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  1. Dyng&Yost added a post in a topic gathering proff 7 any exp tips?   

    I think there is def a difference going for artisan, but as stated by someone else the difference is kinda underwhelming (like at pro I would get three skins per animal, and at artisan I get four, etc.) Also, have you done the Black spirit gathering quests? That and the dailies, and then just farming for mats for making stuff will get you there. And crafting things that sell or you use is a great perk to having a slightly better gathering ability
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  2. Dyng&Yost added a topic in General   

    Pearl Shop Artisan Worker Contract?
    Hi all, just wondering if the Artisan worker contract in our attendance reward is also going to be in the pearl shop, as denoted in the icon ("P"). ...Weird, but I guess I shouldn't be surprised by now. Maybe it'l give some newbies a head start or round out someone's trade empire or whatnot, but darnit it did take Some effort to get my workers to artisan. Shucks
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  3. Dyng&Yost added a post in a topic [NA|UNO] Isoleth, A Brand New Social Orientated Guild   

    still playing and working towards a guild? I'm on daily, moreso on weekends, and when I'm on next I'll search your name and whisper. Cheers,
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  4. Dyng&Yost added a post in a topic Poll: Regular member vs alt account   

    I'm new to mmos, played bdo since release, so this question may seem dumb, but what would the purpose of having an alt forum account? Granted, I'm still learning the lingo and whatnot, like I still don't know what qq means lol, but seems weird to make up another account for posting/commenting.
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  5. Dyng&Yost added a post in a topic Failed to connect   

    Same here. Had a blast playing for a few hrs after work today, changed channels, and like usual can't get back it. That was two hrs ago, and I still get dc'd within a minute or two, or most often losing connection immediately at the opening screen where my char is at the storage in Heidel. Seems switching channels always does it. What a tease!
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  6. Dyng&Yost added a post in a topic Market pricing needs a desperate tweak   

    DItto that, Ive got several weap/armor that I can't sell and if I could go under what the market allows I would love to. Like my tri Kalis short sword, for 193 mil. Cant we sell for less if we are ok with the "loss"? My duos and tris grunil armors are also too high priced imho, not by my wishes either. Shucks.
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  7. Dyng&Yost added a post in a topic Does this mean I lose my Black spirit? (✿◡‿◡)   

    wow. Ive got seven complete runs to, or should I say im on my seventh... Is there a cap to the minigame. Hmmm. . or just rng lol
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  8. Dyng&Yost added a post in a topic Performance Problem As Of Recently! - Game needs more optimization!   

    Same issues here, started after the Mediah patch for me. There are loads of complaints in the BDO technical section, you may want to check there, as there is a statement from a GM on possible solutions. Centurylink isp here, Iowa, for what it's worth. GL
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  9. Dyng&Yost added a post in a topic which is the best NA server/community atm   

    Uno here, can't speak for others, but I haven't been put off by this server - had lots help help and encouragement early on months ago. Interesting mix of ages and maturity (those aren't exclusive lol).
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  10. Dyng&Yost added a post in a topic BDO has been getting DDoSed all weekend..   

    well, no wonder I couldn't play most of the wknd... 
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  11. Dyng&Yost added a post in a topic Is BDO servers being DDOS'd   

    same here, midwest, using Century Link. Was good up until like one am... Just had them out two wks ago to check the lines as this has been a problem since Mediah patch.
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  12. Dyng&Yost added a post in a topic Security Alert?   

    Got that two days ago myself, whilst afk training... came back from work to the notice. Weird. Never seen it before.
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  13. Dyng&Yost added a post in a topic Can someone explain the Artisans Memory   

    there are some great youtube vids on enhancing, you should check them out. Really explains a lot, as in BDO there is loads of things that aren't apparent at first glance. Serious, I almost wish there was a youtube series kinda mandatory for new players, as your knowledge of the game will grow by leaps. Also just by Doing, don't get me wrong, but I for one am grateful for all the vids I downloaded and watched on my phone during lunch breaks the first couple wks of play. And keep asking here, or in game, or heck shoot me a msg, i'd love to share
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  14. Dyng&Yost added a post in a topic Enchanting got worse after last maintenance?   

    I've found that FS'ing now is harder, in that I consistently get pri's from 8-15 fs. duo's from 12-20 fs, and tri prob the most similar to before from 24-32 fs. Granted these are accessories, Ult yuria and Ult Grunil gear... Dunno about boss gear but I do use those to get higher fs, fully knowing that I'll prob never get them repaired but they get me thru the 10-20 fs gap... 
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  15. Dyng&Yost added a post in a topic Unable to steer character   

    right mouse button, or use the mouse and w/s keys... Ive never played mmos, or vid games really so it took a day or two to get used to it, but he will too. So, try holding down right mouse button and moving the mouse to move forward/ wherever you moint the mouse.. Should work. Also, left extra mouse button I have to toggle curser off/on. I think innitally it is j or something, someone else can chime in on that please. I have almost all my keys bound to diff things now, but itd prob be best to go with the default for a while. Cheers, Yost
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