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  1. Hans_Rex added a post in a topic Connection Issues   

    After 4/19 patch, I lose connection on every attempt 3 minutes in.  Over 5k hours on this rig.  Game launches, plays fine, and then drops.  Windows 7, 64 bit, service pack 1, NVIDIA 1060.
    Steps taken:
    Cleared the game cache.
    Cleared the dns cache.
    Ran a game repair from the launcher
    Uninstalled and reinstalled with a complete fresh download.
    No change, channel and/or character make no difference.
    Submitted a ticket: 310948.
    Support requests diagnostic, logs, and info.  I complied.  A day or two later they respond.  They state the problem is a packet loss issue with my isp.  I resubmit isp logs, showing no packet loss.  One through my normal provider, and one using a vpn out of Canada.  (See pics)
    Support responds a day or so later.  They agree it is not a packet loss or isp issue.  I am told there is a problem with my windows installation.  They are non specific, but ask for a scan and repair.  I ran the scan, which showed no conflicts and no errors.  I submitted that to support.  (See pic)  Support apologized for any inconvenience, but said they did not have a solution.  Support said the ticket was flagged for their review team, and there was no ETA for a fix.
    Well I have run the program for thousands of hours without issue.  The state of my computer had not changed.  I downloaded the patch, and the game has not run since.  Of course everything else on the computer runs fine.  I've really enjoyed the game, and had no plans to stop playing.  But on to something else.

    Update 5-4-2017
    Thinking that there was an off chance that one of my programs, like Google Chrome or something, did a stealth update and caused a conflict; I did a reimage of my computer.  Not a system restore at a previous point, but a complete reimage of my computer from 6 months earlier.  Surprisingly absolutely nothing changed.  I was kicked from the server 3 minutes in.
    Obviously my computer ran the game six months ago just fine.  If it was on my end, the reimage should have corrected the issue.  There is some kind of conflict in their patch.  Windows 7?  NET Framework?  I don't know.  Bethesda had a similar problem with the release of the Creation kit for Fallout 4.  Although they had it sorted in a few weeks.
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  2. Hans_Rex added a post in a topic Connection Issues   

    After 4/19 patch, I lose connection every connection 2-3 minutes in.  Log in is fine.  The game loads fine, and then disconnect.  I can almost set my watch to it. 
    I have over 5000 hours on this account, never had this problem.  Logged off at downtime, patched the game, and now this.  I am 20 miles from your servers.  I have cleared the game cache, the dns cache, and run a repair.  All failed.  I uninstalled, and redownloaded the entire game.  I still have the exact same problem.  I've run a trace and a speedtest.  Everything in fine.  Channel and/or character make no difference.
    I submitted my log files and a ticket.
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  3. Hans_Rex added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 19th 2017 *Updated   

    Na servers:
    Have not been able to stay connected for more than 3 or so minutes since the patch.  I have been playing a zillion hours in this game for about a year.  Never had this problem.  I live 20 miles from their servers.
    Logged off last night.  Patched this morning.  Game loads normal, and then disconnects after a few minutes.  Channel, character, clearing cache, etc... make no difference.
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  4. Hans_Rex added a post in a topic Welcome to Ratt.   

    Starting quest Port Ratt:  http://bddatabase.net/us/quest/1500/1/
    Last quest in the chain gives you the mask and:  3 mill silver, 400 cp.   http://bddatabase.net/us/quest/1500/11/
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  5. Hans_Rex added a post in a topic Best place   

    If your Zerk can handle them, I would say your best place exp wise, would be desert Naga's.  Crap money though.
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  6. Hans_Rex added a post in a topic Black Rust-location?   

    According to this thread, they are in game.   Thread has description and map.

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  7. Hans_Rex added a post in a topic Quest can't be accepted! wtf?   

    Look to the left of the web page, and you will see the "first quest in chain."  If you have already done some of them, start with "previous quest in chain," directly below it.  You can click on those two links, back and forth until you find where you left off.
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  8. Hans_Rex added a post in a topic Sharks in the Sea   

    Are you sure he's not talking about the Nineshark?

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  9. Hans_Rex added a post in a topic What is the most boring class? Strawpoll!   

    I agree.  I feel like she is always walking in mud.
    I mean sure, it was fun to blow everything up for awhile.  Rotate Blam!  Rotate Blam!  Zip Blam, Nuke, Sparkle Snap!   But alas it gets old..
    Sorc for the win.
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  10. Hans_Rex added a post in a topic Sulfur... Treant?!?   

    Yeah, there is something up there.  I fell through the map inside the sulfur works mine a couple of days ago.  To my death.  Lost a cheap crystal, but made a ticket anyway.  Got a reply and a new crystal within 20 minutes.
    I think there is a hole to the other side of the world.  Maybe a shortcut to Treant.

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  11. Hans_Rex added a post in a topic Gathering quests   

  12. Hans_Rex added a post in a topic Cannot sell for true minimum price -- cannot play game   

    I don't think I quite understand.  Can't you cancel the order and relist at a lower price?
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  13. Hans_Rex added a post in a topic Quest: In Search of Higher Processing Knowledge...   

    This guide will show you the way.   http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/78841-learning-higher-processing-knowledge/
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  14. Hans_Rex added a post in a topic [PVE]: Damage Normalization or Gear AP Bug?   

    What is the level of your toon?  If you are 60/59 28 AP at cadry is not going to be noticeable.  Where 57/58, you will see a difference.
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