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  1. PardoBear added a post in a topic Zerk population   

    I agree that liking zerker is not the most common thing, but the more you play it, the more you like it. It gets better and better with gear and skills, and the awakening is great fun and actually isn't that easy to play, which gives the class some flavour. I wouldn't recommend it as an alter (if it's meant to farm mobs or anything else than failstacking and energy bank) as it's heavy gear and level reliant. 
    I fell in love with the class at first sight, but that's just me, I always preferred massive, brute characters.
    edit: misunderstood at first.
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  2. PardoBear added a post in a topic Duo Liverto or Tri Ultimate Yuria   

    25 is just enough to get a duo, and 32+ for TRI attempts. If you happen to get 45+ failstacks, save them for TET attempts even if that's gonna be in many months from now.
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  3. PardoBear added a post in a topic Duo Liverto or Tri Ultimate Yuria   

    Duo liverto is a lot better, the accuracy and hidden reasons make it the best choice. Almost as good as kzarka, which tests say its roughly a 5% increase in damage compared to liverto, so that shouldn't concern you untill you are extremely geared and want to take the next step.
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  4. PardoBear added a post in a topic Using Beastly Wind Slash for PvP   

    You could very well change to awakening and use blasting instead of beastly wind slash, but it's sort of the same damage and the axe skill debuffs enemy movement speed and increases yours so it should be a better option (during the grab chain)
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  5. PardoBear added a post in a topic Liverto or Skip to Kzarka?   

    I don't know if this is intentional trolling or something, but so many old posts are being revived for no reason, please stop it.
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  6. PardoBear added a post in a topic Crystals for Berserker build?   

    Mate, Valencia wasn't even released when this was said, please check the date, precision crystal wasn't a must as is didn't exist by that time.
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  7. PardoBear added a post in a topic [GUIDE] Berserker Road to 60 [Update 29. July] Including Google Doc   

    It is outdated but yes, he is (was) aiming to outgear and outlevel other players as his win condition. Not anywhere near how a berserker should be built, unless going for full mob farming. 
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  8. PardoBear added a post in a topic Kzarka or Dandelion?   

    If you already have a liverto, wait for the dandelion first.
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  9. PardoBear added a post in a topic Coming back, do berserker still "suck"?   

    yeah but grab a less ancient post to revive too
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  10. PardoBear added a topic in Suggestions   

    Be consistent with the cash shop updates
    I think berserkers deserve to have the awakening weapon costume from the treant camouflage separated from the full costume as every other awakened class has, and I'm pretty sure it's a mistake but I decided to make this post anyways in case there was a reasoning behind it being this way, and also because the person who replied my support ticket said ''We can't reveal incoming content'' which clearly shows how little attention he gave to the request.
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  11. PardoBear added a topic in PVE   

    Pirates drops and knowledge
    Which knowledges are worth getting to S rank in the Kuit Islands (pirates) in order to maximize my chances of getting good drops? I've not found any useful information other than the blue rings dropping from the ''Elite Sentinel'' and ''Cox Elite Gladiator'', and the red earrings dropping from ''Crazy Jack'' and ''Iron Combatant''. I wonder which pirates don't have any chance of dropping accessories, if any. It would be very appreciated if you could share this info. Thanks in advance.
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  12. PardoBear added a post in a topic 5/5 attack/critical with Max grapple ignore?   

    It's because it doesn't exist. The attack/casting speed +1 version for berserkers is called ''Jordine Casual Clothes''. Took me a while to find about this, when it was simple as checking all the possible berserker clothes in the auction house, lol.
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  13. PardoBear added a post in a topic Berserkers - tell me what you think of your hand cannon!   

    For PvE it's a big, big boost, not only the damage, but also the ability to pull bigger packs with the new skill that punches the ground, which acts almost like our axe form's 100% spirit rage (PvE-wise, it doesn't CC in PvP). So I am pretty happy with that, it will help immensely our active income from grinding and XP gaining.
     That being said, PvP damage seems definitely low, It's true that I'm undergeared, but my axes are still better in terms of damage for PvP. I expect to be stronger once I reach lvl 60, but this compared to the other awakenings was quite dissapointing. It might be that warrior and sorc's awakenings are just too strong and the incoming awakenings are ''lighter'' than those but we will see. I also think it's quite harder to play than axes, which is great, I have to admit axes were kinda easy and I've always liked challenges. 
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  14. PardoBear added a post in a topic What is better   

    After gemming rocaba, yes, it beats taritas, but the difference is so small I wouldn't recommend investing money on a new armor that's not from bosses, you'll be just fine with taritas + grunil. I use that set myself and I will stick with it untill I get the ultimate gear.  If you get Bheg's gloves, you could get the 3rd piece of taritas (helmet) and go 3-1, but that's up to you, if you would stick with grunil+taritas untill full boss armor or combine it.
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