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  1. Rok added a post in a topic Striker - New class   

     Even though I know almost nothing, yet, about the Striker class, even before I find anything out or try it, I say that I would trade a male Dark Knight (it's "Knight" for sanity's sake) for this class altogether any day. Females can have the Striker, if I can just get a male Dark Knight. And I wish there were a male Ranger or at least a non-Wizard male ranged class. Oh well.
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  2. Rok added a post in a topic Death Penalties and Item Loss   

    I support adding all those changes, including the very risky ones, but only in specific "PvP" servers for those players who enjoy that type of thing. Not all players enjoy that level of risk, or even that level of open-world PvP, and that's evident from the choices of one of the biggest and olderst MMO companies in the world: Blizzard has a few "RP" servers, but all the other servers have only two type: PvP, and Normal. And on their PvP realms/servers, there's no item loss upon death, but there's no karma system either. On the Normal servers, there's no forced PvP at all at any level, or in other words, there's no PvP without your permission or choice to participate in it. I like that system, and I like that it includes options for at least two types of players.
    Along the same lines, Pearl Abyss should provide different types of servers, like "High Risk" servers that give OP and similar players what he's asking for. Someone may laugh and argue, "Hah, as if anyone will join those High Risk servers!" To that I say, Hey, the OP wants this. He most definitely isn't completely alone in the world; there certainly are some players who will enjoy that level of risk. Some people are addicted to gambling; so some players will really crave that sort of risk, and it will give them a way to fulfill gambling needs in a relatively safe, virtual environment without losing all their real-life savings or something.
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  3. Rok added a post in a topic Coherent UI eats CPU ?   

    So THIS piece-of-trash software is what has been stopping my horse training loops EVERY single night for the past 10 days or so!! I wake up every morning to find my character standing on the road a few meters away from the wagon, and when I look at the horse experience, I realize that this happened literally after less than an hour of me going AFK. I was thinking that it was time to quit the game because I can't fight against RNG....AND this, too!!
    I had a feeling already that Coherent UI is the culprit, because I could see how much it's been hogging my CPU, but this thread has just confirmed it to me beyond a shadow of doubt.
    Look at my screenshot! The thing is eating more than DOUBLE the amount of processing power that the game itself is consuming!!!!!!!!!!!
    Oh my God, how insane is that?!!
    I'm gonna find a way to get done with whatever in-game menus like the BS adventure board game or whatever, then literally block this crap for the rest of the day and night. Maybe use my antivirus software to keep blocking then unblocking it or something. Freakin' hell!

    By the way, a temporary, but more long-term solution than having to Esc -> Marketplace -> My Items -> Click X at the top right, is to right click every instance of Coherent UI in the Task Manager, Go to Details, and not just set the Priority to Low, but also set the Affinity to use only one CPU. Every way to limit access for this buggy piece of software should be utilized, not just to make the game smoother, but also to protect the lifespan of your processors.
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  4. Rok added a post in a topic Non Stripper outfits?   

    I passionately agree with this. I'm even a guy, and while I would've really, really wanted male versions of the Ranger and the Death Knight, so I'm not forced to play as a female, and contrary to what developers and lots of people may think, when and if I'm playing a female character, I do NOT want to be controlling a half-naked character. I'd much, much rather control a fighter female character that helps me with immersion, rather than sexuality, and look serious and believable about fighting, not strip-teasing. In fact, there are lot of female NPCs that are completely covered, even their hair; I'd love to see at least ONE outfit that's like this. For me, it'll look relatively different and exotic. I would love to play a female Ranger, for example, who is dressed like some of the Altinova female NPCs. I'm not saying make all outfits like this, but just one. For the others, I'd like to see actually protective armor on all body parts and all skin that can get hurt from a sword slash or mace bash. I'd like to control a female that says with her outfit, "I'm protected and ready to fight", rather than the current message, "I'm half-naked and ready to make teenage players spam the female moaning voice emote".
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  5. Rok added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    What happened to autopathing?
    There were always occasional autopathing issues, where I would wake up to find my wagon and character in the water, or just standing there doing nothing, but lately this issue has been regular, almost a daily thing! I've tried as many different paths as possible, and started using an inland route that's away from any bodies of water to make sure that my wagon, or worse--my horse, doesn't get destroyed or killed when a problem happens. However, lately I wake up almost daily to find my character standing several meters away from the wagon, doing nothing. I basically can't have a full night of horse training anymore.
    Is this a known issue? If not, then is there anything I can do to avoid this? In a game designed for heavy AFK use, and heavy random-chance abuse, it's actually a really frustrating waste of time when so many hours are wasted in a day, forcing me to wait even more weeks, even months, to finally get the horse I'm targeting. It would help if autopathing is more reliable.
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  6. Rok added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 26th 2017   

    What did this patch do to autopathing? Or what happened to autopathing generally? I haven't been able to have a single full night of horse training since then! I wake up to find my character several meters away from the wagon and just standing there doing nothing. This didn't use to happen before, at least not this regularly.
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  7. Rok added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 26th 2017   

    AutoHotkey scripts are now being caught as "suspicious programs" and the game shuts down after the last patch?! 
    This is depressing me now to no end if Pearl Abyss really decided to block AutoHotkey. I was using AutoHotkey to turn my useless (and close to gaming hand) CAPS Lock key to a Ctrl key, so I can use it in-game without turning my letters into all caps every time I try to use it! I was also using it to change my Tab key to a Backspace key, as I delete things I type a lot, and discovered that a closer Backspace key is more efficient and comfortable for me. If I type anything in-game, I'm used to be able to delete (backspace) it using the Tab key, which I also use (as Backspace) as a shortcut or keybinding for my game! 
    You are now blocking me from using a legitimate tool that I've been using for YEARS and gotten so used to. I'm so angry and at the same time sad that I feel like quitting. Why would you do such a thing?! How exactly was AutoHotkey hurting anyone?!
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  8. Rok added a post in a topic Nayriko's Ninja/Kunoichi Guide   

    Oh, ok. At least I understand the reason now. 
    Thank you again for your work on this, and I hope you find the time to perfect it soon.
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  9. Rok added a post in a topic Nayriko's Ninja/Kunoichi Guide   

    Thank you for this guide.
    However, I'm very confused; if you went as far as to take the Smokescreen IV (4th) and took Ninjutsu: Concealment, then why didn't you take/recommend at least one Heart Aiming (I)?? Is (1242% x 2 hits of damage that's guaranteed to not just hit, but crit 3 targets and stun them) so useless and bad?!!
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  10. Rok added a post in a topic [Suggestion] Timestamp chat   

    I also want timestamps in chat, please. This is almost a no-brainer in MMOs really. Have no idea why it's taking so long to put such a feature.
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  11. Rok added a post in a topic Patch Notes   

    It’s just a new intro logo with underwater sound effects, guys.
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  12. Rok added a topic in Suggestions   

    Let us re-watch cutscenes
    My suggestion is simple: I'd like an option somewhere to enable the replaying of cutscenes when doing quests, even if those cutscenes were already played by the first or main character or whatever. If I enable this option, doing quests will feel like I'm doing them for the first time. If I disable the option, doing quests on alt characters would be like it is now.
    Thank you.
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  13. Rok added a post in a topic Karma is just plain stupid   

    I've read all the posts on this thread, and here are my 2 cents (or more!):
    Only the player who pulls the “first strike” and/or is PvP-flagged first should get a Karma penalty; a player defending himself and killing the attacker who was PvP-flagged first should never lose anything at all, especially not Karma.Likewise, if a “defending” player dies from the attack of another player, who was PvP-flagged first, the defending player should never lose experience or anything else. This is not “carebear” talk; this is simply to prevent the sad result of lower-geared players (who are trying to gear up!) getting stuck in limbo forever, as they take 1 step forward (with regards to EXP), then get pushed 2 steps back by getting ganked. Who would want that? What about low-geared Karma-bombers? Refer to the previous bullet point; problem solved.What about low-geared players “griefing” you in your precious grinding spot? I'd say try to talk to them with one goal in mind: One of you, two, switches channels. If you were there first, he's the one who should try to switch from the beginning. If, for some reason, he doesn't; you can suggest that as you were there first (and don't be greedy with the square area of your spot either!). If he refuses and it seems to become a nuisance for you, you can just switch channels yourself; it's not like you're gonna lose anything most of the time. And a solution from Pearl Abyss is to increase spawn rate according to how many parties are in the area, or even according to how many players (regardless to whether they are the in the same party or not) are in the area. This may already be the case, but perhaps more tweaking and increasing spawn rate even further is in order.With the changes above, I believe the Karma system can stay and work perfectly well.
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  14. Rok added a post in a topic Bugged Tooltip on Item - Bandit's Shoddy Necklace   

    A year later, and this item is still a mystery.
    While every other vendor trash item I loot has the description, “Vendors would buy this item at cheap price”, which, by the way, should be “Vendors would buy this item at [a] cheap price”, or even better, “Vendors will buy this item at a low price”, this bandit's necklace now says, “Local shop owners might buy this at a fair price”. Why is this description different? For example, why “local shop owners”, can it not be a distant vendor? And what about the “fair price”, does that mean that, later on, there will be vendor trash that sells for a “high price”, for example?
    Because the description is different, I actually thought I need to take this to a Trade NPC; as far as I'm concerned, the Trade NPC is a “shop owner” alright, you know?
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  15. Rok added a topic in PVE   

    Rewatch cutscenes?
    Is there a way to watch the story cutscenes again with other characters doing the same quests? 
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