do it all Nodes and Sieges. 
    For rest of that rant I just have one thing to say, still more interesting than buggering off to lower tier nodes and giving up sieging altogether. Anyhow this topic was about Vertex so let's focus at that.
    Once in a while doing something right doesn't make it your preferred mode of doing things, you are still mostly on T1/2s.
    Skillful planning of building your HQ correctly, skillful planning of defending a castle or taking it instead of just weaker node war structures. Politics are obviously in play too which you refer at but I did not meant those as needing war skills, albeit political and pr skills can be similarly viewed. Keep throwing around the word zerg and soon someone will come with their 10 man nodewar guild and cry it back at you, so don't mumble about zerg at 90-100 people that one guild can sustain. For more than 100 though there are other problems like how to work in concert when "allied" guild are red to you.. you like exaggerating to make your point about "siege guilds" having to garner many allies.. but in truth most sieges don't see even the maximum of what 2 guilds could bring as allied into a "zerg". For my experience I haven't been part of any allied front that would go over that. 

    For the fps/lag side of it.. sometimes you have to take what you get, they've improved and are improving the servers so that we'd have less lag.. for fps I suggest getting modern computer if you can't get required 15-25 fps in siege.. yes 15-25 is plenty enough to play and enjoy a siege. For streamers with their topnotch gear they seem to be running nicely at 30-40fps or more and without going too lego-block setting on graphics either. So again just an excuse for not pushing yourself to experience the PvP pinnacle that sieging can be. More I hear these excuses the more I want to call you out on them.
    You claim you don't poach people but your guild does exactly that.. people flock where their friends are calling them. Individually people in Vertex might push to improve themselves but as a PvP guild you're stagnated at Node Wars. Since the New World there are many 100 men guilds out there and possibility for even more, bringing your numbers up does not mean you'd overwhelm everyone with them, unless you hop to T1/2s and don't happen to get to one with 10+ guilds planted. 

    My response is provoked by false facts that have lured those people to Vertex in first place. Chief among them being that a guild could not enjoy both Sieging and Node Warring. Granted that they need alternative guild to use if they happen to win a siege to Node War in during the week but it is possible and limiting oneself out of Sieging while calling yourself 'hardcore PvP' seems ridiculous at best. As such it provokes people who can't handle bit of fps drop or do something about it to help themselves but makes them give up and join your bandwagon of stagnation. Everyone plays the game for entertainment and fun, some want to limit themselves to certain areas and that is fine but self-deception of "hardcore node war guild" just is something I have to take a stab at, if for nothing else than for all of those startling guilds trying their first T1s that encounter you having your 'fun'

    So keep lying to yourself or re-align your shit, otherwise I am guessing this house of cards will crumble within a month or two. Best of luck with what ever you choose to do tho!
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  9. Gobarnachta added a post in a topic <Vertex> Hardcore | Node wars 4 nights a week | Experienced PvPers   

    Carried at what? T1/2 Nodes? LOL

    If you want to be hardcore PvP you should try moving upward from bashing newbies and other lower leveled/casual players. Inb4 siege guilds' alt guilds: big whopping wot - siege guilds doing those are hardly putting effort in it, most often it is not even full roster not to mention level of care with rest of the shit that goes in truly skillful Siege planning. If you want to just have fun then have fun but this autistic numbers game you seem to love doesn't do you any favors while you keep planting T1/2s and mostly dodging real PvP challenges that the game can offer.

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  10. Gobarnachta added a post in a topic Nerf Witch and Wizard   

    Witch is fine.. wizard 100% might do some tuning but if anything should be changed it is grab mechanic.. REMOVE GRAB FROM ALL CLASSES and the game would be so much better.
    OP is just some butthurt musa/maehwa who doesn't understand evasion vs accuracy.. had you enough stats there you would have probably just chased off from witchard that got you. Level matters a lot too and as game-breaking chase speed you could just zoom in with choppy server desync and 'appear' behind your target and have them KD'd (and 1 shotted while down) before their slow casting spells even blink.. so once again simple case of GIT GUD!

    Witches are among worst 1v1 classes.. Wiz atleast with their grab can do something but slow casting witch won't survive long, specially against chase/tard-speed classes that if played by someone with even mediocre intelligence can catch up within a heartbeat even with the 'football field' teleport and kd/grab/whatever witchard down, specially if one had misfortune of being low health and having staff out they're dead from slightest poke on that fair caster skin.
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  11. Gobarnachta added a post in a topic ManUp lubes and annihilates Cuckcode - CUCKCODE DEAD GUILD   

    You are regurgitating some gravity damage-control garbage... Iconic memberbase never had such problems, some fresh recruit that was picked after the merge asked one question about alch stones and as far as I heard anything of villas some gravity member was scouting on war channel for villas usage when we were smart enough to get villaed up on different channel before hopping to war channel. 
    This topic is about CuckUp and CuckCode, if you wish to discuss Iconic then feel free to open new topic about it.. I am not going to reply here anymore. 
    On the topic I hope that 1v1 with Man and BC will happen, as guild leaders from both guilds promised, either way I guess it will be entertaining to watch/comment about after 
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  12. Gobarnachta added a post in a topic Just goes to show how many dont have PEN   

    Please give the horses a rest already since you don't know when the pull happened.. also I'd be bit more skeptical when someone is telling you they have multiple T8s. 
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  13. Gobarnachta added a post in a topic Just goes to show how many dont have PEN   

    We're still waiting for some proof or is just that you "feel" they are not correct eh? 
    Again that data pull could have happened month or two back, or perhaps even before The New World, which would easily explain the T8s. 
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  14. Gobarnachta added a post in a topic Just goes to show how many dont have PEN   

    So company ran with their budget would not have competent enough techie to do this simple database pull correctly? You're jerking my chain now really.. 
    It's amazing how self proclaimed expert like you can intuit their stats better than they can with access to the source.
    Oh and I am not white knighting for them here either, their cash-grab pearl shop for one makes my blood boil when ever I even think of buying some more pearls.. besides overpricing the fked up character-bound items instead of family-bound.. and lots of more irritating choices earning them the nickname kashkow for sure. And remember remember Nouvember.. staggered awakenings (releasing all same time.. hah!).. and loads of more cuck-ups but for stuff like these stats I don't see how they can fail like that nor any reason to put out misinformation about such ingame stats. If there was active/paying accounts or some such they might have incentive to pad their numbers perhaps but not with what they gave.
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  15. Gobarnachta added a post in a topic Just goes to show how many dont have PEN   

    It might sound low but you might also.. you know been lied to by some about them having one or more T8s. Also they do not give the date when the database pull was taken, it might have been month or two back.
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