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  1. Darus_the_Zerker added a post in a topic [Urgent Issue] Region Tier Guild Ringers are ruining node wars   

    Yeah I made a thread about this last night and there's currently a reddit thread that lost steam overnight. I think it should be a week long cooldown to REJOIN a guild you just left IF you joined another guild during those 7 days. That would effectively take anybody who left guild to capture nodes during the week out of the Saturday night Territory war and would allow guilds to re-invite members who get kicked by disgruntled officers (specifically thinking of the time Barcode had an officer boot all non-officers on a Friday night).
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  2. Darus_the_Zerker added a post in a topic Add a week long cooldown for rejoining a guild   

    It doesn't matter if they lose one T1. The fact that they can even compete while they hold a Territory is a broken mechanic. If they win or stalemate even one T1/T2/T3 node war it has a negative impact on the game. 
    @CM_Oli Can we get a response on this?
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  3. Darus_the_Zerker added a topic in Suggestions   

    Add a week long cooldown for rejoining a guild
    There are currently Territory owning guilds forming secondary guilds in order to hold both a territory and T2-T3 nodes. Either add a week long cooldown on rejoining the same guild or force them into a protected status and unable to contribute during the weekend conquest. Players shouldn't be allowed to double dip on a weekly basis.
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  4. Darus_the_Zerker added a post in a topic How do Valkyries follow up Wave of Light in large-scale PvP?   

    Is that because of desync or does it just get resisted due to how easy it is to gem Knockdown/Bound Resistance? Lets say it does work. What would you follow it up with to maximize damage?
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  5. Darus_the_Zerker added a topic in Valkyrie   

    How do Valkyries follow up Wave of Light in large-scale PvP?
    As the title states how do Valkyries generally follow up Wave of Light during Node Wars and large-scale PvP? And does having the Awakened buff up change how you follow up due to the increased Casting Speed? 
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  6. Darus_the_Zerker added a post in a topic Processing speed with enchanted Craftman's Clothes   

    What do you get at Master 15? Or is that just speculation 
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  7. Darus_the_Zerker added a post in a topic Setup for GvG   

    288 DP vs 230 AP you're going to get melted. That's normal TRI armor DP. 413 DP vs 260 AP Ranger was a 1 grapple KO but he also was standing still in menu and wasn't using a full evasion build or a Theos offhand. I wouldn't completely rule out DP builds on zerker for GvGs.
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  8. Darus_the_Zerker added a post in a topic New siege problem   

    I wasn't a part of this since I'm from Uno but I have no clue why you are considering this an exploit. It is an item specifically intended to revive people and it has a 5 minute CD. Here's an idea.. buy some Emergency Repair Kits and git gud.
    Edit: Nevermind. Reread all the comments and I understand what you're getting at. Yeah that seems broken.
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  9. Darus_the_Zerker added a post in a topic Lava Piercer   

    Huh. Well just learned that Shift thing. Thanks man. Almost certain I've had the block proc while Tackling Rock was on CD but i'll have to test it out again with a guild member after tonight's Territory War. Maybe max rank Tackling Rock into max rank Falling Rock? Never -----ed with Falling Rock sadly but now that I have the SP to throw around I might try that out. It's the only skill I can think of that gives some mobility outside of the normal builds. 
    I mentioned the camera thing because even though it's old I've found that it isn't common knowledge across the zerker community. 
    EDIT: Ugh. Just tested it. Can't get it to proc off CD. Bummer.
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  10. Darus_the_Zerker added a post in a topic Lava Piercer   

    Shhh... That didn't even register to me as being a possible super secret. Yeah I don't understand the not sharing thing when it comes to class combos. At the end of the day more people sharing stuff leads to those people taking those combos and discovering more shit you can do with them. Which they in turn share with the community. Especially considering Berserker is one of those classes with like a million different styles due to the sheer amount of useful abilities. I don't see one combo changing that.
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  11. Darus_the_Zerker added a post in a topic Lava Piercer   

    Just curious is the 'secret' mobility just the Tackling Rock > Evasion > Tackling Rock > Evasion combo? Or the camera pivot when you do the evasion part of HB>Knee>Evade? Or am I just trash tier
    EDIT: Ok so you don't need to charge up Tackling Rock. Hit W+F (W slightly before F) and just before the end of the second charge on Tackling Rock evade to one side and immediately tap W+F again to initiate another Tackling Rock. Rinse and Repeat. It's about the same speed as Lava Pier if not a little faster and gives you a block. You can also do the Evade in to Knee Kick once closing the gap or do a drop kick if you're feeling like you want to get more style points. Which in my opinion Style Points > Everything else.
    Also evasion goes to the edge of your screen regardless of the direction you were previously moving. So if you pivot your camera going into an evade you can force the headbutt>knee>evasion into a more straight path instead of a zigzag.
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  12. Darus_the_Zerker added a post in a topic [GUIDE] Berserker Road to 60 [Update 29. July] Including Google Doc   

    Personally I think 5 AS is pretty much mandatory in order to pull this off with any consistency. You need to actually hit something with the headbutt for the FS to proc its 3rd hit right away. I found 45 or less FPS makes its a lot easier to learn the combo. Huge dips in latency (Zergs in GvG, Kzarka, ect.) will make you miss it sometimes. You need to let go of the LMB after you tap it otherwise you will go right into RT.
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  13. Darus_the_Zerker added a post in a topic The Real Berserker's Guide.   

    You're not going to do yourself any favors insulting the people attempting to push out decent content. Either put out your own comprehensive Berserker guide or give constructive criticism to Surrender's guide so he can maybe update it with new sections. Surrender prefaced his guide by showing his credentials. I don't take this as him gloating by any means. And his 'cookie cutter' equipment suggestion are pretty much the standard for 99% of Berserkers. It doesn't mean you can't branch out and be unique, but it gives new players a standard to go off of. His combos are easily understandable for anybody who has played Berserker for longer than a few weeks. 
    TL:DR Don't be an asshole unless your putting out solid content to make up for it.
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  14. Darus_the_Zerker added a post in a topic ATTN: Knowledgeable Zerkers-advanced gear question   

    That's a decent point. Too bad you overshadowed it with your chodeliness.
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  15. Darus_the_Zerker added a post in a topic Zerks, what's your initial knockdown move?   

    Another one I like but it's hard to pull off and requires you to have high skill points is Tackling Rock into Weakling Hunt 3. Generally I use this when closing the gap on a Ranger trying to shotgun spam and my E grab is down. If you E is up you can just go directly from Tackling Rock to E grab with the flow. If you have Thorn Elixir up the Ranger will do more damage to themselves then they do to you because of the block. The Weakling Hunt is hard to hit on smaller classes but with practice it becomes easier. Tackling Rock is a 2 part charge so you can change direction after the first charge which can either dodge skillshots / AOEs or surprise people trying to juke. Follow it up with a quick Stomp in order to quicken the animation and go into a grab. 
    Another thing with Tackling Rock is you can use Evasion right before it finishes and go directly into another Tackling Rock. This keeps your block up and is great for pushing through Ranger shotguns or sometimes dodging around AOEs when your Lava Piercer is down ( very situational). Be careful spamming this too many times in a row because your stamina will not regen and you'll burn through it real quick. 
    The RT knockdown can be easily triggered using BWS and hitting A/D and LMB+RMB right before it hits. It can also be triggered using A/D and LMB+RMB.  This will only trigger when RT is on CD but it will start the RT cooldown. The person above is correct its super inconsistent. I plan on testing it with +Ignore Resistance gems (Black Magic Crystals in weapon and +Ignore KD resist in a Krea offhand or Rosar) one day just for the ----- of it. 
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