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  1. rximmortal added a post in a topic I like how everyone stays quiet about Heilang damage :)   

    Okey guys , I think we pass the first patch. Keep quiet...
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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  2. rximmortal added a post in a topic I like how everyone stays quiet about Heilang damage :)   

    Go and test vermilion skill on someone and see the pets damage.
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  3. rximmortal added a post in a topic I like how everyone stays quiet about Heilang damage :)   

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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  4. rximmortal added a topic in Tamer   

    I like how everyone stays quiet about Heilang damage :)
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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  5. rximmortal added a post in a topic Ultimate Echo Pierce   

    The first thing I tested was the speed it is definitely slower. But not in a bad way at least for me. The moveset I use came more precise with the ultimate echo than with normal one
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  6. rximmortal added a post in a topic Ultimate Echo Pierce   

    It is good that you can lock and unlock it , so it is up to everyone to decide if they like it or not
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  7. rximmortal added a post in a topic Tamer changes 26 April   

    First one is larger too. I tested it myself. The whole echo pierce has larger hitbox
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  8. rximmortal added a post in a topic Tamer changes 26 April   

    Ultimate echo skill is longer only some frames , lets say not more than 0,3-0,5sec. But during this time u are in SA , Plus you can cancel it whenever you want.
    What is more important is that the hit box of ultimate echo is like triple on normal echo.
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  9. rximmortal added a post in a topic Tamer changes 26 April   

    When something new come out and I read comments in forums, its everytime the same
    1.) New move is okey , nice , imba , op , buff and so on           OR ....
    2.) New move is total crap , they nerf us ........
    At times like this , I realize people are just playing different games...
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  10. rximmortal added a post in a topic Tamer changes 26 April   

    So Here are some Final Tips about Tamer changes.
    1.) Void lightning is still usefull it just has cd now. I personally ultra rarely use void lightning , simply because u are pretty much unsafe while doing it and you are staying too long in non awakening, which is not fine for me.
    2.) After couple of test here are my final thoughts on ECHO.
     - Ultimate Echo pierce have different hit box (even on first hit) compared to normal ehco. It has a lot side large aoe hitbox and infront. Echo pierces problem always was the aoe hitbox being too small. Now is bigger which is ultra fine.
    - Ultimate Echo's damage is concentrate on front which basically means it deals double damage.Yes but no . Old echo deals 800%*3 = 2400% dmg (only frontal hit) . Ultimate echo deals 540*6 = 3240%. So this is about 35% dmg more.
    Final thoughts - Ultimate Echo is definatlely better than normal echo. Of course if you don't find it this way you can always LOCK the ultimate echo and use the old one
    3.) All Accuracy of the skills is the same. There are no different in damage than before patch. I guess they always were these numbers , just wrongly written.
    4.) Spinner seems the same. Cant decide if I can feel any difference from the crit damage buff.
    Report this please , so we can have hopes to be fixed
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  11. rximmortal added a post in a topic Tamer changes 26 April   

    I tested the damage. Everything seems same as before , ultimate echo pierce is doing more damage.
    Accuracy seems same. I suppose the accuracy was not written correct before. In general Tamers damage is the same or a little higher.
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  12. rximmortal added a post in a topic Huge tamer grab issue (We need to make sure this gets fixed soon)   

    I cant give any arguments because neither I , either anyone else can say with 100% certainty why this problem occurs.
    But. What I can say is that.
    Since long ago , I found ways to deal with the desync in the game. Yes it does not work always , but in most of the cases. I have many posts about it and about many other tamer stuffs related. I guess it is connected to forum's nature to not get any positive feedbacks at the forums. But I received many such in game on personal massage. At least I know I helped some people to get better .
    I do not know with 100% certain if my theory about grab and desync and everything is right. But I never ever seen a situation at the game which I cannot explain. Being able to understand all situations I had seen so far helps me to enjoy the game , the way it mean to be enjoyed. 
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  13. rximmortal added a post in a topic Huge tamer grab issue (We need to make sure this gets fixed soon)   

    True. Tamer Grab aoe hitbox is small compared to other classes: Warrior , Ranger , Ninja etc... When you combine that with no super armor during grab move like other characters have -> It follows that Tamer's grab require a lot of precision to be applied when neatry all other classes can do it a lot easier...
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  14. rximmortal added a post in a topic Huge tamer grab issue (We need to make sure this gets fixed soon)   

    I think there will always be players that believe in fairy tales.
    Why you called a white colour -> black , when it is obvious white ????
    1.) Tamer's grab issue is 100% connected with desync (lag).
    2.) Grab itself is not the problem. The problem is the floating part of the skill. I don't have problems in grabbing anything that is moving or casting skills.( Including teleporting Maehwas and Zerkers ). That's ofcourse because I somehow understand how desync works. You can even see that in Korea there are still desync after floating. It is just greatly reduced because of better connection or better servers.
    3.) Difference between float and knockdown is in the animation of the falling. On knockdown you just fall backward on the ground ( for everyone ). On floating you fall with parabola backward ( and the parabola and distance is different for each class ). You can check the difference between grabbing a Tamer and Maehwa.
    4.) Bolt+Jolt fix the desync issue. I can clearly see it with my eyes how the laying target is reposition himself on the ground within 10-20m distance . Still you says it dosnt. Ok
    Maybe NA server are worst than EU. I don't know.....

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  15. rximmortal added a post in a topic Huge tamer grab issue (We need to make sure this gets fixed soon)   

    I see This topic is still alive.
    Maybe , just maybe , when the big pvp arena ( similar to RBF ) come , the desync there will be less , but event than it will never be gone. Because it is not a problem of the game but it is a server problem.
    As always I am here to help . Maybe most of you know what I shall write, because forum is full of pro players , but still I will inform the new gamers how to overcome the desync in the game.
    Problem: After grab (mainly) or any floating sklll (more rarely) there is a chance to occure the so called desync. What happened is that you opponent is on the ground on a different location of what u are seeing on your monitor. This is a problem because you miss your damage skills that way
    Solution: It seems that if you managed to hit (somehow) a desync target , he autocorrect his position ( Of course it do not work always ). Which means that after grab your best combo follower should be Bolt+Jolt combination cuz it has a large aoe hitbox. Beleave it or not many time bolt+Jolt corrected a really far desynced target which allows me to add the more precision and big damage skills as intended
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  16. rximmortal added a post in a topic What accessories should I get for my Tamer?   

    Check my gear on my twitch account. THis is the most budget version of accesoaries you can make.
    The best one you can aim for is this:
    2x TET red corals earings.
    1x TRI Basi
    2x TRI Crescent rings
    1 x TRI Ogre.
    I personally don't recommend you to go for DP accesoaries. DP build works too.
    In AP build you will finish something like 220-230AP / 305DP
    With DP build you will finish 200-210AP / 330-340DP
    You decide
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  17. rximmortal added a post in a topic Is our grab fixed?   

    It is true , that the desync is less than before
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  18. rximmortal added a topic in Tamer   

    Tamer New (SAFE) Grab Mechanic by rximmortal
    Hi again fellows. I am here today to share with you a new mechanic I use with great success during any kind of PvP.
    By applying a mechanic called Option Select you can perform a "Safe" grab with Tamer. Safe grab means that even if your grab fails , desync , miss , you will be safe after that from any kind of CC. The most positive aspect of that is that now you can use GRAB freely without worrying of any consequences. Players that are really into the PvP aspect of the game will understand that this is a huge step forward for Tamers.
    Originally I thought to make a video showing the mechanic there, but for now I don't have the time to make a quality video , so I decided to make a Topic here and explain it how it works.
    So lets begin.
    First a fast explanation what Option Select is. This is a mechanic used mainly in fighting games which allows you to "CONCEAL" a 2nd skill during the duration of the 1st Skill. Basically what happened is this - you use Skill 1 and asap you use skill 2 as a follow. What happened on player screen is this: If Skill 1 Hits (connects) , Skill 2 will not come out.  If skill 1 Miss , Skill 2 come out as soon as possible. I will not explain why this things happened because it will be too long post and it requires knowedge of stuffs like , buffering , frame data , block stun and so on which is not needed right here.
    So in Tamer case Skill 1 is Soaring Kick ( E - grab ) and Skill 2 is Legendary Beast Power.
    So following the logic of Option select we use Soaring Kick and than asap we use Legendary Beast Power ( LBP ). This will results in Canceling the grab animation with LBP ( that is what happened if the grab miss). Because Soaring Kick's startup animation CANNOT BE CANCELED , if the grab connects , this mean that the 2nd Skill ( LBP ) will not come out.
    !!!! Remember always use the LBP with SHIFT+SPACE not a hotkey !!!!
    So basically you do this Grab you cancel the grab with LBP. From here 2 things can happened:
    - Situation 1 , Grab connects ->LBP do not come out -> you do normal combo.
    - Situation 2 , Grab MISS ( Because of Lag , desync , resist , actual miss ) -> LBP came out immediately setting you in a SUPER ARMOR state.
    Here are how to use this in a real PvP fight. From now I will explain the option select mechanic as "E , LBP"
    To simplify the millions of situations we can encounter during PvP , we will devide them on 2 types: Defensive Grab and Offensive Grab.
    The explanation up till now fully apply only for the Defensive grab.
    - Defensive grab - This is when you use a grab while you defend yourself (mainly as counterattack).
     The best way to set up a defensive grab is with adding Leaves Dropping (invulnerable side dash) before Grab. So this is what happened: You got attacked. At that moment you are in Block , Super Armor state , Frontal block state , it dosnt matter. You go for Leaves Dropping , E , LBP . If grab connects you will successfully perform a counter attack grab , if not LBP will come out. The best follow up of LBP is ECHO (set echo on hotkey , because u are at pre-awakening , shortsword state) , than after echo u can do whatever you want.
    - Offensive grab - This is when you use grab as offense to try and grab your opponent during their defense state or unsafe long animation attack.
    LBP is not the only skill you can perform Option Select with, but it is the SAFEST one. Offensive grab is perform by using LBP as a start up (because usually the distance between you and your opponent is greater ) than you go for GRAB. So now to cancel the grab you will use the ECHO as a cancel instead of LBP( it is on cd right now , so you cant use it). Because there are some gab between Grab(miss) and Echo , you are not completely safe . But this is why we use it in the offensive grab situation, because u are not underfire at that moment and basically the only chance to hit you if your opponent use a really fast counterattack. As I said it is not so safe as defensive one , but it is a risk with a good chances for success.
    Because a timing is required to cancel Grab with Echo , here is what I do. E, than asap 3xEcho ( I press it pretty fast, so in your case maybe 2 times will be enough ) so it is like this: E, Echo , Echo , Echo.
    This follows the same logic shown upper. If grab connects , echo will not come out (even pressed 3 times). If grab misses echo will come out.
    NOTE: Echo is just a skill I use. You can replace it with whatever you find suit to your playstyle.
    Using the Option Select is a way to use your mechanics ( grab in our case ) safer. This allows you to take more risks and make your opponent life a living hell. Doing Option Select do not have any visually indications in BDO. The grab cancel is so fast that with the current lag / desync issues it is literally invisble for your opponent. Option Select works on (mechanic level , not visual), so if a desync occurs grab will be canceled with LBP. Now there are a case in which you do Grab -> your opponent go invulnerable -> your grab animation triggers -> your opponent get up of the groud and counter attack you. Unfortunatelly even option select cant save you in this situation. But in all other cases it works like charm.
    This mechanic is not Tamer lock only. It can be used with all other characters with grab. But because their grab has different animations and different skills for canceling, It will be a little different for them. But following this concept , you will be able to apply it on other characters too.
    I hope, this new mechanic will help players to bring the PvP of the game on a next level.
    Thank you and have fun.
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  19. rximmortal added a post in a topic Looking for grind combos   

    Add 25(30) AP vs monsters add-on on some skills.
    No matter where u grind , mobs are always like this: 1 heavy monster and the rest are easy killable.
    Use Moonstrike + echo as opener on the heavy target.
    Than you go for Beast Rampage + echo than repeat.
    Your main skill PvE skill is Beast Rampage. You basically use it as main and rotate all rest of awakening skills around it.
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  20. rximmortal added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    I think there were some misunderstanding the last siege.
    We organized 1on1 with OldSkool at Calpheon. Enemy just happened to be there. They were never at the calculations at the first place. Don't make false accusations on them. They did nothing wrong.
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  21. rximmortal added a post in a topic KR Tamer patch note 23rd March *new skill*   

    If what they wrote is true. Than Echo is buffed as -----.
    I think that sometimes old (echo) manages to hit laying on ground opponents with both frontal and backward hits and the damage is INSANE.
    So now we can just always hit with full echo on frontal. Don't see how this can possible be called a nerf.( of course if what they wrote is correct ).
    Plus you can always cancel the echo with other moves so the slighty longer animation ( which is not sure that it is longer ) is not a problem.
    So for example the most basic combo of tamer that manages to delete nearly everything will do even more damage. Which is:
    - MoonStrike , Vermilion , (New Echo) , Legendary Beast Dance.
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  22. rximmortal added a post in a topic KR Tamer patch note 23rd March *new skill*   

    Nice buff. Basically u deal the 2 hits of echo frontal now , not one front and one backward
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  23. rximmortal added a post in a topic KR Tamer patch note 23rd March *new skill*   

    I gladly sacrifice half of echo damage for double or triple aoe range :). This way at least echo will connect some times
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  24. rximmortal added a post in a topic KR Tamer patch note 23rd March *new skill*   

    250% difference and they says it is the same ...
    That sounds sticky... 
    I just hope that the Echo Flow will compensate the nerf...
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  25. rximmortal added a post in a topic Helping New Tamers!!   

    If I go back in time , I will play Tamer again. GG
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