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  1. Badhabit added a post in a topic Warrior buffs 03/15/2017   

    thanks for sharing lad
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  2. Badhabit added a post in a topic Warrior Bern costume?   

    why the hell would they remove it?
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  3. Badhabit added a topic in Warrior   

    Warrior Bern costume?
    hey lads!
    was looking around for the bern costume, google says its already in EU and i saw a guy running around with it, cant find it in the cash shop tho.
    where is it? was it a limited time costume or something?
    • 4 replies
  4. Badhabit added a post in a topic Do you think Wizard/Witch will get nerfed?   

    i think witch/wiz should be nerfed.
    wizards ulti is out of control, oneshotting people who outgear you by far is kinda strange.
    having a 58 witch, 59 warr and a 58 sorc, the witch feels so much stronger in both pvp&pve.
    if you play a witch correctly and have a few resist gems, you are maxed out on 60% resistances everywhere in pvp all fight long. not to mention her incredible damage, huge aoe on everything and her superarmor/frontguard spam. evading grabs isnt hard too if you understand how warr/zerk/valk grab is working.
    besides that the amount of utility, heals and defensive capabilities with a proper evasion build paired with their damage and inability to miss anything duo to their gigantic aoe attacks feels broken easy and effective, even compaired to a warrior which is in a good spot pvp wise.
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  5. Badhabit added a post in a topic Combat Experience Bonus Weekends - March/April 2017   

    was i halucinating or did we have this for an eternity?
    how is this a new event? 
    i guess its just a mindset-preparation that the exp weekend bonus which is expected now can be turned off again without further trouble.
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  6. Badhabit added a post in a topic Dark Knight or Sorc?   

    Sorc is a great class, awesome in pve and great in pvp due to her hardcore burstdamage and iframes, aswell as ranged CC. Sorc kinda felt the other way around when it came to getting good at it. it was hard to learn but easy to master. i played my sorc up to lv. 59 and ive had a great time with it! other classes got boring quick, the sorc just doesnt for me.
    DK as it is now has nothing to do with the awakened DK, if you like the agile/evasive melee youll be disappointed, DK becomes a mid-long range class which seems to be alot squishier then the sorc from what i could see in videos from the korean build. the dk will have more of the glass cannon feeling, since the sorc is able to stay alive pretty long due to her iframes.
    i hope i could help with you class decision, have a nice saturday lads!
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  7. Badhabit added a post in a topic Basilisks belt/loops   

    im grinding there with 183 sheet ap, whats recommended?
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  8. Badhabit added a post in a topic Marketplace bug?   

    seems to work, thanks lad!
    this fps issue needs to be fixed asap tho.
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  9. Badhabit added a topic in PVE   

    Basilisks belt/loops
    hey guys!
    i started to farm basilisks den to get belts to DUO one, i read that there are some green drops from the basilisks which you can arrange into a belt.
    unfortunately i havent seen a green item nor a belt for around 3 days of farming, are they really that rare or do i need to complete a quest or something in order to get the belt parts?
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  10. Badhabit added a post in a topic Marketplace bug?   

    i have the same issue!
    thanks for the workaround, ill test it when im back.
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  11. Badhabit added a topic in General   

    Muskan boots preorder!
    Has someone successfully preordered Muskan boots in the past few days?
    if yes: for how much?!
    • 8 replies
  12. Badhabit added a post in a topic Dark Knight Release Events   

    here i sit, hoped that i would be able to participate in something cool and rewarding since its the 1y anniversary.
    20% coupon to lure me into giving you money and a grind motivator with the seals? come on.
    koreans got a duo ogre and some bossgear on their anniversary...
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  13. Badhabit added a post in a topic PVE Musa 56 (Low AP)   

    q- is acc offhand a good idea for pure pve?
    considering that youre 56 with those stats the mobs youll grind will be of white/green difficulty level (namecolor) i suggest that you get a AP offhand, aswell as a Ancient Weapon Core belt aswell as a Ancient Guardian Seal necklace to make up a bit for the list accuracy.
    if you want your awakening to go to 15 quick, i suggest you just force it. cost is like nothing for a full repair and blackstones are reaaaally easy to come by with the ongoing event.
    and lastly where to grind? go elrics! elrics have awesome money/hr rates and should give o.k exp at 56.
    if you only want to make silver i suggest you go grind the Saunil camp south of calpheon. invest in the node a bit and you easily get 10m/hr, especially as a musa.
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  14. Badhabit added a post in a topic Why should Karma Bombing be frowned upon when Zerks basically win every 1v1?   

    i often ask myself wheather kakao/pa knows that zerks have a selfheal like that paired with a perma grab, or if theyre just counting their money made with the redicolous overpriced cashshop items.
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  15. Badhabit added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    attendance rewards not obtained
    hello support team and players!
    i dont seem to get attendance rewards, the thumb up stamp is on the item and it appears as obtained, but i didnt get it anywhere. 
    any ideas why?
    • 2 replies