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  1. PandaPolishesPotatos added a post in a topic Is Musa really that bad?   

    On a happier note I've been having fun with DK. 
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  2. PandaPolishesPotatos added a post in a topic Hey, I'm GM Horizon!   

    You. @GM_Horizon Yeah you. I like you. 
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  3. PandaPolishesPotatos added a post in a topic Super armour - Is it bugged?   

    Failed Bhegs, Hebe, Awakening, Liverto & Zaka, Bows, Shoes, Helm, failed to TRI Seraps, failed to TRI Witches, failed TET Red Coral rings, three times, but I used cron stones on those. I just got tired of having to grind to be competitive and wanted to reach the lulz gear point where I could just sit back and afk kill people with 240 AP. I had a 100 something stack at the end, because I failed getting a ton of shit back to TRI, so all my gear is PRI/DUO right now. I went from 200/263 to like 155/210. 
    I'm coming back this week to see if DK is any fun, I just lost interest in Musa and it's massive dependency on gear to be as good as the other classes, and tbh the lack of combos we can do with awakening was really bugging me. But that combined with gear suicide and hardly any open world PvP really made me a sad Panda. I don't have the time required to grind nonstop and sink my entire soul into BDO, I just want a game I can log into and PvP at an equal level as everyone else. Don't get me wrong BDO is fantastic, just don't have the time. Been playing For Honor and bringing the law down on filthy weebs. 
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  4. PandaPolishesPotatos added a post in a topic Need overall help with Musa   

    Dafuq? I grinded Bassies with 263 DP ez pz, Cadry dies just as fast as Sausans but they can be annoying with their mages, who in their right mind grinds centaurs though? Completely pointless, even as a guild quest, drop that and pick another one lol. 
    Either way OP, if you need help surviving get Divider and the skill add-ons for it, get it ranked up to 4 and swap to your blade and spam it if you need heals. But you shouldn't have rerolled, because Ranger is basically Musa with a shittier dash but more damage more CC and a grab. 
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  5. PandaPolishesPotatos added a post in a topic First 62 On NA!   

    I hope he gets paid to play games in some way, the time and effort required to push to 62 could be used to get a good paying job. 
    /s for this to moronic to tell. 
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  6. PandaPolishesPotatos added a post in a topic What move is this?   

    So does regular Spinner. 
    I suppose if EVERYTHING else was on cooldown this wouldn't be a bad thing to use directly after Crust Crusher/Fiery Angel because it speeds up the animation a little bit. But otherwise it still is just as useless as regular Spinner, it's probably a bug more than an intended feature though. 
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  7. PandaPolishesPotatos added a post in a topic What move is this?   

    It's Spinner.
    It's just a super sekrekt animation for Spinner that does absolutely nothing, you can do it after Fiery Angel as well. 
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  8. PandaPolishesPotatos added a post in a topic Super armour - Is it bugged?   

    Well... RNG is RNG, part of the reason I quit. I love the combat but it's not a game you can just log in and PvP, gotta grind nonstop and have RNG on your side. For Honor is bae though, despite all the garbage connection issues the game is enjoyable af, prolly move to Chronicles of Elyria or Dark And Light when they come out. Gonna come back to play Dark Knight though, gotta get my pointy ear fetish served. 
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  9. PandaPolishesPotatos added a post in a topic Why do koreans never build accuracy   

    Most competitive KR streamers are 60+ and at that point with Bhegs accuracy is -----ing moot as you can run people over with 260 AP just as fast. 
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  10. PandaPolishesPotatos added a post in a topic Musa: Best Outfit?   

    Gravy Reagan 10/10 
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  11. PandaPolishesPotatos added a post in a topic Super armour - Is it bugged?   

    Welcome to the possibility to stack up to 90% grab ignore sir, it's a useless stat, KD and Stun/Stiff should be your CC resist priorities. 
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  12. PandaPolishesPotatos added a post in a topic Make Musa Great Again 2017   

    You might not always have a Wizard around but I will, should get a better guild comp. All Wizards or gtfo. 
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  13. PandaPolishesPotatos added a post in a topic Talk About: Gear for Musa; Pre-Boss and Boss sets?   

    Still pretty much spot on, though jewelry you can opt for a bunch of different variants. I'm convinced the DP from Red Coral Rings is special so I keep a pair of TRI Red Corals on me, but Marks/Crescents is what most go for. Earrings you can go for Red Coral/Witches/Tungrads/Khalks, though I'd go with Witches. Everything else is still as accurate as can be, follow Kodiak's little guide and you'll be good to go. Just restrain yourself and don't blow up all your gear when you have nothing left to upgrade because then you'll end up like me, making alchemy stones every 2-3 days and not actually playing the game because you lost the desire to. 
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  14. PandaPolishesPotatos added a post in a topic Make Musa Great Again 2017   

    If our Z buff was actually any good I'd use it, but between all the Wizards I play with I usually have the 25% attack speed buff from other sources. I usually just dump my Ult to Zerkers or Wizards because their's are far far better. 
    I'm almost certain that Valk's 100% has some small sucky sucky power to it, not nearly as strong as the original skill itself but still pretty effective at keeping you spazzed out in place if you're caught directly in it. 
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  15. PandaPolishesPotatos added a post in a topic Build   

    Depends on the class and build you're fighting, though in most cases I'd agree with you. Nouver > Kutum for 1v1. 
    Though for 1v1 I'd just reroll Warrior. 
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