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  1. DocCross added a post in a topic Grave digging skill add on (bug or wai?)   

    Exactly. If used in pve for example, i will get 60hp PER target, but still not the full 30hp per hit I would expect to get.
    For example, if I am supposed to get 30hp per hit and the skill hits 6 times lets say. That is 180hp. If I am attacking a full group of about 7 mobs, that is 1260hp. That is over  1/3 of my max hp so I know I'm definitely NOT getting that much.
    I do have the 7 hits GD but I am underestimating for accuracy sake. I am 59 with tree belt, bhegs, zaka, and duo rce, so I feel confident accuracy isn't the problem here.  
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  2. DocCross added a topic in Warrior   

    Grave digging skill add on (bug or wai?)
    I use the skill add on for my grave digging that gives +30hp on hit. As I am sure many people have noticed, you most certainly do not get 30hp per hit. You get 30 on the upswing and 30 on the downswing which comes out at a pathetic 60hp. I am not sure if this is a bug with the add on, or if this is working as intended and the wording is just misleading on the skill. Either way, a little extra heal is better than nothing so i'm keeping it for now. Thoughts?
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  3. DocCross added a post in a topic Warrior Gear Accuracy   

    If you use axion shield, your gear instantly becomes garbage, and you instantly become garbage. Doc, out. 
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  4. DocCross added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 8th 2017   

    Please stop taunting the warrior by buffing worthless things that shal forever remain worthless. We get it. We know just how quickly a warrior dies (instantly) from any attempt to use his mainhand due to how pathetically squishy he becomes as soon as he makes the swap. We know buffs like this are bait, you can stop now. 
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  5. DocCross added a post in a topic Hey, I'm GM Horizon!   

    you're pretty good
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  6. DocCross added a post in a topic The GIANT Problem of open world 1 on 1 PVP   

     As a warrior, I know what its been like to be underpowered. We spent all of preawakening being the laughing stock of pvp. Now, we are finally viable again, but to be honest it kinda feels like its heading back in that direction. Sure we have a lot of nice tools, but don't excel anywhere in particular. We aren't particularly beefy like zerkers, we don't have free cast self heals like mages, zerkers, and valks. We have decent aoe, but most classes do these days. We have one grapple which is the only reason to use main hand at all for the moment, but zerkers have 4 grapples, ninjas have grapples, rangers have grapples, valks have grapples, and hell even wizards have grapples. 
    I don't know much about valks but im hearing they have had it pretty bad as well. All that being said, we didn't get a nice slew of buffs to make us excel like zerkers did. Everyone has their drawbacks, but for some reason they felt it was necessary to take the zerkers primary drawbacks and just basically remove them. Every zerker in my guild feels like a god right now because they feel so unkillable. Sounds like other zerkers feel the same way, so why are being so salty? I imagine you were the kind of person that felt warrior awakening was op, like everyone else, and it WAS... until everyone else got their of course. Then there was balance. We got our 5 minutes, and we were happy. 
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  7. DocCross added a post in a topic Warriors are op   

    we have quite decent damage, but we are also entirely melee, and sorcs shred me a LOT harder than warriors do. And again, against other melee classes, we arent the only ones with grapples. If a zerker grapples me I can let go of my mouse and keyboard and have a drink before hes done with his absolutely massive 4 grab chain combo.
    I have actually never once had that work for me. are you sure about that? 
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  8. DocCross added a topic in Warrior   

    Grave digging lvl 59
    At level 58, the warriors grave digging does  (705% x 4) plus (881.3% x 3) total: 5463.9%
    At level 59, the warriors grave digging does  (751% x 4) plus (788.6% x 3) total: 5369.8%
    It appears we are actually LOSING damage by leveling our grave digging at 59. Why is this? I suppose we get the bonus accuracy and range, but is it worth 80 skill points to level a skill that gains a tiny bit of accuracy and range and LOSES base damage? 
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  9. DocCross added a post in a topic Warriors are op   

    Warriors are pretty decent, but we lack in a lot of areas. Nothing on our main hand is really worth using except for our grapple, which is a major pain because now we must add in the weapon swap into our combo for nothing more than a single grapple, which now a LOT of classes have, so that isn't some kind of warrior unique advantage. Our ability to heal in fights is quite crap outside of pve, because most of the other enemies we fight have forward blocks and such that make pulverize's heal simply not do anything. Our damage is pretty decent, but accuracy is still a huge must. I like the ultimate, but I find it gets irritating when it can be blocked by some random summon in the way, its easy to overshoot and fly past your enemy if you aren't dead on, and if you hit a slight decline, you literally fall a few inches and cancel the ult entirely. I think warriors are pretty great, but just suffer more drawbacks from desync than most classes, and desync is a HUGE problem atm.  So a little extra difficulty, and pretty much no pvp sustain, especially when compared to new zerker heals and godly witch/wizard heals, and heck even the valk has a nice bit of free cast self heal. You would think the warrior would have their own option for a small free cast self heal given how many other classes have them abundantly. 
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  10. DocCross added a post in a topic Valencia Part 2 is here!   

    I want you all to remember that no matter how bad you have it waiting for your awakenings, warriors have always had it bad since the start. Yall can sit and be patient while you get whats been comin to ya by all the scorned warriors for a while. 
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  11. DocCross added a post in a topic <TENACIOUS> Recruitment Open! 10 Spots to fill. 57+. Sunday/Wednesday Node Wars   

    Plenty of game left to dominate. Its time to give em all a run for their money. Node wars are fun, especially when you are winning
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  12. DocCross added a post in a topic <TENACIOUS> Recruitment Open! 10 Spots to fill. 57+. Sunday/Wednesday Node Wars   

    Valencia has brought us all great opportunity. We all get a chance to grow in the game and learn all the secrets that pearl abyss continues to keep. Often we find the most valuable resources to be eachother. In this way, we hold eachother up and carry ourselves forward into all of the coming wonderful challenges that make this game so unique.
    We belong to eachother and that keeps us accountable, and helps us strive to be the best we can be, no matter how much or how little we can personally contribute. Tenacious is about being a gaming community. Join us and see how it feels. BDO isn't our first rodeo and it sure won't be our last.
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