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  1. eSportBully added a topic in General   

    Locked Belt
    I have a Duo tree belt that has a lock on it. I can not enhance it, put it on mp, or destroy it. Why is this? why is it locked? how do I unlock it? I used cron stones to get duo cause they were free other then that I have no idea why it would be locked
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  2. eSportBully added a post in a topic Is PvP a major component of End game? If So, do you need 200+ AP to viable?   

    People with less then 200 ap can and do participate in node wars. They just don't own a region. There are tiers to each node. As a guild you attack or control a node that is within your range to protect or conquer. Don't see why the game has to be normalized...
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  3. eSportBully added a post in a topic Awakened title   

    Think you may have misunderstood my statement. The answer you quoted was in response to  a question on what to do after the skill combo part. Never at any point did I say it was the "Destroyer of Dreams" title.
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  4. eSportBully added a post in a topic Awakened title   

    You need to go to soldiers grave and kill mobs there.
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  5. eSportBully added a post in a topic Awakened title   

    I got mine when I completed all the quests.
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  6. eSportBully added a topic in Ranger   

    Awakened title
    Hello I finished  the quest before shutdown and got a title. Is there only one title? Or two? A generic one and a first 100 title?  Ty in advance
    • 15 replies
  7. eSportBully added a post in a topic [Video Guide] Enhancing & Failstacking   

    Not gonna mention server stacking? =(.... As always great vid. Sad to see you join the darkside aka barcode.
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  8. eSportBully added a topic in Ranger   

    Acc And Ignore resistance
    Hello I was curious if acc effects ignore resistance? Will my acc affect the chance for me to knock someone down? Or is it based strictly off of ignore resistance?
    • 1 reply
  9. eSportBully added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Furniture Bug
    I recently removed my items from one residence to another. Some of the items I have can not be place in my new residence. They are the same items I had in the previous one. One is a pearl item bed, a utensil, bear carpet, serendia carpet and the magic carpet from an event. When I click on the items to remove them from the list and place them in my residence they do no show. At one point I would see a yellow line where the item should be. I would see the line move with the indicator as if it was the item. Now I can not see the yellow line any longer. I have tried /reloadui and also completely exiting from the game and reclogging back in. Nothing has worked so far. I would greatly appreciate assistance in this matter. Ty in advance I think...
    • 1 reply
  10. eSportBully added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    You made a commitment to your player base that this game will not become a P2W game. This in turn increased your player base. It is sad and disheartening to see such a great and innovative game take a turn like this. You fell back on your commitment, you are removing posts that are well thought out, not inflammatory or offensive. This unacceptable on many fronts. Sad day indeed
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  11. eSportBully added a topic in Website Tech Support   

    Servers down!!!
    Servers are down and all I have to say is
    • 1 reply
  12. eSportBully added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Switching server to Battlefield DC
    If you are on a different server then the one the battlefield is taking place on and try to join it you will get Dcd and will get locked out of the ability to switch servers when you log back in.
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  13. eSportBully added a post in a topic Please Help   

    I also am experiencing the same issue. For the past few days I would experience the same issue but as of today it has escalated to being disconnected and trying to log back it would either...A) log in with the above mentioned issue then not be able to do or interact with anything... or B) not be able to log in at all... if I did get to log in it would dc me as soon as I enter the game. Very disappointed, haven't been able to play and lost hours of progression. As of now at this current time since about 4 pm est I have not been able to log in at all.
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