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  1. ambyentlight added a post in a topic fix Valencia drop rates or...   

    They should just buff sausan and pirates droprate and scrap everything else and rename game to piratesausan online
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  2. ambyentlight added a post in a topic BDO on Steam? Nah.   

    so will they upgrade the server and add more channels? due to the influx of steamers comeing and all.
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  3. ambyentlight added a post in a topic Ranger need a buff   

    I do miss the days when i could just face a random person that appeared im my farm spot alt c then shift rmb a few secs charge then press space that person dead.
    Now shotguns nerfed rangers are crying cause they cant kill people with 3 buttons no more, gitgud noobs and l2p the current version of ranger like seriously....
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  4. ambyentlight added a post in a topic Ranger need a buff   

    ranger is fine l2p useing its melee awakening
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  5. ambyentlight added a post in a topic Are the dev's or GM's going to acknowledge that half the channels are broken and completely unusable by the majority of the player base?   

    game is fine as is contact your isps and demand better routing to the game thats what Kakao tells us btw
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  6. ambyentlight added a post in a topic Zodiac Sign and RNG (and more)   

    Now return this thread back to its grave please.
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  7. ambyentlight added a post in a topic Ranger need a buff   

    The issue is morons still stay more bow mode when the bow mode was super nerfed, use your awakening skills and git gud.
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  8. ambyentlight added a post in a topic Now that all the GMs have moved to the new forums can these forums be a lawless wasteland?   

    I love how mods never reply to the real questions that matter even if you tag them in your posts.
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  9. ambyentlight added a post in a topic Ranger need a buff   

    lol no they don't
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  10. ambyentlight added a post in a topic Why play BDO when you can play WOW or GW2 ?   

    ok now lets start off by mentioning the worst mmos to the best well that are still alive
    7. Star trek online pure p2w garbage
    6. Final fantasy XIV good storyline but has trash graphics that even games like the PS2 Final fantasy 10 looked far better.
    5. EVE prettymuch pure p2w,
    4. Star Wars the old republic a rather nice all round game.
    3. World of Warcraft a oldly but a greaty that anyone can play.
    2. Guild wars 2 amazeing pvp.
    1. Black Desert Online wins hands down in everything graphics playstyle p2w pvp however suffers from crap optimizeation and shitty servers.
    and thats that
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  11. ambyentlight added a post in a topic What happened to Witchzards again ?   

    Gitgud and l2p
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  12. ambyentlight added a post in a topic Please implement the penalty on guilds keep decs alive.   

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  13. ambyentlight added a post in a topic How long does it take to get GS at least 450?   

    Most people apparently have full tri-tet boss gear and gold accessorys by the 3 month mark and usually have atleast a pri ogre ring nowdays and if you don't have this by then may as well quit cause you rolled one of the many unlucky accounts.
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  14. ambyentlight added a post in a topic Daum needs to acknowledge the MAJOR issues with their servers   

    message from Kakao contact your isps because there is no issues ever with our servers now contact your isps or shut up us Devs, GMs and CMs will waste no more time with you bullshit threads as if the servers were to have problems like all you are saying why is it only half the people who have issues while the other hald never get lag or desync?
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  15. ambyentlight added a post in a topic Dear GM's, fix the NA servers   

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