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General Mors

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  1. General Mors added a post in a topic [PVE]: Damage Normalization or Gear AP Bug?   

    I did a small test in regards to Lava Tukars with a lvl 60 ranger. I wanted to see if damage normalization applies to mobs near your level or not. From the screenshots found at the Imgur link below it's clear to see that this sort of normalization, if that is indeed the case, only takes place against mobs who are a far lower level than you. This test was done using a single Nature's Tremble attack against the Lava Tukar. 

    Link: http://imgur.com/a/MQrap
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  2. General Mors added a post in a topic [Notice ] Known Issues Feb. 22 - 2017 [Updated]   

    Even after the hotfix the flutes remain bound to their respective character.
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  3. General Mors added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    I see. Thanks for the info.
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  4. General Mors added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    Do horse deaths affect the chances of getting a T9 horse when trying to awaken a T8 horse? I just ran my T8 horse off a cliff so I was just wondering if I needed to get a reset later on when T9 horses are out.
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  5. General Mors added a post in a topic What's this crap about SECOND awakenings?   

    I think that if they were to bring our standard weapons up to the same power as our awakening weapons it would actually offer a lot of diversity to the game. For example I chose ranger because I always play an archer no matter what game I play. I play archers because I like being a ranged class as opposed to a melee class. With the introduction of our awakening we have become primarily melee and only dipping into our bow skills a handful of times because they are simply much weaker than their awakening counterparts. In fact all awakenings have forced every class to become a close quarter class with certain mid range skills to boot. Even classes like the witch and wizard went from being a long range caster to someone who jumps up next to people to cast spells. While awakenings are fun and in my opinion improve the play of the game it pigeonholes us into being a CQC game with little flexibility for preferred playstyles. 
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  6. General Mors added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    Thank you very much for all of that information regarding the T9 horses.
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  7. General Mors added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    Does a T8 horse need to be a pure white/black breed in order to become a T9 Pegasus? Or does it simply need to have the correct skills learned as previously shown?
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  8. General Mors added a post in a topic Class until Dark knigh ?   

    Yes I see plenty of zerkers who farm quite fast, I personally play a ranger though so I don't have any personal experience. As far as the fastest class I agree with witch/wizard for the most part, but I personally feel that the sorc is the fastest class. Granted it's all a matter of opinion as to what the fastest class is. 
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  9. General Mors added a post in a topic Class until Dark knigh ?   

    You can essentially grind on any class that you choose. Certainly some classes will have a slightly faster clear time, but you should play what is the most fun for you as you can easily become rich no matter what class you play so long as you dedicate the time and effort toward that objective. As far as zerker goes it would be the most efficient due to it sharing the same offhand as the DK, but as I had previously mentioned play whatever you find to be the most enjoyable. It's best to base what class you will play off of what awakening each class gets rather than their base weapons since you will be grinding/fighting in that form most of the time.
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  10. General Mors added a post in a topic Lavientias Event extended ** Updated [1/4/2017] **   

    I entirely agree. They need to communicate with us because as it stands I buy things on the pearl shop monthly so I myself am a paying customer so I feel a bit of the salt that other people do. Granted nobody is forcing me to give them my money, but a little respect from them in return would be greatly appreciated for the time and money I put into this game. As I said in my very first post I'm not calling for compensation since it's unlikely they would provide any, but being given last minute notice after I had already calculated out how to best spend my materials on the 3rd is disheartening and you can see that in my first post; which is why I'm finding it harder as time goes on to review Daum/Kuckao fairly due to the way they act.
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  11. General Mors added a post in a topic Lavientias Event extended ** Updated [1/4/2017] **   

    Sadly it just seems to get worse and worse. My post on the first page of this thread was lined with salt and my edit was essentially just adding a salt mine to it. Trying to give them a fair review of their efforts is almost impossible to do now. 
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  12. General Mors added a post in a topic Lavientias Event extended ** Updated [1/4/2017] **   

    I truly wished you would have informed us of this sooner. As it stood the event was scheduled to end tonight and as such it made sense to craft one shiny box and use the remaining pearls and diamond to craft splendid boxes and gold diamond rings respectively before the event items had been removed. With this in mind I used at least around 15 pearls and 50 diamonds between the past two or three days which could have been better used had we been informed of this sooner. I'm not asking for any sort of compensation, despite this being out of the player's control, I simply ask that you at least have the motivation to inform your players sooner of changes both large and small sooner than a last minute notice.
    Edit: In light of the recent update that states "The daily rewards will no longer be available from the rewards page from January 4th through January 11th and will be re-enabled upon standard maintenance on 1/11/2017. We apologize for any confusion the original message may have caused." I need to ask this: For what purpose? Every time I have ever made a critical post about your company I have always balanced it with fair reasoning, but your communication, or lack thereof, is unreasonable to say the least. Why is it that you seem to see it fit not to double check your information and fulfill the duties your job requires properly? Time after time we ask you to Improve your communication, albeit many times people voice that opinion harshly, but this is something that has gone on since launch. In all honesty it truly makes me wonder if they even pay you to do your jobs because the lack of effort you show is reminiscent to that of a child digging their heels in refusing to do something. You lack the ambition required to preform the necessary functions it takes to manage a community and a game; we see more of volunteer moderators than we do from those who are paid to do it. While I know it's unlikely any of the complaining, flaming or even concrete arguments ever make a difference here I ask that you reflect on the way you conduct yourselves as it is shameful to let such indolence fester in such a way.
    @CM_Praballo @CM_Aethon @PM_Jouska
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  13. General Mors added a post in a topic Lavientia Event informations   

    My friend needed to know the calculations for how many of each item he could get if he could only log in for the duration of the event and couldn't grind. I calculated it out based on the Shiny Box being the priority and then maximizing leftover materials to craft other items that would get him the most 'bang for his buck' as it were. I figured I might as well post this image here in case anyone was in a similar situation and needed to know this. Credit for the images go to @Dulfy 's website where I ripped them from and edited them slightly. Have a nice day.

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  14. General Mors added a post in a topic Patch Notes - December 7th   

    Do you know what each item does after you craft it? Google hasn't resulted in any fruitful knowledge other than telling me of the NPC with the same name.
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  15. General Mors added a post in a topic Thanksgiving Events   

    The [Event] Sweet Pumpkin Pie food buff is not working as described in it's tooltip. As you can see in the attached image it states that the buff last's for 10 minutes and the cooldown is 30 seconds. In practice this is actually reversed so it has a 30 second duration and 10 minute cooldown. If possible could you let us know which way is correct and fix the problem, whatever it may be? Thank you.

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