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  1. Ravage added a post in a topic secret coastal cave   

    I was in coastal cave mining copper and found my way into a secret area with a quest giver. Entering the cave from Velia follow the left wall. There was a cleft in the wall and I jumped on some rocks to get at the ore when I found it.
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  2. Ravage added a post in a topic Sheriff Tokens now ?   

    False. They read these same threads and adapt like a borg. wvvw.gold4cash.c0m and variations thereof.
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  3. Ravage added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Deputy Token - How to report
    Players are no longer able to report gold sellers and they are finding ways around our chat filters. Attempting to report these chat abusers now requires a "deputy token." There is no information on what this is or how to acquire it. Are there any planned changes to this system? I'd rather burn 30 energy than have to see a wall of "wvvw.goldscam.c0m."
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  4. Ravage added a post in a topic Sheriff Tokens now ?   

    I have to say this is pretty damn ridiculous on their part. The spammers are using "wvvw" instead of "www" to get around filters, which is just insane because anyone purposely blocking them is not interested in the service. How the hell does one acquire one of these tokens? Bring back the energy penalty if you can't think of anything better.
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  5. Ravage added a post in a topic Casuals & the Gear Cap   

    Well said. I can't wrap my head around the people that call themselves casuals but have the expectation of obtaining the highest gear. I don't think that word means what they think it means. My crap gear isn't holding my casual experience back. Game on!
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  6. Ravage added a post in a topic Guild Trading   

    I like it. The bots make market trading impossible so you can't even have a guildmate standby for your sale. If nothing else there could be a guild market if they insist on binding us. I feel so disconnected from my guild that I can't give a single person anything or really interact with them. There would be an interesting element of resource management if guildies could specialize in certain productions and support eachother.
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  7. Ravage added a post in a topic PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! FIX PVP! its so unfair for PVE PLAYERS   

    As a casual I was worried about hitting 45 because all the people going on about this, but I have only been PKed once and that guy was clearly looking for an easy PK and not interested in mobs. I have since been able to quest freely to 50; if I see someone else doing the same I give them space and nobody has had issue with me all alone in the scary forest. There is nothing wrong with the system as it stands. If you want to PVE stop dreaming about being the strongest. If you want to be the strongest, you should stop calling yourself a PVE'er.
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  8. Ravage added a post in a topic Mobs bugged, people exploiting   

    I was fighting some orcs that seemed half retarded too. I think it's lag related.
    Edan:Valencia 1
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  9. Ravage added a post in a topic How is this stream not banned yet>!>!   

    Learn something new every day. I once streamed Cookie Clicker overnight just to see if anyone tuned in. 4 people did. Some people will watch anything.
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  10. Ravage added a post in a topic How is this stream not banned yet>!>!   

    I was using the black robed man in Velia inn to try to locate all the top fishers so I could crash their party and kept getting the message that their location could not be reached. Is it because they were off map? Sneaky sneaky.
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  11. Ravage added a post in a topic MS Painting Easter Eggs   


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  12. Ravage added a post in a topic POST YOUR SETUP   

    Nice. I'm not a fan of accent walls generally but they work in game rooms when color coordinated.
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  13. Ravage added a post in a topic Panda's in bikini's spam...   

    Joke is on all of us. You have not been seeing bots, but rather a very clever marketing campaign. This patch is so big because it features a new class. The bikini panda...

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  14. Ravage added a post in a topic predict costume in this patch   

    Since most costume options are too expensive for many they should add a $5 option. This stunning shirt that shows your support...

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  15. Ravage added a post in a topic predict costume in this patch   

    Bunny ears and nose; possibly Easter basket for weapon slot.
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