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  1. Kokusa added a post in a topic Things BDO Players Hate   

    It's not dated software though.
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  2. Kokusa added a post in a topic File Corrupted! Yes I know, I know   

    This last patch fixed my game. 
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  3. Kokusa added a post in a topic Things BDO Players Hate   

    The issue is caused by different factors, such as bad RAM, Network, and other factors. But I wiped my computer clean, installed Windows 7 and all it's drivers yet the game wouldn't work, after yesterday's patch the game now works great proving it's the game itself having compability issues or something among those lines. 
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  4. Kokusa added a post in a topic Things BDO Players Hate   

    The game IS great, but just because it runs wonderfully on your PC doesn't mean it does in others. Yeah we all complain, but we complain because we paid for the game to play it, your experience varies from ours and thus you rant at us with comments like these. It's like making fun of someone for having a disability when you yourself have never had any experience with the disability. I love the game I just wish it wouldn't be as buggy to let me play it as it's proven to be lately. My PC isn't top of the line but it isn't junk either, the game has some compability issues that's all. There is a significant amount of people who can't play it either. 
    But the real question is how would you feel if you bought a game and couldn't play it? You'd feel robbed wouldn't you? I know it's not the dev's fault, these things just happen and as for this post, it's really just humor. 
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  5. Kokusa added a post in a topic Things BDO Players Hate   

    This last patch, even though it corrupted half way and made me recheck my files to then download the patch again, seems to have worked. The game is running as it should thus far. 
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  6. Kokusa added a topic in General   

    Things BDO Players Hate
    Gets excited for new BDO Patch that may potentially let me play the game again
    Gets Corrupt File half download...
    Goes back to town to sell fish to Trade Manager
    Game crashes before you ever get to the next town...
    Never lets you load back in to actually sell you're rotting fish...
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  7. Kokusa added a post in a topic File Corrupted! Yes I know, I know   

    I lost all my fish thanks to this. Hopefully they'll fix this soon.
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  8. Kokusa added a topic in Website Tech Support   

    File Corrupted! Yes I know, I know
    At this point I feel like I'm beating on a dead bush but here goes nothing. 
    With the latest patch the game has been rather annoying to me. At first I couldn't even launch the game, but later on that was fixed with the follow-up patch and everything was fine until the other patch. Now I don't know how many patches they've actually released but I feel like I'm playing Patch Download Simulator, not that it's bad that they update the game frequently but they should at least be stable patches. 
    Now to the current issue. The game launches, I select my character and get loaded into the world, I play for a bit and out of nowhere I get prompted with a pop-up that's titled "Corrupt File!" and I get to click OK and it automatically closes the game. Sometimes it happens as soon as I get loaded into the world. 
    I've already tried deleting the version.dat file and renaming it to config.filecheck as well as reinstalling the launcher. Though it seems like a patch related issue if anyone knows anything please let me know, I'm tired and my fish are all rottened by now anyway. 
    Ps. I never got to trade my fish in because when I logged in and went to the trader it'd say I had to wait 10min to use the trading feature and the game would crash before the 10min would pass. Imagine the frustration... 
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