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  1. Savaryne added a post in a topic New player (3 weeks) lf a new home [Eu]   

    I sent you a message! 
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  2. Savaryne added a post in a topic <FerrumAeternum>   

    Bump! We have grown to a medium-sized guild with an active playerbase. Send us a message in game or on forums if you are interested in joining! :)
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  3. Savaryne added a post in a topic <FerrumAeternum>   

    Up! We are still looking for more players to join our ranks!
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  4. Savaryne added a post in a topic <FerrumAeternum>   

    I have sent you a message! Check your inbox.
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  5. Savaryne added a post in a topic <FerrumAeternum>   

    On the forums, check your inbox! 
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  6. Savaryne added a post in a topic <FerrumAeternum>   

    I sent you a PM!
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  7. Savaryne added a post in a topic <FerrumAeternum>   

    Bump! We are still looking for more recruits! :)
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  8. Savaryne added a post in a topic <delete>   

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  9. Savaryne added a post in a topic <deleted>   

    Bump! Looking for a friendly and active guild? Come and join us 
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  10. Savaryne added a post in a topic Patch Notes - February 1st   

    A single log..?
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  11. Savaryne added a post in a topic Leveling 50-56   

    Catfishmen near Calpheon should be good a level or two from 50. Later on you have elrics, helms, sausans, pirates etc. Gear is pretty dependable on about where you should go, ap/dp wise. Since a recent update you can see locations of mobs (with a picture) and around what levels on your worldmap, it's a quite good guide if you're new. 
    You can check this one out for an example to get a feel about a few areas you have to chose from:
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  12. Savaryne added a post in a topic New player-ish here   

    Nothing forces you to, but sometimes it may be more effecient. Like when you grind at high lvl places like Sausans. It's often many people fighting at the same areas, could be a good idea to maybe join a group if there's one. You can of course solo it as well. It also depends on what gear you have and what lvl you are, some places are difficult to solo if you're not enough geared. Daily scrolls suggest a certain amount of players depending on which scrolls, but it's a recommendation. In many cases in you can solo it just fine. 
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  13. Savaryne added a post in a topic New player-ish here   

    There's caves and such filled with mobs you could call a dungeon, some are crowded and some are not. Usually you can do good pulls here since there's often packed more than outside the caves. If you google it you can find them and where they are.
    The scroll your friend is talking about is the daily/weekly scrolls. You get the quests from the black spirit and you can choose which one of them you want to do, you will be offered a few to chose from which will grant you a quest with a scroll as a reward. You can solo them or the best, team up with others. You will see in chat people asking for 5x daily scrolls etc where in that scenario you bring 5 scrolls and so does the whole party, making you gain a lot more rewards than doing them alone. There's also scrolls like Ancient Relic Scrolls,where you gather pieces and merge them together to get a scroll. You can get these pieces from fishing or buy them from the market. 
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  14. Savaryne added a post in a topic New player-ish here   

    Well, I can't agree that this game is entirely PvP. There's so much more around it than PvP, and since there's no raid-system so you will mostly do Node wars, Guild Wars (if you're in a guild) and Sieges.
    BDO is a grindfest, since you don't get any exp from the majority of quest you are doing. You will get plenty of PvE when you level up and you will grow extremely tired of it, trust me. Grinding is also one of your biggest incomes if you don't decide to to much life skilling, and you need to be well prepared gearwise to be able to enjoy PvP.
    You can do world bosses for drops and pray to rng jesus that you will loot a box with boss arm/wep, but it's not that easy. You can do daily/weekly boss scrolls that you get from quests from your black spirit (to get blackstones, hunters seals, silver etc.) or rare mob drops. Also there will be plenty of dailies when you reach higher levels, most of them when you have to kill x amount of mobs for rewards. 
    There's plenty to do, don't let the "entirely PvP" turn you off. If you don't want to do it you don't have to. 
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  15. Savaryne added a post in a topic How much preorders for logs   

    There is none. You get logs as a "by-product" from whatever tree you are gathering. Also you can't get logs from nodes by your workers, gotta take your axe and go chop chop on your own.
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