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  1. DSdavidDS added a post in a topic Possible to turn Ranger into a Human?   

    Although Elves are clearly superior, i'm pleasantly surprised how well you made it into a normal ear.
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  2. DSdavidDS added a post in a topic Nouver VS Kutum   

    An oversimplified version would be Nouver for PvP and Kutum for PvE
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  3. DSdavidDS added a topic in Ranger   

    Stun on Nature's Tremble. A Buff or Nerf?
    As of the last patch on April 26th, we got the following change to one of our core skills:
    I just wanted to get a general discussion going. Is this a buff or nerf to our arsenal? A long duration cc is obviously good by itself. However, this can also limit our potential of CC locking with our other skills. 
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  4. DSdavidDS added a post in a topic Are there any healing skills/hp recovery options for Ranger?   

    Rangers dont really have any HP recovery options. There are 1-2 options through addons but nothing worth using.
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  5. DSdavidDS added a post in a topic Ultimate Ranger Reference   

    I put the abbreviations of each skill on my run down of skills. I do agree with you that it is difficult to understand some of the skills early on in the guide. Terms like BiS, however, is used rather commonly in most mmorpgs so I didn't find it necessary to define it. 
    If you ever have trouble making decisions, feel free to ask in in discord! We can pick the right grail for you.
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  6. DSdavidDS added a post in a topic Ranger Awk Pve   

    It is fine in the video you watched (I think know which one you saw) where they can KD you at range, but it is similar to spamming call from the sky with less delay. Disadvantage is that you need to keep track of which weapons you are using. I find CftS easier to manage but if you want to swap to sword from afar, C swap is a good option. 
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  7. DSdavidDS added a post in a topic Ranger Awk Pve   

    particularly because we don't have spammable iframes or superarmor like some other melee classes do. 
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  8. DSdavidDS added a post in a topic Lv 57 noob questions   

    I know others have already quoted and replied to you but I'll cut the specific stuff I want to address. I know it is lengthy but please take your time to read this. It should help you in the long run (and I spent time to write all this xD)
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  9. DSdavidDS added a post in a topic Ultimate Ranger Reference   

    Great questions:
    Spirit Healing only increases mana regen on normal bow attacks. Unless you are running out of mana on ranger boss alts, it is not a great use of points and certainly not a "core skill" worthy of adding to the buildSword Training is not a bad skill to take to restore mana in PvE since it also provides iframes during PvE. Again, it isn't really a core skill since you won't be using this skill outside of PvE. Flow: Rooting increase damage on spirit shackles so I take the skill. However, the damage difference is very small. As for using the flow itself, "Some claim the gap closing helps their combos, others claim it ruins their positioning. Ultimately comes down to preference". I personally keep it locked so it doesn't ruin my positioning.Glad you enjoyed the guide. As for that yuria, if it is only +15, it isn't too late to extract it and make a Krea/Rosar!
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  10. DSdavidDS added a post in a topic Ultimate Ranger Reference   

    Thanks for following my guide for such a long time! ^.^
    You say some of my addons are not updated? Everything in the Add-Ons section is still relevant. If anything is missing, outdated, or wrong, please let me know.
    All of the bolded add-ons are what I recommend. I've marked the PvE specific addons with [pve]
    Evasive Explosion Shot: +AP against monsters is great.Waltz of Wind: MP recovery per hit is a must while grindingany form of +defense or +evasion will save you potions in the long run 
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  11. DSdavidDS added a post in a topic Requesting a Calpheon Crate Guide.   

    My understanding is that all artisans can get the same skill but I noticed particularly that giants have a higher chance at the skill. Choose what you will
    - Yep, the three workers from trent will definetely make collecting faster. I go with calph since lodging is expensive in trent.
    - I still recommend goblin (but you can't go wrong with human)
    - The exp from trading within towns got nerfed. You can still get full exp by trading trash crates. (correct me if I am wrong)
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  12. DSdavidDS added a post in a topic Requesting a Calpheon Crate Guide.   

    Don't worry about skills. Focus on getting your workers to artisan level 30 first. Then you can start swapping out crafting speed skills for movement/working speed.
    Materials are stored in Calpheon (since trent workers are rather expensive)
    Workshops are in trent for maximum distance bonus. You will have to process the timber into plywood and then transport them (using the transport system) to trent to make the crates.
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  13. DSdavidDS added a post in a topic Ultimate Ranger Reference   

    Optional Skills
    These skills are viable as long as you are not scavenging for points. You can live without these skills but they might make your life easier.

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  14. DSdavidDS added a post in a topic Ultimate Ranger Reference   

    The damage is fair but it is still on the lower-end compared to the other skills that you have since it leaves you immobile. The immobility and range also makes it useless in PvP.
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  15. DSdavidDS added a post in a topic Requesting a Calpheon Crate Guide.   

    I'm not going to make a guide for this but I'll answer your questions.
    - go to somethinglovely.net and grab all nodes for birch, cedar, and fir timber
    - 9 workers in calpheon for the 9 nodes (goblins) and 3 workers in trent for making the crates (artisan giants have a chance of crate skills)
    - Don't use green workers. Use skilled at the very least but know that pro and artisan makes a huge difference in your production speed. If you don't have them, you are losing lots of profit. Goblins, goblins, goblins!
    - Trent has 3 wood workshops in 3 different nodes. 
    - If made in Calpheon, it counts as Calpheon. The Trent workshops (Trent, Longleaf, Behr) all count as Trent
    - trading costume for +exp
    - Keep workers fed 24/7, replace skilled workers with pro/artisan
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