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  1. Siahn added a post in a topic Stuck at "now processing"   

    I am having the same issue but with a black screen also (you can see the Now Processing in the faint red font)

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  2. Siahn added a topic in Website Tech Support   

    Stuck at Now Processing with a black screen
    As of about two days ago I am suddenly being presented with a blacked out screen at character select with a faint image of Now Processing. Screenshot included - can anyone help? I cant log in at all.

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  3. Siahn added a post in a topic Stuck on "Now Processing"   

    Ive got the same problem happening, been playing for months with no issue until the last week when I suddenly start getting this problem. Re-installed but no success.
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  4. Siahn added a post in a topic LF Oceanic guild on Edan with older players   

    Brilliant!  Looks exactly like what Ive been looking for.  
    Application submitted, hope to hear from you soon.
    Thanks, really appreciate you coming back to me.
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  5. Siahn added a topic in US Guild   

    LF Oceanic guild on Edan with older players
    As the title says; Im a older player, living in NZ and looking to get with likeminded players.
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  6. Siahn added a post in a topic For anyone thinking about buying the game or recently started.   


    Yep - amazing how the original post was a really well thought out helpful and positive post, and the first few replies were positive and grateful and then it descends into this negative complaining about everything.  Honestly don't understand why you keyboard warriors who seem to be so clearly disappointed still play?
    There are other games kiddies.
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  7. Siahn added a post in a topic Publisher's reputation salvageable?   

    Of course you enjoy it. It gives you a place to vent your anger.  And you may well be right to be angry. It is your choice and right to leave. You should however respect others choice and right to stay. If you've left, move on. You just sound like a sad git trying to justify yourself constantly. You're boring.
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  8. Siahn added a post in a topic New player =^.^=   

    Don't listen to this plonker.  Theres been a big furor about the game going P2W and this guys on the 'Ima leavin this here game cos Ima stick it to da man for not listening to the players yo yo rise up ma peoples' side of the fence.  I
    Note he's on the forums however so obviously still peeping around the door to see if people are having a good time without him.
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  9. Siahn added a topic in US Guild   

    Real Life age?
    Im trying to get an idea of the average real life age of players in this game.
    If you don't mind, can you post your real life age here?
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  10. Siahn added a post in a topic When to start caring?   

    then you really need to stop and chill for a bit and work out everything before you level any further imo.  At 20 I had production set up, houses set up, nodes connected and my storage expanded.
    Im not saying you need to do any of these things but if you've only just figured out how to find a storage bank then I would just slow waaay down now mate :-)
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  11. Siahn added a post in a topic When to start caring?   

    Im a new player also. At level 20 I stopped chasing the levels and chilled at Veila learning the mechanics around buying houses, setting up production, cooking, refining, hiring workers, etc.  I also spent a lot of time experimenting with my combos and getting used to the combat which is completely different from Wow, GW2 etc.
    I also read a lot online. Any question I had I looked up to find the answer. This game, rightly or wrongly, does not lead you by the hand like Wow, etc. Its a sandbox style  game so the approach is different from the theme park games. 
    My advice is to slow right down.
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  12. Siahn added a post in a topic Open Letter to PW2 Haters   

    You know, the only thing this whole P2W debacle has confirmed for me is that the BDO community is the worst community I have ever experienced in any MMO I have played.
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  13. Siahn added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    only just bought this game and now it makes this call - feeling pretty ripped off
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  14. Siahn added a post in a topic [ Reds ] Uno - Open Recruitment!   

    Hi, Im a reasonably new player (Lvl 27) living in NZ.  Your guild sounds just what Im looking for, Ive been taking my time leveling to get a good idea of the game and class mechanics and Im keen to get into a guild who I can grow and learn with - and hit some pvp.
    Family name: Siahn
    In-Game name: Kytann
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  15. Siahn added a post in a topic <Whisperia> Uno Server - Recruiting! Seeking mature and a friendly community!   

    Hi - Im interested in joining your guild. Are you still recruiting?
    If so, my in-game name is Kytann and family name is Siahn.
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