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  1. Pfaelzer added a post in a topic Serendia soldier suit & Serendia Soldier costume   

    Yeah i want my 15euros back for the change in the costume. It is not what i originally bought and intended to use it for since this patch... so yeah refund me my 15 back.
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  2. Pfaelzer added a post in a topic Warrior PVP combos   

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  3. Pfaelzer added a post in a topic Daum publised exact player count (by accident?)   

    Now add the EU numbers then add the number from the middle east/asia. Wow numbers will not happen again it is simply an enigma. Im not white knighting i dont like the pvp or enchant system ( waiting for CU) BUT i am sure BDO has a mediocre amount of users many spending hundreds of dollars any given time... meh
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  4. Pfaelzer added a post in a topic Playing without autoloot   

    Ive only spent like 60bucks extra into this game. While others spend hundreds. So ultimately its up to you. But if you must buy sth buy a pet. Or like others have said wait for the marketplace to try your luck.
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  5. Pfaelzer added a post in a topic Da-Da-Da-Dum Diving Suit Set   

    since when are companies supposed to be social welfare experiments? I know the pricing sucks but its not like we cant buy them in MP.
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  6. Pfaelzer added a post in a topic Why cant we easily report people in game for ToS violations (chat mostly)   

    This is the sour side of free speech especially in america haha. they have no grasp of how deep something may erk someone they just say it. bc they believe it is thier right but more importantly they believe they are safe to do so. the reality is very different. i would never open my mouth to say most of what i see in genchat in russian servers lol. russians dont play around. they would find you... and they will see if you are as tough as you are online. 
    OP you cant enforce respect it is or isnt sooner later it will be sorted. And those that should have been a sock stain will probably get whats coming lol.
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  7. Pfaelzer added a post in a topic Anyone excited about Nouver on Wednesday?   

    Tht was our fault hehe had i known this game would be 7bucks i would have gladly waited to buy it lol
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  8. Pfaelzer added a post in a topic Anyone excited about Nouver on Wednesday?   

    Shh only those who agree that everything written should be taken literally. I mean disregard that this is reality and acts of nature, financial problems, problems occuring during the upkeep and distribution of free content after merging servers and releasing free event content may or may not affect the companies WIP's or schedules if anything doesnt go to plan. you know real life stuff. Lol bc daum kakao love to see the forums flooded with butthurt comments about how people are losing faith in humanity bc a digital offhand, free content once again, did not release in congruence with a comment someone made.
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  9. Pfaelzer added a post in a topic Anyone excited about Nouver on Wednesday?   

    Was there a signature required from you and all parties present to green light the release to NA/EU before the beginning of 2017? if not then no "promise" was made .You all need to learn how to read between the lines and grow some skin. It was an optimistic comment at best to keep most of yiy motivated to login and keep playing and buying cash shop items.
    I mean it must be awesome to live a life never to have been disappointed until the release of nouver maybe postponed past a comments deadline. oh lawdy oh lawdy take meh jesus 
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  10. Pfaelzer added a post in a topic Anyone excited about Nouver on Wednesday?   

    I dont think they are beholden to keep to any timeframe posted on the forum or twitter. everything you can expect or demand is written within the TOS/EULA agreement. I mean of course people will complain but stupid is stupid does.
    I mean its a b2p game that hovers between 4 and 10 euros to buy. with free updates. cash shop items that can be bought ingame with ingame currency. not much wiggle room to complain. unless its bc of the lack of pvp, pve, and gear score importance over player skill.
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  11. Pfaelzer added a post in a topic Black Desert on PS4 - XBOX ONE   

    My PC is almost 4 years old, and can play this game no problem. Your friends need to stop being lazy and buy a moderately okay PC from this decade. 
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  12. Pfaelzer added a post in a topic The "Gift of Giving" Megathread   

    Character Name Gruenja
    Family Name Palehorseman
    Server Region NA 
    Dear Santa
    I would be happy for just about anything really. Noel warrior costume or even any horse barding haha i think i am still running around in ingame ones (but i actually like those ones as well). Or anything you deem necessary to advance in game properly.
    Thank you in advance and i will thank you afterwards.
    Best regards
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  13. Pfaelzer added a post in a topic Why does this community hate Latin players? (✿◡‿◡)   

    salt enhances taste
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  14. Pfaelzer added a post in a topic why not just remove pvp in this game?   

    Seems like he wants there to be consequences to the players hes harrassing i mean pvping. i wonder how quick his tune would change when hes the one relentlessly hunted and killed until he has no XP or gear probably pull a david caradine in his mums closet. but before that he'll create a ghost account to complain about the harsh pvp lol. do you want a banana mmmb.
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  15. Pfaelzer added a post in a topic The Blackstone crysis Nouvember 2016   

    I was unaware this was only for warriors. Since i did them on other accounts was that a bug? 
    they sold them and bought an overly priced peice of gear or costume. Now they got two boss items and probably a boss main or off hand but not enough silver to do didly squat.
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