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  1. Nazori added a post in a topic Issue with bans/whats considered harrassment   

    As someone in the guild in question. This post makes me laugh. You both said harrassing things you shouldn't have. Take your bans and stop crying online about how you're a saint and the other person is the devil.
    And you guys are getting continuously warred by a stronger guild (btw that first battle was 7v15 and you still got shrekt) because you did the same to a smaller guild. It's Pvp in a Pvp game.. and you claim to be "Hardcore PvP" Focused. Deal with it.
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  2. Nazori added a topic in General   

    Red Highlighted Ghillie Suit
    All Arguements about Ghillie wearing PvP Targets being easy to identify fly right out the window as people begin dye-ing their Ghillies Bright Red and using a lantern. Best of luck to all figuring out friend from foe soon.. 
    Please change how the Ghillie suit works...
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  3. Nazori added a post in a topic The Ghillie suit   

    It just seems to undermine everything the game is trying to do. It promotes open world PvP and GvG. It's litterally the main component that draws people to this game. Why retract from that focus by making battles easier to avoid.
    The fact is without this item being a Paid item it wouldn't exist. It simply is a manipulative mechanic to get people to spend more money and it's trying extra hard to do so. I was told buy to play with cosmetic cash shop. And I get this...
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  4. Nazori added a post in a topic Ghillie suit is ruining GvG for me   

    Extremely good point. No one will buy Costumes because they wont be able to wear them, they have to keep wearing their suit. 
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  5. Nazori added a post in a topic Ghillie suit is ruining GvG for me   

    I agree with you're statistic comments. But regardless I have yet to hear one reason that makes the suit seem fair and balanced. It just simply is not. 
    When you're seeking GvG targets, yes. it does.
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  6. Nazori added a post in a topic Ghillie suit is ruining GvG for me   

    Do you run up to EVERY Ghillie suit you see and drop a flare just to see their name?
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  7. Nazori added a post in a topic Ghillie suit is ruining GvG for me   

    I am personally not buying anything from the shop until that thing is gone. I want a Beserker outfit but I refuse to give any pearls to this system. When it stops trying to manipulate me to buying a product I will feel more inclined to spend my money on their shop.  
    Take a look at other very successful and fair games that make explosive amounts of cash. People will immediately justify they're ridiculous amounts spent because they love the game, and it's not about getting an advantage. It's about bringing more enjoyment into their game. 
    If they hurt they're experience with this sort of thing it will drive many players away. I'm not saying it is fact. Nor is it a proven way of doing things. But put faith in your game and work to make it the best it can be and it will flourish. Give people something major to complain about and it's likely to drive new and old players away from it. 
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  8. Nazori added a post in a topic Ghillie suit is ruining GvG for me   

    Agreed, and yes a made up statistic but the forums and reddit are riddled with complaints and that's just people speculating the issues. Seeing them first hand is just very depressing. The open world pvp(mainly GvG) is effectly nulled by this item. 
    It's even worse than that. There is no vanishing. You're name and information is Concealed Forever as long as you are wearing this costume OVER your armor. 
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  9. Nazori added a post in a topic Ghillie suit is ruining GvG for me   

    It's not really even about being in combat with the ghillie either, because there are flares(which is really dumb because they could just move out of it) but regardless it's its the inability to find enemies when they're just being careless questing or say dancing in the middle of a town. It requires absolutely 0 effort to remain 100% invisible to everyone. You are just a guy in a ghillie. 
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  10. Nazori added a post in a topic Ghillie suit is ruining GvG for me   

    I mean litterally 99% of the community hate the item, it just doesn't belong in the game because it doesn't work well with the mechanics of it. Everyone I speak to that has it says to an effect "I have it cause you kind of have to.. though I wish it wasn't in the game"
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  11. Nazori added a post in a topic Ghillie suit is ruining GvG for me   

    I just think the suit should not work if you are in combat. It only makes sense. 
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  12. Nazori added a topic in General   

    Ghillie suit is ruining GvG for me
    So I had an encounter with a member of another guild earlier today. I spotted him and charged in for an attack. Little did I know he had a friend with him who was in a ghillie suit. A two minute long battle commenced in which I had to run. Partly because I just didn't feel like fighting an entity that I couldn't see or track his health.  
    Then it hit me. Without the unghillie suit guild member I would NEVER have been able to find the guy in the ghillie suit.. Like EVER. Realistically if an entire guild purchases the suit they can effectly avoid every GvG declaration.. Forever. They will honestly just never be found. Are we suppose to go up to every ghillie suit we find and drop flares like "Are you my target? No? Ill try again in a few minute when I mistake you for every other person in a ghillie" 
    I honestly have no problem with the ghillies ability to hide or move quickly while hiding. But in Combat?! I mean if a beserker is fighting a troll in a ghillie I should be able to see him just as if he was in a bright pink dress. It's a huge battle, it's not like he's hiding. 
    Taking it even further if I am in Active Combat with a beserker you're telling me he can still hide himself from me? No. Game. Ever. has treated stealth like this.. and for a good reason. You should not be able to hide yourself from others this effectively and permanently. 
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  13. Nazori added a topic in US Guild   

    <KadabraCraft> PvP/PvE, Highly Social - TS Req [Edan]
    <KadabraCraft> PvP/PvE. Plans for GvG. Social group with Teamspeak Required - Kadabracraft.com
    KadabraCraft Gaming is a very social gaming group. We inital came together in 2009 and have been gaming together ever since. I would classify us as casual competative in most games we play. We take part in all aspects of the game while hanging out in Teamspeak though our main coordinated focus as a group is on competative events. (GvG in the case of BDO)
    Average age of members: ~25
    1. Don't be an asshole. 
    That's pretty much the only rule. This applies to people within the guild and without. We're ok with aggression towards any other player in game just don't be toxic about it. If you want to get technical teamspeak is also required. But I mean without it you really wouldn't be part of the community anyways
    Check out our website @: http://Kadabracraft.com
    Post here, Message me in game, or Simply join TS for more info. TS info is posted on the site.
    -Nazori, KCG Guild Leader
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  14. Nazori added a post in a topic <Potato Potato> PvP / recruiting for cbt1 - Launch / Teamspeak / NA   

    Bump all the things!
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