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  1. Ragash added a post in a topic Dark Knight Skill Build   

    Because or else it will be triggered when you try to Shift + left/right and you have Dusk on Cd.
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  2. Ragash added a post in a topic New class new datamined skills ! 2nd of march.   

    i really support this.

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  3. Ragash added a topic in General   

    Fps Loss after Magoria patch
    Hi guys!

    Several weeks ago i overclocked my cpu a bit to have better performance in town (Altinova) on 1440p

    my spec are:
    i7 3770k @4.2 (base il 3.5)
    Zotac 1080 extreme amp
    16 gb ram
    Samsung Ssd

    All went smooth and fast till yesterday, when i noticied a loss on fps in town (40-50fps) and no improvement on swapping resolution to 1080p.
    the strange part is the CPU, GPU and Ram usage. They go for 25 - 50% at MAX, and this behaviour have really get me scratch my head.

    i tried to mess with all my settings: checking freq, temps, everything was normal but Fps and usage just wont go up.

    today i noticed also that some on reddit had exactly the same problem:
    Black Desert not fully utilizing CPU or GPU?

    and some other similiar post starts to pop up:
    [SOLUTION] FPS quick fix

    Some guildies had the same problem too, but they just wondered that the problem was cause by their ssd lifespawn.

    Do you noticied the same behaviur after Magoria expansion?

    p.s. sorry for the long post and the grammar errors, im not a fluent english speaker
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  4. Ragash added a post in a topic Teamviewing pc on an ipad/tablet to play BDO?   

    I use tw from work from time to time to check processing/marcketplace/trading.
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  5. Ragash added a topic in Suggestions   

    [Suggest] Enemy Name Red (and not a reddish halo) - For Colorblind and non
    Hello Folks

    As colorblind i have really bad time figuring allies and enemies during red battlefield. 
    The single difference noticeable between allies and enemy is a slightly red halo around the enemy character name. 
    Why dont just change the whole character name RED? what's the point in a White text with a reddish halo?

    this will help alot in battlefield and Node wars ppl who has colorblindness (right now the setting is a joke, it just change slightly the personal ui, and it is quite useless) and even the whole comunity.

    pls if you think that reading names is really hard bump this thread up.

    p.s. if someone flag for Pvp in openworld, or has bad karma, the name would change completly red, so why just dont apply the same in redbtf and nodewars?

    thanks and sorry for any grammatical error, im not a native speaker.
    edit for poll and typo.
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  6. Ragash added a post in a topic PC Upgrade   

    gtx1080 extreme amp here and i7-3770k @3.5ghz

    i went from 45/50fps in town to 98fps all maxed (except high-end mode) overclocking the cpu @4.2ghz

    so we can state that bdo is cpu intensive. 
    If you are changing your rig completly go for the be-a-st cpu: cpu is "forever" and you could upgrade your gpu accordingly later during years in anycases

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  7. Ragash added a post in a topic Poll - Artisan memory   

    put a "NO, screw you OP" in the poll, and you will see the real vote

    this poll is just silly right now
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  8. Ragash added a post in a topic can we get a comment from the staff on awakened class vs non-awakened class?   

    No, you didn't get it, and even lack of foresight.

    Kakao Eu is a relative small company, builded only in function of bdo release, we skipped TOTALLY every balance patch KR and RU had during the past YEAR, man, YEAR.

    we got the same patch of the Kr regards class balace, with the difference we still lack for awakening. This caused an heavly imbalace from the release.

    In our version Warr were broken since the releaseof the game, because we had the last update of core mechanics (no uber stun-lock, no more floating + knockdown) without having the major balance feature of the class: the awakening itself.

    Why? because it logical to give to a player base an up to date version of core mechanics of the game, even if butchered by release schedule (read Awakening), than prepping and pushing heavly modification of the core mechanics in few months and having three different version of the game (damage, and mechanics wise). we had 2.5 years of update and modification concentrated in 6 months.

    what you (and many other) are doing right now is crying for imbalance, litteraly, without having a good half of your class to legitimatelly talk about it.

    and yes, the only "balanced" class right now are Witch and Wizard, because their damage, stuns, etc, are thinked to compete against awakened classes. From now, since witch had her awakened released and wiz will have soon, expect to see nerf and modification to them too.

    All other classes will find their balance by themself once the whole awakenig will come out (eg. Sorc will go offensive, lured by their improved damage, but this will mean become more squishy and losing iframes)

    tl dr: just wait.
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  9. Ragash added a post in a topic can we get a comment from the staff on awakened class vs non-awakened class?   

    did you read the whole post, or just jumped to the end.

    warriors sucked hard from release, and now they can play propelly.
    you have to wait just some month at worse scenario, and whining on forum wont make you awakening coming early.

    so just wait, or go play some other titles.
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  10. Ragash added a post in a topic Guilds locking down cities and roads?   

    that's sort of things happens, deal with it, if you dont like the risk just stick on singleplayer game.

    skyrim is still good, it's also fallout nukaworld out now, so you can choose between some titles.

    you are complaining for nothing, without ever considering that if they trully waste karma like this, they will be stuck on jail for loooong time.

    and what do you do instead of forming a group to serve to them the right dish? you cry on forum.
    seriusly mate, grow a pair of balls, or turn off the internet.

    edit: you could also laugh at it, just... blaming a guild, or pointing as it was a problem, it's just all you could do wrong. sorry, no symphaty for uno situation.
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  11. Ragash added a post in a topic can we get a comment from the staff on awakened class vs non-awakened class?   

    super armor =/= ifreame

    sorc will die a lot for their gluttony of spinningsoulraping

    as warrior right now use to die a lot for the same reason.

    it's big damage fever, just sit and wait your awakening.

    else, you know where the door is, ktybie! 
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  12. Ragash added a post in a topic Karan World Boss AOE Certain Death Attack   

    yup, i did it 5 time right now:

    first try was a massacre, to be sure to do not lose them i removed my pieces of armor which had valuable crystals in it.

    2nd try was a bit better: i was scared by karanda, and the most of the fight i was on S/S studing her pattern. did not get a thing from her drop, but died only twice cause i miss read her patter.

    3rd try was better, starting to do dps on her and quickly switching on S/S to roll as a mad man when she lays on ground. Died once, cause she made the inner Aoe while surrounded by smaller Harpia and cannot saw her propelly.

    4th & 5th attemp, not died once.

    As stated: just watch out for her "lay on groud" animation, then switch on SS, and roll left and right till aoe ends, you will feel to be immortal as many around you fall miserably

    edit: no tear, i just hitted the 57 on first try attempt.
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  13. Ragash added a post in a topic Are they crazy? (Rant)   

    don't complain, maybe is harsh, but is a security measure.
    what if someone stole your PW, enter your account, and change the mail in few clicks? you will be screwed, that's it.

    multiple steps and confirmation are here to ensure that are really you  to ask for a change, so just get some patience.
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  14. Ragash added a post in a topic [Video Guide] Enhancing & Failstacking   

    give part 2!!! <3
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  15. Ragash added a post in a topic Bug With Anti-Hack program ?   

    Well... this is the "Guide" section, mate (maybe you did not noticied).
    in anycases, if you smell something bad, the best and safes thing you could do is to clean install. 
    after all it will be quicker than do multiple scans and hope for a solution. 
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