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  1. Pelopia added a topic in General   

    Bad design Tier 3 Guilds taking Node 1 over Title!
    It seems tier 3 guilds are going to tier 1's to kill 100 people to get the title.  This is a bad design, its going to make the guilds stop even attempting to pvp and quit.  I'm sorry, the git gud or get better gear need not apply because you can't compare to tier 3 players with 240 ap vs 180-200 ap player.  This is what Tier 1 node wars are for, the lower geared players, not the super geared.  But apparently the title implemented means that the super geared players going down.
    It also seems that the tier 3 players quit the tier 3 guild, to join another guild to get the title than quit it to go back to their original tier 3 guild.
    Either make the title siege only, not node wars.  Can make it so quit guild, can't participate in a node war for a week though I don't know how they would implement this.  Something, because this is going to make a lot of people annoyed.
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  2. Pelopia added a post in a topic Why maehwa over musa   

    Maehwa need high gear level and at high levels they really shine. Musa doesn't scale as strong when they get to 60 but they are stronger at 56. Also maehwa is assassin and Musa is a skirmisher.
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  3. Pelopia added a post in a topic Say something positive about our awakening buff   

    General apricot is the buff. It's alright, crit is good, but our attacks are fast already and with cd, go thru our combo quick. Should already have high enough accuracy that dont need it. Wish had something added though like ignore resist.
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  4. Pelopia added a post in a topic cast speed   

    No, but always wondered if it speed up petal bloom
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  5. Pelopia added a post in a topic Pure AP earring VS Red Coral Earrings   

    I can just speak from personnel experience.  I was running 2x duo witches, TET bhegs, Tri Liverto, Duo tree belt, Tri white bow.  Just recently switched to 2x pri red earrings (kind of broke atm) and there was a huge difference in node wars.  I went from 201 ap to 191ap and even though lost 10 ap, my damage went way up.  Went against same guild and did way better against the same players and was not struggling to kill players as much.  Actually I'm coming across more and more players that are using evasion OH and witch/wizards doing it.  And maehwa built to kill wizards to get into that back line and hurt them.
    Whenever I tri the red earrings and get my Kzarka up to tri (50 fs tri!....fail!), i'll probably switch one of them for a tri blue because honestly the biggest shortage I have is WP.  Having 500 wp sometimes isnt enough, you chase in, do a combo, and you are out of WP enough to get out of there.  Can't wait til they put in the 100 wp gems for chest in the game.
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  6. Pelopia added a post in a topic no -----ing damage   

    I think OP is saying take a mae, and compare to any other class and give same gear, same level and mae is less damage. Take cc out, every class has it and resist. Just raw damage, same skill level. And mae is less that's not balanced when maehwa is suppose to be the assassin class.
    Also, level is big for maehwa, lvl 60 multipliers are big difference from a 59.
    Hopefully changes in KR get to maehwa soon and it will help. 
    Btw, getting 220+ ap is alot and represent maybe 1% of the population. And once get that high, other class with 220 ap do just as much damage. 
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  7. Pelopia added a post in a topic Update 11/23/2016 - Known Issues   

    So with it being yellow, I downgrade it to Blue, it will repair 2 once again?
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  8. Pelopia added a post in a topic Update 11/23/2016 - Known Issues   

    and it should be 2 no matter what like it does for every other item in the game.
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  9. Pelopia added a post in a topic Update 11/23/2016 - Known Issues   

    not everyoeven can get an awaawakening weapon to do this or the loyalty.  So no point to raise it to yellow until tri. And when has this ever been for an item? Or do you mean it repairs 1 no matter if it's blue or yellow? 
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  10. Pelopia added a post in a topic Musa/Mae awakening quest bugged?   

    Well, Sulfate, where did you have to go to find hawol, cause alot of maehwa's cant atm
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  11. Pelopia added a post in a topic Musa/Mae awakening quest bugged?   

    Cant find Hawol
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  12. Pelopia added a post in a topic Awakening plans - Skill points   

    How many maehwa's are actually 60 though if was released in 2 weeks?
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  13. Pelopia added a post in a topic Chase nerfed?   

    Chase into Blind Thrust does not work still.  you can dash, than do the little backturn around blind thrust.  But with chase + BT you skip the little turn around and look like your doing a straight thrust at the end of the chase.    
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  14. Pelopia added a post in a topic Maehwa broken with last patch   

    probably attack speed but animations may not be slower but the "ending" of them are.  Can't anicancel into other skills as well cause of this.  The chase+blind thrust does not work anymore.  Thats huge for a lot of maehwa players cause it starts you off with crit damage.  Best way to test to see if speed is working, take off your gloves that have +attack speed, do some attacks, than put them back on.  I noticed a difference, but did notice that we were "slower" it seems.  sideways cut is weird, idk, cant really think the reason, just not as fluid as before.
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  15. Pelopia added a post in a topic Overcoming Fear (Quest)   

    Look on the map, North of Pilgrim's Haven, and West of Abstinence, you'll see a person undiscovered. thats him.
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