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  1. Ragge1 added a post in a topic [Jordine] My thoughts of the guild 'Black_Wave' (Also searching for a new guild)   

    The guild chat is there for a reason, isn't it?
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  2. Ragge1 added a post in a topic [Jordine] My thoughts of the guild 'Black_Wave' (Also searching for a new guild)   

    Hehe, the guild members was much older than me. Probably around 25 lol.
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  3. Ragge1 added a topic in European Guild   

    [Jordine] My thoughts of the guild 'Black_Wave' (Also searching for a new guild)
    Hello, I have been playing this game for nine days now. When my trial ran out, I bought the game because of my amazing guild which turned out not to be so amazing, here is why.
    They have people talking shit non-stop in Discord and jumps people for no reason. I am from Sweden and joined Discord once, and they talked shit about my country for 2 hours straight (The guild leader is also swedish, but still.. It's VERY annoying). One time a guy from Egypt joined the channel, and they started to talk crap about him instead. This is not OK, even tho the guild might be good friends. It's just retarded.
    Another thing is that they very often ignore your messages in guild chat even tho you need help or just are wondering about something in general. Why? YOU ARE NOT ON DISCORD! I don't like talking in Discord all the time, because I have a hard time pronouncing words and feel like everyone is looking down on me as soon as I say something weird. So I only talk there if there is only a few online. But it seems like they wants you to be online all the time.
    The main reason is, that I today asked what to do now that I hit 50 because I don't know what else to do than just leveling. They told me, 'get level 51 then'. I didn't understand why I needed level 51 because there is no content for it. (I hit level 50 so I could help out the guild in missions etc, which means I had a goal with my leveling). A guy in the guild told me to suck someones -----, so I told him to ----- off. Which ended up with a guild member asking If I wanted him to chase me down to kill me. I asked what type of members they had in their guild, and they was like "HEY! DONT TALK SHIT ABOUT OUR GUILD MEMBERS!!". Jesus christ, I was wondering for a few minutes if I should drop out, and I did. The last thing I did was to thank the two good members which helped me out most of the time, and I'm serious, MOST OF THE TIME, even tho the guild had pretty much members.
    Edit: A guild member also told me not to care about gear until level 45-50, so I didn't. When the guild members asked me about AP and DP once I hit 50, they LAUGHED on Discord because it was so terrible. How should I have known? The guy told me not to give a shit about it! I was doing as he told me. This was a an annoying moment for me, hearing people be like "oh my god, this guy lol" etc. This guild was not too bad, but it has flaws.. and too many of them for me to enjoy being with them.
    Now I am wondering what to do in this game, I don't have a guild so It feels really empty. If anyone is recruiting a FRIENDLY guild, feel free to reply. My requirement is a nice & friendly english speaking guild which can help out if they have the time for it. I also of course wants the guild to be active.
    I understand that this is probably not the right place to make complains nor search for guild, but I want this information to be out there for newers to watch out for people like this. Because it's not really fun.
    Thanks for taking your time reading.
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