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  1. Gwynbleys added a post in a topic Dark Knight unawakened Skills post awakening   

    Prepair to use skill change at 58. You will not have enough points for 58 awakening skill unless you wanna farm low level mobs for points for a few weeks. I have 900 and couldnt even max out Wheel of fortune after all the passives at 58.
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  2. Gwynbleys added a post in a topic Best class to win against DK ?   

    Right... there is only so much yo can do without animation canceling. And with 240 AP i cant seem to one combo anyone equally geared
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  3. Gwynbleys added a post in a topic [PvP] Very weak at 56?   

    For what its worth tamer is not really a CD based class. CDs mainly restrict  CC effect on the skills not the use or damage.
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  4. Gwynbleys added a post in a topic Dark Knight Good For Beginners?   

    Ninja was defiantly a wrong choice for a "beginner" All short sword users require the  most skill to be effective and fall behind other classes in siege wars.
    DK can stay in Awaking form in both PvP and PvE at all times but main weapon still has its uses if you want to master it. And as it stands right now DK awakening even outshines Witch/Wizard in PvE but feels like could be countered by many classes in PvP. So if you want some easy time in both PvP and PvE, Solo or group look more into Witch/Wizard. Warrior is solid 2nd choice and so is Zerker but i personally find zerker to be an extremely boring class. 
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  5. Gwynbleys added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance April 5th   

    I was training horses in heidel and playing fkin Vanilla WoW all past week
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  6. Gwynbleys added a post in a topic Tier 8 horse   

    Im not trying im saying. That if people can sell Pearl items for in-game silver... There is nothing wrong with people selling in-game items for pearls, specially when for some players that is the only way to obtain items such as ghillies
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  7. Gwynbleys added a post in a topic nouver or kutum??   

    Jess Christ what a clusterfck of a threat. I got a TET Nouver and all of you can go fk yourselves with your retarded opinions  and false statements.
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  8. Gwynbleys added a post in a topic tier 7 horse   

    Or this king of nolifers will poop in your soup 
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  9. Gwynbleys added a post in a topic Pila Ku   

    ok ill help you lol  he said 0.5% as 10 times less than 5%
    Whats the point of making a treat like this without providing your stats/lvl/class?
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  10. Gwynbleys added a post in a topic Solo grind with DK is hella fun!   

    Thats a solid point you got there
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  11. Gwynbleys added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance March 29th   

    Was that even English? What is the point are you trying to make? That warrior just stood in front of a wizard for 3 min without dying.
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  12. Gwynbleys added a post in a topic Tier 8 horse   

    Yeah pretty retarded that you complain how people who actually play the game can be rewarded items from behind P2W wall.
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  13. Gwynbleys added a post in a topic HEAL   

    What is your point if most of other classes can last 5 times as long without going back for pots than current state DK? Like i said, it will most likely change with awaking.
    But there is no reason for stupid fanboi bs and complete denial  that DK currently lacks sufficient heals
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  14. Gwynbleys added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance March 29th   

    Idiot the point  the video was how godly the warrior was not the other way around.
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  15. Gwynbleys added a post in a topic Solo grind with DK is hella fun!   

    The problem is a wizard would have cleared the entire main route in the time it takes kill 5 mobs.
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